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Week 5 to 11 September

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Here is a summary of my weekly training sessions. I also take this opportunity to summarize what has happened on the web during the last week and the latest updates in the sports technology sector (so you don't miss anything). There are also small notes of interesting links that I have found on the internet these days. If you find something interesting that you think is worthwhile, let me know through Twitter or Facebook From time to time I also share or retweet information or links of interest, so don't forget to follow me on social networks if you want to know them all. Here are the highlights of this week.


This week's articles

This is the content I posted this week. Don't miss anything!


Product Updates

You don't know if you have to connect your device to update it? You received an automatic update and you don't know what it includes? Well, I'm here to tell you.


Links of interest

The most interesting links I have found this week. Almost all of them are curious news related to sport.

  • Xert's cycling data field collectionxertoline.com is an analysis of data from Baron Biosystems (specialized in physiology). On the web you can have multiple metrics that you can use in your training and know how you can perform in a competition. Now they have also launched a series of data fields to have those same data live on your Edge. Things like time to fatigue for the power you are using at the moment or what your fat and carbohydrate consumption is at a given time. It is quite technical, but worth a look.
  • Bruno Hortelano's accident - As you may have heard, Bruno Hortelano has suffered an accident this week that has put his sporting career at serious risk. From here I want to give him all the encouragement for a speedy and satisfactory recovery. But there is one thing I want to highlight, and that is that if there are many accidents that are caused by bad luck, this one could have been avoided. The driver of the accident vehicle (Hortelano's cousin) fell asleep at the wheel. The blood alcohol rate was twice the legal limit. Luckily it all came down to minor injuries (magnified by being an elite athlete), but it could have been much worse, with other road users involved. Really, zero tolerance for alcohol at the wheel.
  • Runner dies on a road with no shoulder - Be careful where you run and what time you run... Road without a shoulder and getting dark. That's a lot of ballots for something unwanted to happen. Take all possible precautions when you train.
  • Kilian Jornet's next challenge - Kilian Jornet is about to attempt his latest and craziest challenge: to climb and descend to the top of Everest in one go, without heavy equipment or oxygen.
  • The Sky Team bus about to run a cyclist off the road - Something that is unfortunately much more common than we think, is tremendously noticeable when you get it from a vehicle that is usually loaded with... cyclists. The video and tweet have gone viral in the last few days, for obvious reasons.
    [tweet https://twitter.com/AndyRolfe65/status/773804492685017088] Yo mismo tuve un problema similar con la furgoneta del Team Qhubeka durante la vuelta el año pasado
  • Tremendous fall of Jose Joaquin Rojas - It happened in the 20th stage of the Vuelta. A tremendous fall of the Movistar rider that left him with an open fracture of his tibia and fibula. And he was still very lucky not to go against the crash barrier.
  • Samuel Sanchez also suffered another tremendous crash in the penultimate stage against the clock - For his part, the BMC rider was able to finish the stage, but he had to retire and had to say goodbye to the 2016 Tour amidst tears.



Here's a summary of my training over the past week.

I started the week with core exercises, going for a run on Tuesday to do a 2×4000.

Strava link to the activity

On Wednesday it was break time (lie, it was time to write the article on the new Apple Watch), so it was not until Thursday that I started training again, with a quiet rhythmic workout, doing a strong 1 minute interval every 7 minutes at a quiet pace, and exchanging in each of them some weight in one hand and doing strong bracing.

Strava link to the activity

The next day, series on the bike. 5×5′ uphill (at 359W, 359W, 350W, 334W and 309W) with rest back to the starting point; followed by a 4×4′ downhill at 281W, 276W, 286W and 283W with rest from 30″ in each series.

Strava link to the activity

On Saturday I had planned to do a little open water swimming after a couple of hours kayaking. But I had to abort, because after getting out of the canoe and putting my feet on the ground, the world turned around. I got really dizzy, so instead of going out for a swim I chose to jump into the hammock at the beach bar.

Strava link to the activity

And to close the week, a long run to prepare the next half-marathon in a few weeks. 18 kilometers at not too strong a pace but getting 2 kilometers in the middle at 4:40.

Strava link to the activity

And with that... thanks for reading!

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