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Week 31 October to 6 November


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Here is a summary of my weekly training sessions. I also take this opportunity to summarize what has happened on the web during the last week and the latest updates in the sports technology sector (so you don't miss anything). There are also small notes of interesting links that I have found on the internet these days. If you find something interesting that you think is worthwhile, let me know through Twitter or Facebook From time to time I also share or retweet information or links of interest, so don't forget to follow me on social networks if you want to know them all. Here are the highlights of this week.


This week's articles

This is the content I posted this week. Don't miss anything!


Product Updates

You don't know if you have to connect your device to update it? You received an automatic update and you don't know what it includes? Well, I'm here to tell you.


Links of interest

The most interesting links I have found this week. Almost all of them are curious news related to sport.

  • New York City Marathon, thus was born - Brief history of how what is now the most famous race in the world was born.
  • Birth and death of a power meter project Interesting article where he tells all the details behind the story of Brim Brothers (the power meter project that is placed - or was placed - in the shoe). It serves to realize all the difficulties that surround a project of this magnitude.
  • How do you make the brands of bicycles? - Well, you can tell "simply" by cutting a painting in half. Of course, not all of us have access to do something like that, right? There is always youtube...
  • Interview with Ramón Arroyo - With the movie "100 meters" just released, the media exposure continues not only for Ramon, but also for his illness. It is unbelievable that someone capable of doing an ironman tomorrow has to struggle to serve water from a bottle. Such is the disease. But "giving up is not an option".
  • All the marathons in Spain - Guide of @Pancho_Quevedo with all the marathons that are celebrated in Spain, recently updated for 2017.
  • Triathlon cars - There is no doubt that running (not athletics) and triathlon are in fashion, so much so that cars are even presented with this sport in mind (even if they are just concepts that go nowhere).

    Still, it's always good news that they remember minority sports. And they're not the first to think of bike solutions, in fact Honda presented a few months ago a solution that has already become a realityHere, however, the advantage is held by Opel, with its Flex-Fix system.

  • While some win... - Garmin presents results for the third quarter with a significant increase in its Fitness and Outdoor departments, which are the ones that are growing the most within the brand. Meanwhile Fitbit soaked his beards preparing for a weak fourth quarter.
  • Mio gets $15M funding - Mio has been gone for a while, in fact, they have lost strength. Their technology is no longer present in watches (TomTom switched to the LifeQ sensor while Garmin only had the 225 with their technology) and the only product they introduced almost a year ago, Mio SliceHopefully, this new injection of money will be converted into new products and improved technology to, for example, allow the reading of pulse variability with the optical sensor.

And with that... thanks for reading!


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  1. I am preparing for a duathlon. It's the first one I'm going to do and I'm quite motivated. I do not train as much as I would like for lack of time, I only have two days a week, but my compis are the same as me haha.una thing k pulls me back from this type of competition is the wear and tear suffered by the body, usually wear fabric. I take Whey protein (it is the protein with the highest biological value) and maqui extract from enerzona, a berry with super antioxidant properties that contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage and helps prevent injuries, because it is also necessary to follow a proper nutritional strategy. If I survive I'll go for the triathlon... haha I'll tell you about it.

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