We have a winner! Santa Claus has brought the Camelbak Circuit to...


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How has Santa Claus been this year? I hope you've had lots of presents, because that will mean you've been good and behaved well. We'd better not talk about the lottery, because I guess we're all very healthy.

As for choosing the best device for 2017, you have been very active. More than 2,000 votes were sent to select, in the opinion of the community, the clock, cycle computer or sensor presented during 2017 that is most important for you.

And be careful, manufacturers, because the prize is not small, it is the recognition of the whole community that the product you are selling is not the best, but the most desired. And it is clear that in terms of sales figures that is the most important thing and it means that the work done to create the product and to communicate what your product offers to the public works.

What product has been chosen by the community? I'll tell you that later or tomorrow, since I still have to make the relevant analysis of the data and present it accordingly. But what we do have is the winner of the draw.

The total number of participants was 2394, which gave a total of 2395 lines in the CSV file. And by entering the data in the innocent hand we get the winner.

Winner Camelbak

Which corresponds to...

Winner Camelbak Circuit

Congratulations, Jone! You get a vest like this.

I will be contacting the winner (Jone) this week to request your shipping details, if you do not receive an email please contact me in case my email got stuck in a spam filter.


Of course I must remember that this draw would not have been possible without the support of Camelbakwho are the ones who offered the prize. I, for one, have taken care of everything else.

Remember that if you want to support the page and thus make possible new draws, do not forget to follow me on social networks (Twitter and Facebook) because in the end what the manufacturers want is visibility with their awards.

I'm planning a similar draw for Kings Day, so if you want to make these draws possible don't forget to make your Amazon purchases through the link below these lines or on the right side of the screen (if you're at the computer).

We already have a winner! Santa Claus has brought the Camelbak Circuit to... 1

Thank you all for participating and I wish you all the best of luck in the next draw.

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