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Week 6 to 12 April


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This week's news

These are the main novelties of the sector during this week.

Garmin updates the Connect mobile application - A facelift for the main page of the application. It now shows the information more clearly and has a more modern menu, but the other sections remain the same. In addition, support for the Garmin Epix has been added.

New Garmin Connect


Links of interest

A review of this week's highlights.

Texas Company Plans to Convert Containers to Sports Accommodations - Forget about looking for a hotel for your next marathon. You might be staying in a dumpster next time you go to a race.

SOLAR Electric Bicycle - It is clear that electric bikes are here to stay, but we are used to seeing batteries plugged in to recharge them. But now bikes are starting to appear that do not need it, and that are recharged with the energy of the sun.


Buscador de chollos


That's how my training went this week.

The short term goal is to go under 45 minutes in 10K race. The next meeting is on April 25th, when I have scheduled a race of that distance. The track is not yet confirmed at 100%, because it seems that right now the race is for more than those 10K.

I started the week with a long interval training, four 2km blocks in total with a target pace of 4:30 min/km.


After the break on Tuesday, on Wednesday I did the training with the same purpose, but changing the development a little bit. Four plus four, first at a low pace and then at a high pace. The target pace is the same.


On Saturday I did a double session. I was taking final photos for the Garmin Fenix 3 test (it's almost over!), so in the morning I did a trail session.


And in the afternoon pool session.


This time I didn't do a long print run on Sunday, for two reasons. First and foremost, I had children's birthdays all day.

And also, on Saturday I sprained my ankle while running in the mountains, so let's see how I recover this coming week to continue training.

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