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Week 29 August to 4 September

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Here is a summary of my weekly training sessions. I also take this opportunity to summarize what has happened on the web during the last week and the latest updates in the sports technology sector (so you don't miss anything). There are also small notes of interesting links that I have found on the internet these days. If you find something interesting that you think is worthwhile, let me know through Twitter or Facebook From time to time I also share or retweet information or links of interest, so don't forget to follow me on social networks if you want to know them all. Here are the highlights of this week.

This week's articles

This is the content I posted this week. Don't miss anything!

Phew, what a week, right? September is always a good month to present all those devices that are designed to succeed at Christmas time (because of the gifts). So if you have to go thinking about preparing the letter to the Three Kings, this is the new thing that will arrive for those dates.


Product Updates

You don't know if you have to connect your device to update it? You received an automatic update and you don't know what it includes? Well, I'm here to tell you.


Links of interest

The most interesting links I have found this week. Almost all of them are curious news related to sport.

  • Stryd starts creating Connect IQ data fieldsStryd I already had the application to be able to train by power, but perhaps much more interesting is to be able to have a specific data field to add to any standard profile, not only showing the power but also recording all the data in the FIT file.
  • Nairo Quintana believes that perhaps the use of the power meter in races should be banned - It's true that climbing as controlled as Froome can be can take the emotion out of racing. I have no doubt that a climb limited to 350W (to give one example) visually has no emotion at all. But it's also part of the competition, isn't it? And it's clear that Froome works very well.
  • Athlete dies while trying to cross the English Channel - A few weeks ago I told you about the feat of Javier Merida, the first amputee to get the Triple Crown (crossing the La Mancha channel is one of those "crowns"). Well, a few days ago an athlete died trying to complete the crossing. So you can see that it's not easy at all...



Here's a summary of my training over the past week.

Buscador de chollos

I started it with the start of the Suunto Spartan Ultra Shooting trying to tiptoe finished with 400m progressive and then a bit of barefoot jogging on the beach.

Strava link to the activity

Strava link to the activity

On Tuesday, in spite of playing training, I was exhausted and I chose to rest, so on Wednesday, I went back to work, with 40 minutes of roller doing the central 20 minutes at 290W fixed.

Strava link to the activity

Thursday was a bit of core and back strengthening exercises, and Friday was the swimming pool with several series of exercises including full body parts.

Link to the activity

On Saturday, I train en bloc, first doing 45 minutes of cycling without pressing too much, followed by 35 minutes of running, doing 4 series of scissors exercises, and after finishing with everything, 1 km progressively.

Strava link to the activity

Strava link to the activity

On Sunday, a little more biking. 25 kilometer ride completed with a series of power intervals culminating in full sprints.

Strava link to the activity

And with that... thanks for reading!

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