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If there has been a category in which all manufacturers have recently wanted to contribute something, it has been wearables and, in particular, quantifiers. There are all kinds, with or without a screen, in the shape of a watch or bracelet, and even with a clip for attaching to clothing. They can measure a multitude of detailsThey can offer you phone notifications or help you wake up when it's most appropriate.

In this case, the SPC Fit Pro is a bracelet that is both a clockIts main function will be to record all our activity through a pedometerSo if you are cycling, weighing or any other sport where movement is not an important part, your accuracy will be impaired.


SPC Fit Pro

The SPC Fit Pro bracelet is presented in a square box of small size and with a careful design. The "bean" comes already mounted on one of the bracelets that brings, specifically the pink color, called by SPC as Coral.
SPC Fit Pro

SPC Fit Pro

This is the full contents of the box. The two bracelets in black and coral, the belt holder, a microUSB cable for charging, the "bean" itself and a set of manuals and stickers.

SPC Fit Pro



The first thing to do is download the SPC Fitness application to our phone (at the time of this analysis, only the Android application was available). I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the bracelet has the Bluetooth 4.0 Basically, it is the Bluetooth of a lifetime, but with a much lower battery consumption, which is to be welcomed both for the autonomy of the quantifier bracelet and for our phone, because it is precisely not the autonomy something that electronic devices can boast ...

After downloading this application, the first thing to do is to create an account with SPC. This account will be in the cloudThis is where all the data will be stored, but unfortunately there is no way to view this information directly from the web. Then you have to do a search for Bluetooth devices, to be able to connect with the


The quality of the screen is sufficient. It is easy to see in the daylight and does not light up too much in the dark, although its small size forces to present the information in a slower way since we will have to go through successive screens. In spite of this, the operation is very simpleIt only has one button that can be used to go through all the menus and functions, which are basically five.

With a tap on the button, it will show us the time, date and battery status.

SPC Fit Pro

The next touch of the button, shows us your main quantification data, the steps covered on this day (counted from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm).

SPC Fit Pro

Third touch of the button, and we get an estimate of calories consumed. To provide this information, the bracelet starts from the information that we have previously entered into the application, since the consumption of calories will depend on our body weight.

SPC Fit Pro

One more touch of the button, and it indicates us the estimation of distance covered. Again, this will depend on the information we have provided to the application, because it is not the same as being 1.60m or 1.97m (my case). Your stride and mine will not be the same, so the bracelet must make the estimation.

SPC Fit Pro

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A last touch of the button will take you to this screen. As you move through the day, you will complete the lines with dots, until you reach at least 100%. This achievement is based on what you have indicated at the time of its configuration. When you go beyond 100%, it will not indicate anything else (the application willSo if we exceed the target and continue, we can see the 120%, 140% or whatever point we reach).
SPC Fit Pro

Let's remember that the bracelet is also capable of monitor sleep quality. To activate this function, leave the button pressed to "send it to sleep". Once we see this image, we simply press to confirm and the bracelet will stay in night mode.

SPC Fit Pro

Counting steps, walking the distance

This is its main functionChecking our activity by counting the steps we take throughout the day with greater or lesser accuracy. And what better way than to check their accuracy, than to go for a walk.

The test is simple. Take 100 counted steps and then check how much the monitor says we've walked. And since you can't take a single test as an overall result, I perform several successive tests.

The usual error is around 3%I mean, while I've taken 100 steps, the bracelet has counted 103. That's a margin of error that's pretty good for a device like this. But the bad thing is up to three times the bracelet did not count one of the stepsAnd this is not good, because it is one thing for us to have a margin of error and quite another for it to be blocked and not count at all. Even on two occasions, in two consecutive tests, it did not add up to the total of the day's count.

Is this the usual behavior of a pedometer? Let's confirm it with another contestant, and compare the data with an impartial judge.

We'll compare iPod Nano against SPC Fit Pro. But we're not just going to count steps, we will also check if it is close to the distance travelled and if the estimated calorie consumption is correct. And I'm going to pit it against a "coconut", a €169 device that also has the support of specific software made by Nike. In the meantime, the Garmin Forerunner 410 will be the judge, not only when it comes to measuring the distance thanks to its GPS, but also the calories consumed, as I will also wear the chest strap for the heart rate monitor.

Therefore, we take note of the data given by the SPC Fit Pro at the time of departure, through the phone application. As it is not possible to reset the current values, we must start from what is shown at that time to subtract the new total that appears after returning from the tour.
That's how it goes the day before you leave:

  • Calories consumed: 557.6kcal
  • Steps: 6,480
  • Distance travelled: 5.18km


SPC Fit Pro

I take the opportunity to go out with the dog and I put all the devices in operation (it will be necessary to give both devices a margin of 60 meters in which the Garmin will not have GPS coverage). A short walk of about 20 minutes and again to contrast the data obtained.

SPC Fit Pro


Here's what everyone has said:

 SPC Fit ProiPod NanoGarmin FR410
Distance travelled1.32km1,45km1,18km
Kcal consumed121.9kcal123kcal107kcal

Analyzing this small data table, we see that the SPC Fit Pro behaves quite remarkablyThis indicates that I have travelled 1.32km when the actual distance was 1.18km (plus the 0.06km that was supposed to allow for the correction of the displacement without the Garmin having GPS coverage).

Compared to the iPod, its results are much more valid as the margin of error is higher, since I remind you that in the case of SPC Fit Pro we had calculated it at 3%. The iPod records more distance of the journey as well as more steps.

As for the calculation of calories consumed, both devices practically nail the estimate, 122-123 kcal. The Garmin, supported by the chest band offers us a slightly more real reading, placing it at 107 kcal.

Therefore, both devices are too optimistic in their readings, something that I have been able to confirm in the various tests carried out with both devices, and placing them differently. The iPod Nano has always had more error in the steps given and, therefore, it counts more distance than the real one. The SPC Fit Pro, in spite of having its own error, is much closer to real data.



At the time this article was created, only Android appHowever, if before the end of the trial period and return the wristband SPC makes available to me the iOS version, I will edit the entry to add it.

This is definitely the hardest part. Here if you notice that we are dealing with a "low cost" product. If so far the bracelet has behaved well at all times, except for the times that has been "asleep" without counting any step, when pairing with the phone is when the problems arrive.

First of all, as soon as we download the application, we are asked to register an account, since all the information is not saved on the phone, but is stored in "the cloud". Well, the registration cost to re-enter and re-enter the data and it always indicated that the email was not available.

SPC Fit Pro

Unfortunately, after sending an email to the email address provided to contact the developer, I continue to receive no response. Eventually, at some point of the many that I tried, I managed to register with the same email and password entered above.

This is a very important point, since without a prior connection to the phone application, the bracelet will be virtually uselessThe time will not be updated and the weight and height data will not be ours, so the measurements for calories and distance will be totally unrealistic.

Once I have managed to register the first thing you ask me is to set my profile with weight, height, sex and date of birth. Once this is done, we can start using the bracelet knowing that the data recorded will be quite reliable.

After making the body work, at the end of the day we return to the application to synchronize the bracelet and be able to check the result of our enormous effort on the big screen. As soon as the application is opened, it receives the screen of the daily activity. It presents us with the state of our day, first in a graph with percentage and then calories, steps and kilometers.

SPC Fit Pro

On the top left we can see the menu access. And this is where the problems will comeCheck out these screenshots

SPC Fitness SPC Fitness SPC Fitness

Not bad for a minute's difference (250km in a moment, I'm going to be the king of marathons!). And that's because every time we go in and out of that menu the data has increased. Where did this data come from? Frankly, no idea. And the worst thing is that you can't force a recalculation based on the saved data, it's there forever.

Let's take a look at the history. The values offered for the daily history and the weekly history seem correct, and the step totals match the totals indicated at the bottom.

SPC Fitness SPC Fitness

The monthly history is also correct. It tells me that I've done 93km in 9 days; about 10km a day, which is quite a real figure. But as soon as we access the annual history the surprises beginAbove all, because this test began on September 3, so the total of the monthly and annual records should be the same.

SPC Fitness SPC Fitness

There are still 600km to go, because the monthly million step and the annual one does not arrive. And stranger still, this is what the main menu screen indicates at the time of writing these lines. A real mess.


SPC Fitness


Sleep monitor

The last function to be discovered is the one that monitors sleep. The operation is very simple. The bracelet, when in night mode, is capable of detect all our movementsIf we move a lot, it is because we are a light sleeper or awake. If we spend a lot of time quietly, it can be determined that our level of sleep is quite deep.

The bracelet does not automatically make the switchTo do this, press and hold the function button and when the option appears on the screen to put the bracelet to sleep, press again to confirm. To do this, press and hold the function button and when the option to put the bracelet "to sleep" appears on the screen, press again to confirm. We go to bed and when we wake up the same operation, long press followed by short press. Once synchronized with the phone this is what we get.

SPC Fitness

A light sleep at the beginning of the phase, until reaching a deep sleep that fortunately continues until it is time to wake up.

Unfortunately, the program does not keep any history of this chartTherefore, we cannot make any kind of comparison by day, nor know if at any time we wake up every night, nor if on Friday we sleep worse than on Wednesday. It does not provide much information, only the pure curiosity of how it has been last night.


Autonomy and load

To load the bracelet, it is necessary to remove it from its rubber strap (or clip holder, in case that is what we are using). The loading is done with a microUSB cableSo it's easy to do, as I'm sure we all have a few around the house.

As for autonomy, it is located in 5 days of actual useAt this point, he asks us to recharge the battery to continue monitoring our activity.


Other shortcomings

Compared to other quantifiers, there are several things that are missing. For starters, it does not have a web panel where poder consult (or edit) our records, it is only possible to do so in the Android application itself. Nor does it let us share the results not only with other users of the device, but also in social networks. This is something that other quantifiers allow us to do and that help the user thanks to the "healthy pique".



We can't ask for a GPS watch with millimeter accuracy, because that's not the role it should play. As a quantifier, SPC Fit Pro is designed to record any activity we do during the day The display is easy to read and the operation is very simple because it only has one multi-function button.


SPC Fit Pro official website


Quantification - 8
Reliability - 4.5
Synchronization - 1.5
Finishing - 7
Price - 8.5



User Rating: 3.39 ( 5 votes)

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