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One of Nike's most anticipated models for 2022 has been these Nike Pegasus Turbo Next NatureThe name Pegasus Turbo evokes a lot of feelings in runners. After the disappearance of the Nike Pegasus Turbo 2 there have been many users who have been begging for the arrival of a replacement for a shoe that was quite acclaimed by the public, and with this new model they saw how their prayers were going to be answered.

However, this is not a Pegasus Turbo 3, and as I said in the title this is closer to a Pegasus than a Turbo. That does not make them a bad shoe, but it is true that the use of the nomenclature "Pegasus Turbo" can lead to disillusionment and deception. That it is not your fault to think that a shoe named Pegasus Turbo Next Nature in 2022 could be the successor to your beloved Pegasus Turbo, and the name certainly makes us think so.

In terms of data, we are talking about a shoe that has a 10mm drop, which already makes us see that this is not a shoe purely focused on fast running or to be a mixed shoe. In terms of weight, in my size 46, it comes in at 300 grams exactly. It is not a shoe that podamos consider light, but as a running shoe has a contained weight.

The most important thing about the Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature is its midsole, as it uses the desired ZoomX. But be careful, it is not normal ZoomX, but the midsole is made with recycled ZoomX. This is an important change both in terms of weight and response due to the way it has to be used. In the video I discuss it in more detail.

It is not the only material we have in the midsole, there are two combined compounds. Recycled ZoomX predominates, but this is placed over an SR02 encapsulation as a bedding. Yes, something similar to the Nike Zoom Fly 5but don't tremble because it has nothing to do with it. In the Turbo Next Nature this SR02 is used only in the heel area and in very little quantity between the sole and the ZoomX. Again I urge you to watch the video to see all these details.

What's the feel like? Don't expect a Vaporfly with a similar level of responsiveness. The recycled ZoomX has a firmer feel. It is more responsive than the React, but without the bouncy feeling that we get when we wear an Alphafly or Invincible.

As an introduction to the new Nike Pegasus Turbo, it's already good, so I'll let the video come next. Usually for everything that is sneakers, YouTube is the platform that works best today both for creating content to explain the details and for users to search and find what they are looking for.

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Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature Review

The Nike Pegasus Turbo Next Nature have one main problem: their name. In my opinion, calling them "Pegasus Turbo"This is a complete mistake, because they have nothing to do with the previous versions of Nike Pegasus. Nike Turbo should be a fast shoe, and it should improve on the previous versions that received this nomenclature. But they are like two different breeds.

While the first two Pegasus Turbo were good options for tempo paces, the new Pegasus Turbo Next Nature are more focused on daily training or longer distance workouts. They are comfortable both for their midsole and upper, but they lack that sparkle characteristic of shoes that are a bit faster.

With the Pegasus Turbo Next Nature Nike wanted to reinforce the visual effect of being a shoe that is made with a lot of recycled material. The look of the upper reminds us of this, as well as the midsole where you can perfectly appreciate the areas where material is missing, almost as if they had taken a bite out of it.

And that's what these new Pegasus Turbo are all about, selling a shoe made with recycled material and a special aesthetics (which I really like) and that you can use in your daily training because it is comfortable and accepts well the training you put on it. But they are not successors of the previous models that received this name. Maybe Nike should consider the choice of nomenclature for their new releases...

Thanks for reading and watching the video!

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  1. I am preparing for the Valencia marathon (4/12/22). I have always trained with Nike Pegasus and I have run two marathons previously also Nike Pegasus (36 and 38). This time I wanted to change within Nike to a more "racing" shoe. Which one would you recommend?
    My times are : Marathon: 3h 30min. Half: 1h 34 min.
    I am 5'7". Weight 62kg. Neutral stride.
    Thank you very much!

      1. I mean, keep using the Pegasus for training and the Vaporfly basically for competition, right?
        It was my understanding that this model was for runners with much faster paces than mine?

        Thank you again.

        1. That's right.

          As for paces, I don't like to talk about them and I prefer to talk about intensity. Minimum pace for a Vaporfly? It's clear that they are not for 6 min/km, but neither something exclusive to go faster than 3:00. They are lightweight shoes, with good cushioning, rebound, and help with running fatigue. Anyone can benefit from that regardless of their paces.

  2. Sizing would be better to order a half size smaller? I have several models of nike and in this I notice it a little bigger, thanks.

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