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Week 3 to 9 April


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If you have been totally disconnected, I will now summarize what has happened on the web during the last week and the latest updates in the sports technology sector (so that you don't miss anything). There are also small notes of interesting links that I have found on the internet these days. If you find something interesting that you think is worthwhile, let me know by Twitter or Facebook From time to time I also share or retweet information or links of interest, so don't forget to follow me on social networks if you want to know them all. Here are the highlights of this week.

This week's articles

This is the content I posted this week. Don't miss anything!

  • New Polar M430 - We have a new Polar for 2017. The M430 is basically an M400 with an optical pulse sensor and some other improvements.
  • Early April Offers - The month began with good offers (especially from Garmin with the Forerunner 235).
  • Week 27 March to 2 April - A summary of the highlights of the week.


Product Updates

You don't know if you have to connect your device to update it? You received an automatic update and you don't know what it includes? Well, I'm here to tell you.


Links of interest

The most interesting links I have found this week. Almost all of them are curious news related to sport.

  • New ANT+ profile for race dynamics – ANT Alliance hace «público» un nuevo perfil para que los fabricantes puedan usar sensores externos para mostrar datos de dinámica de carrera. Oscilación vertical, tiempo de contacto con el suelo, longitud de zancada, etc.Todos estos datos son los que ya estaban disponibles en relojes Garmin con sensores HRM-Run o HRM-Tri. Entonces… ¿Cuál es la novedad? Pues que hasta ahora esto era un canal propietario de ANT+ al que sólo Garmin tenía acceso y ahora pasa a ser un perfil público por lo que cualquier fabricante podrá diseñar sensores que aprovechen estas características.
  • Kinematix ends operations - Kinematix, a kind of trainer that was placed in a template in the shoe, announces the closure of the business. A new victim of bad planning, and is that the manufacturers of such sensors are determined to make us run with a mobile phone, when honestly ... we are less and less willing to do so.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. The look of ANT+ is great, but Garmin is already a few years ahead of the rest of the platforms to use this service... and most importantly, many mistakes made and corrected that the rest of the brands will have to polish to reach the height of Garmin, but it's a good thing... to give life to the market, and especially to this data, since it is very important for the improvement of the brands.

    1. Well... actually Garmin, although they own Dynastream, are not directly responsible for ANT+. Although they are obviously very related.

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