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Update 30 December 12:00 - Voting is over! We already have the winners

At the end of the voting period, all that remains to be known are the winners, both your choice and the winner of the CamelBak Ultra Pro.

These are the three models that have copied the podio:

  1. Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE – 37,70%
  2. VERTIX 2 CHORUS – 26,19%
  3. Suunto 9 Peak – 10,62%

And this is the graph with the final results of all the models and the ranking.

Best device voting results

I have made the choice starting from the table with all the participants (eliminating duplicate entries that some of you had made), and with the total number of lines to get the winner thanks to the website as an innocent hand.

By the way, if you didn't win this time, remember that this is not the only gift, these dates come loaded. The drawing for the Garmin Forerunner 245and attentive to Instagram because I will soon be organizing another raffle to give away more goodies thanks to CamelBak.

Here you can watch the video on Instagram

Instagram sweepstakes

Congratulations Jorge! I am sending you an email to see where to send you your gift.



Once again we are at the end of the year and it's your turn to choose what has been the best GPS watch or training device of this year 2021. As in the last year I will make a pre-selection of models for which you are going to poder vote, in an attempt to make voting more centralized.

As in all the other years that I have held this vote, the award is offered thanks to CamelbakSo in addition to being able to cast your vote and contribute your grain of sand when it comes to choosing the winner, you will have the chance to win a fantastic prize... it couldn't be better!

¿What is what you can win? Well, among all of you who participate by leaving your vote, a winner will be chosen, and you will have the chance to win a Camelbak Ultra Pro hydration vest.

¿Until when can you send your vote? You can do it from today until next December 29th at 10:00 pm. On that date I will close the voting and in the following days I will announce the winner of both the voting and the drawing.

And what has been announced during this post-pandemic year 2021? I make you a small list below.

How to choose the best GPS watch in 2021

When it comes to choosing your candidate for the best training device of 2021, the idea is not to simply choose the one with the most functions or the most expensive. What I want is that you choose the one that has caught your attention for the novelties it has brought to the segment, for its quality/price ratio, for the functions it offers in training and post-training, for its aesthetics and materials, etc.

So do not focus your choice on the one who is the most capable of all (which does not mean that he is not your choice), but on the one you think is the most interesting for the reasons that you personally deem appropriate.


Finalists for best training device 2021

These are the devices I have selected for you to vote for. The order is simply alphabetical, there is no other reason for them to be sorted this way.

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7New year, new Apple Watch model. This year the novelties have been focused on the aesthetic section and the improvement of the screen.

It is now larger because the bezel edges are reduced. In addition Apple claims that it has increased its durability being the most resistant they have manufactured to date (until next year they will surely claim the same).

In the sport section there are hardly any changes beyond an IP6X certification, but Apple has not included too many improvements in Watch OS 7.

I leave you the link to the presentation where podrás see all the details.

Watch Apple Watch Series 7 presentation



COROS VERTIX 2 - Map Navigation2021 has seen the arrival of a new watch that incorporates navigation with routes using maps. The COROS VERTIX 2 thus joined the different models that Garmin has in its portfolio and the Suunto 7 (although it is a different type of watch).

The maps have arrived in other models of the range and have not remained exclusively for the VERTIX 2, but presents other novelties. It stands out for being the first GPS watch to incorporate dual-frequency GNSS chipset. It also supports music playback (which you have to load manually on the watch), has a huge 1.4″ screen, oxygen saturation sensor, electrocardiogram, HRV measurement... and all that with an autonomy of 140 hours in GPS 1 second mode and up to 60 days in watch mode.

The list of specifications is brutal: titanium bezel and cover, PVD coating, etc.

Regarding this model you have asked me on multiple occasions and through different channels about when I am going to publish the full review. I have asked COROS for the watch actively and passively, but there is no way to get one. At this point I think it will be difficult for me to publish anything more about it.

View presentation COROS VERTIX 2


Garmin Enduro

Garmin EnduroThe Garmin Enduro is the entry of Garmin in the ultra-mountain segment, with a watch that bets everything on autonomy. Garmin announces up to 80 hours of battery life with 1-second GPS recording using solar charging, something that is also present in this model.

We also have another series of battery modes in case we need even more autonomy, reaching up to 300 hours with a low power profile and solar charging.

But to achieve these figures Garmin has dispensed with some of its most eye-catching high-end features. It doesn't have map navigation or allow music playback. At least it does maintain wireless payments through Garmin Pay.

As I said, this is a bet totally focused on battery autonomy.

View Garmin Enduro analysis


Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE

Garmin Forerunner 945 LTEAnother model that has also been a test bed of sorts has been the Garmin FR945 LTE. Garmin has reduced the size of its flagship watch for the triathlon segment and added LTE to stay connected at all times.

The function of the LTE is tracking and safety, not focused on receiving notifications or calls. There is tracking during training or races, incident alerts without depending on the cell phone, possibility to receive encouragement messages from spectators... but the most important safety function is Assistance Plus.

With Assistance Plus podhen send an emergency request to a rescue coordination center for help. Just so you understand, it's not a message to your brother-in-law to ask him to pick you up because you've had a flat tire. If you fall in the middle of the mountain and need a helicopter rescue, Assistance Plus will take care of it.

View Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE review


Garmin Venu 2

Garmin Venu 2S - MusicFinishing with the new Garmin releases this year we have the Garmin Venu 2. For the new version we have two sizes available, one larger and one smaller than the original Venu. The Venu 2 measures 45mm and the Venu 2S measures 40mm.

Compared to the original model, the Venu 2 offers greater autonomy and the possibility of keeping the AMOLED screen in always-on mode. And there is also a quick charge function, a 10-minute recharge will give you enough power for 1 day of use or 1 hour of GPS.

Garmin also debuted its Elevate v4 sensor with this model, which now allows pulse variability estimation.

The user interface has also received changes, being better adapted to what is a smartwatch with a full color display.

As for the software section many health tracking functions: physiological age, sleep tracking or Health Snapshot.

View Garmin Venu 2 analysis


Polar Grit X Pro

Polar Grit X Pro - Sunrise and SunsetIf last year was the entry of Polar in the outdoor and mountain segment, for this year has reserved a higher step in the quality of manufacture and aesthetics of the watch. I think I can safely say that the Polar Grit X Pro Titan is the most beautiful watch to date. I find it simply beautiful.

The changes in materials are not only in the titanium bezel of the Titan version. The watch crystal is sapphire in all versions and has an anti-fingerprint coating that works quite well. The strap is made of FKM (fluorinated rubber) with a really good quality and feel.

In terms of functions, the Grit X Pro is at the top of the Polar range with the same functions as the Polar: performance test for running and cycling, recovery test with Leg Test and more navigation functions with altimetry profile and trackback.

By the way, have I said it's very nice?

View Polar Grit X Pro analysis


Suunto 9 Peak

Suunto 9 Peak - ButtonsThinner, smaller and stronger. Those were the premises of Suunto when they launched the 9 Peak. They have also incorporated a new pulse sensor, something that was already being totally necessary in the Suunto range.

In terms of software, Suunto debuted the Snap to Route function, a very interesting feature that allows, based on a navigation route, to perfectly adjust the pace and distance data to the planned route avoiding GPS errors that may be caused by poor signal reception.

Suunto has changed the aesthetics of the watch, betting now for a cleaner and minimalist aesthetic. At first I was hesitant, but after having used the watch I think it has been a wise decision. It offers a quality feel and is very comfortable on the wrist.

View Suunto 9 Peak analysis



Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2Not everything was going to be GPS watches, I have also saved a little corner for the new Wahoo cyclocomputer.

In the new BOLT everything looks the same as in the original model but the changes go beyond simply adding a color display.

The BOLT now offers full navigation thanks to the inclusion of routable maps from all over the world (exactly like the ELEMNT ROAM). And this is Wahoo's bet with its new model, offering many route navigation functions, which joins the rest of the star features such as ease of use.

By the way, Wahoo, has made way for USB-C and fast charging on their new device. thanks!

View Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT v2 review


Send your vote

So there you have all the candidates. Now your mission is simply to send your vote and participate in the raffle. Good luck!


Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Unfortunately I can't vote. I don't know which one is better.
    The part that interests me in a watch is the GPS accuracy. I now have a Garmin forerunner 15, I compared it to a Garming fenix 6X PRO and mine was quite a bit more precious. Despite the difference of years in technology.
    If you are interested in the battery, the Fenix is much better.

  2. I've already voted! Personally I'm sticking with the 945 LTE (I have the 945 myself). I think I would have leaned towards COROS if they weren't so devilishly hard to come by. I'm "glad" to see that scarcity is also suffered by the stars... 😉 ....

  3. Hi, between the ads and the sweepstakes, there is no one to see the page, one of the ads blocks the menu.
    Happy Holidays!

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