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The brand Bob and Brad is formed by, how could it be otherwise, Bob and Brad. Two physiotherapists with extensive experience in their field and who have been uploading videos for more than 10 years to its YouTube channel with more than 4 million subscribers.

Naturally, these are not products that they personally manufacture or design, but they are products that they have reviewed for sale under their brand name. Like the vast majority of massage guns on the market.

As with the Addsfit that I have reviewed in the past, Bob and Brad's products are in the right place between reasonable price and good performance. Not an extremely cheap massage gun, but not a 300€ Theragun either. A good investment but without having to spend too much.

And what's a massage gun, you may ask? Well, it's just a tool to apply percussion therapy, a massage technique to relax and rest or activate muscles. It's not simply a vibrator but has a very similar operating principle to the “foam roller”. But unlike this one, it's much more convenient to use.

If it is your first approach to the world of massage guns I recommend you to take a look at that first review where I stopped a lot more on the how they work, what benefits does them offer and features that you should take into account, along with the explanation of what to consider with each of those benefits.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

The good

  • Hand-friendly design and balanced weight
  • Quiet operation
  • 4 hours of autonomy
  • 5 different accessories

The bad

  • Does not support fast charging (3,5h for full charge)
  • Somewhat limited percussion depth
  • Some heads are made of plastic that is too hard

Detailed analysis Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

The Bob and Brad Q2 Mini massage gun is presented in a case of contained size, where podemos keep everything perfectly tidy. It is suitable both for storage and especially for transportation, which is one of the main reasons for buying a small-sized massage gun.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini


Inside, we find the following:

  • Q2 Mini Massage Gun
  • 5 heads (direct to the gun without adapter)
  • Charging cable 
  • 2 extra gaskets in case we break any of the headers
  • Instruction Manual

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

The heads are the usual ones of the larger pistols. It stands out from other "mini" pistols in that it has a greater number of heads. For example, the Addsfit Mini only includes 2.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

There are two that are quite good: the ball, covered with a foam that is pleasant to the touch, and the "air cushion", made of rubber and with some "suspension".

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

The other three, although valid, give the impression of being somewhat cheaper. They are hard plastic and very unpleasant to the touch. 

The battery is integrated and cannot be removed or replaced. The capacity is 2,500mAh and offers an autonomy of 4 hours of use.

Charging is via a USB-C connector, although from reviews I've been reading it's a bit picky about the cable type. It doesn't support fast charging, but it may not even charge with a USB-C charger that has fast charging available. If you use a charger with USB-A output and USB-A to USB-C cable you will have no problems, but as it is not fast charging it needs three and a half hours to charge the battery fully.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

Made of good quality thermoplastic, the hand feel is good. This is not only because of the quality of the materials but also because of the rounded shapes and good weight distribution. It is only 430 grams which makes it a fairly light option among massage guns.

The low weight not only makes it easier to carry, but also makes it more comfortable to use, especially in more difficult areas. Holding the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini is not the same as holding a massage gun weighing around one kilogram.

Obviously the reduction in weight and size comes with a toll to pay. The most important one with respect to the full-size massage guns is the massage depth. The usual depth is 12-14mm on the larger ones, while on the Q2 Mini it is 7mm.

The amplitude is the distance of travel of the accessory, it is what performs the massage. The greater the stroke, the better the performance.

Another consideration to make regarding massage is speed. This is the amount of repetitions per minute that you are able to perform. More than achieving high speeds, what we should look for is to have great variety in the regulation. It is not the same to treat a large muscle such as a quadriceps as it is to treat more specific areas such as the Achilles tendon.

Here we do find a motor on par with full-size massage guns, with a maximum speed of 3,000rpm. In addition 1TP7We can select 1,800rpm, 2,100rpm, 2,400rpm and 2,700rpm.

The speed selection is made with the same power button. When turning on the Q2 Mini it will do it at 1,800rpm and, pressing the button podremos to switch between the different speeds. It has an indicator light where podemos see what speed we have selected.

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini


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I hope that this in-depth review has helped you to decide if it is a valid device for you or not. All the work I do you can consult it without any cost, but if you want to support the page and by doing so the work I do, the best way to do that is buy your massage gun through the links provided below .

And if you don't buy today, remember to stop by when you do! Through these links, you'll not only get a competitive price and the best customer care, but also I will receive a small percentage at no additional cost to you. That's what allows me to keep offering you reviews like the one on this page.

Find the best offer

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

If you have any questions, remember that you have the comments section at the bottom, where I will try to answer all your questions.

Opinion Bob and Brad Q2 Mini

I have stated in the past, when it comes to buying a massage gun (and really, any other product) you should avoid going for the cheapest deal of all. In the end you get what you pay for and as I have repeated to you on more than one occasion, "poor man's money goes twice in the market". 

Bob and Brad's Q2 Mini gun falls into that group of products that are reasonably priced for a good quality product. Unlike other "mini" guns, it is worth noting the number of heads included (five), of which there are two that are really good, which will be the most used. 

The motor is powerful and moderately quiet. Obviously it is not absolutely silent, but you can use the gun while you are for example watching TV with other people without any complaints about not poder hearing anything other than your own massage.

A well finished set and with a reasonable quality/price/product ratio, which I think is always the important thing to value in this type of articles.

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