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Week 26 October to 1 November

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These entries not only include a summary of my weekly training sessions, but also what has happened on the web during the week and updates from the sports technology sector (so you can always be up to date), as well as interesting links that I have found throughout the week on the Internet.

If you find something interesting that you think is worth appearing in this section, you can contact me by Twitter or by Facebook From time to time I also share or retweet information or interesting links, so don't forget to follow me on social networks if you want to know them all.

So let's go with the highlights of this week.


This week's news

A small list with the main news of the page and of the sector, happened during the week.

Complete analysis of the Garmin Forerunner 25 - A new analysis. It's Forerunner 25 this time. Everything, absolutely everything you wanted to know about this watch, in one entry.

New Garmin Vivosmart HR Wristband - Garmin does not rest (nor does it give rest to those of us who try its products) and presents yet another product. This week has been a new activity bracelet, whose novelty is the inclusion of the optical sensor they presented last week with the Garmin Forerunner 235which they call Garmin Elevate.

Análisis en Instagram

Garmin also manufactures scales. Garmin Index - And as if that weren't enough, they also took advantage of the situation to show us another totally different product, an intelligent scale.

Upgrade for Polar V800 - An error is fixed with the fitness test, which was not providing correct data.

Polar update on Strava integration and training programs - And their update is to tell us that there is no update (for the moment), or rather, that it is delayed. Very much in the Polar style. The new date for completing the integration with Strava is the end of the year, while to see the training programs we will first have to eat the grapes. Polar and their policy of not complying with the dates they themselves have provided.

Garmin Fénix 3 Update (beta channel) - Small minor update to fix a bug with the foot pod, and gives solution to other errors found. Remember, it's the beta channel.

Garmin Forerunner 225 Update - A menu is added to modify the Bluetooth alert settings, and a couple of errors are fixed.


Links of interest

The most interesting links I've found this week, almost all of them are curious news related to sports.

Partial V rating for Best Technology Blog - Guys... we have to get a move on! We've fallen back to fourth position, out of the positions that give access to the grand final. We have to get back on track! If you haven't voted yet, do it now. Tell your friends and let them do it too. We have to take the sport to the final of the Blog Awards!

The Wandering Corridor 360º Challenge - The challenge that our friend Juan, better known as The Wandering Runner, has set himself is impressive. 11 days, 700 km and 35,000 positive meters. And all for solidarity purposes. Take a look at the link, because it's worth it. You can follow him on Twitter through @RunnerErrante

Story of a Drum, an emotional story - It's been going around on Twitter this week. A nice story around a Peppa Pig drum, told by the fantastic Angel of @km-counter

First trainings with Stryd - It's already come to me Stryd, the first running power meterThis is going to be difficult, because I don't have anything to compare results with. At the moment I'm checking the type of data offered, and it's funny how I can make a faster training with less energy, just by concentrating on the correct position. Besides going faster, I save 15W of energy. It's also funny to see how fast it registers how it affects the surface you run on (asphalt, sand, soil) as well as the small slopes. At the bottom you can find a couple of training sessions where I started to test Stryd.

GoPro shows us images from its drone - It doesn't mean anything, since it's simply to create expectation. Because in the image taking part there's nothing specific beyond the image stabilizer they're using. We don't have any features of the device yet. But still, I think it's interesting to show the image, at least so you know it exists.



Here is a summary of my training over the past week.

¡Qué poco queda para la Maratón de Valencia! Después de los 30 kilómetros del pasado domingo no pienses que he parado, en absoluto. Esta semana el «castigo» ha continuado.

On Monday I went back to running. According to the training plan, it was 50 minutes of training plus stretching session. I took it as a recovery session, riding quietly in Z2.

Strava link to the activity

The next day there was a bit more rest, as there was no running, instead a circuit of abdominal toning plus specific twin work.

By Wednesday I had a session of series, in pyramidal format. Starting from 200 meters and going up from 200 to 1,200 meters (i.e. 200-400-600-800-1000-1200) at a strong rhythm. The rests started at 30″ and increased at 10″ to each series. The average rhythms in each of the series were the following: 4:03-3:52-4:13-4:16-4:10-4:09. The descent of the pyramid (in intervals of 200 meters, with the same distance as the ascent) did not look for rhythms, but for high cadence of step. The rests in this case were from 2′. The cadences in this case were 178-177-177-177.

Strava link to the activity

With no time to rest, on Thursday it was time to do a long 90 minute run. I took it at a gentle pace to recover well (thinking about what the weekend would bring). 15.6km at an average pace of 5:46 min/km and an average heart rate of 135ppm and 324W of average power. An easy, if boring, workout.

Strava link to the activity

On Friday I was scheduled to train for 50 minutes, but finally it was 35 minutes because I had a discomfort in the external area of the left gluteus, something that nobody wants to have two weeks before facing a marathon. In fact, on Sunday I had a long run of 33 kilometers that I have postponed, and this weekend I have dedicated it to stretch the area well. I think that the discomfort does not affect me, but I have to try it on. Those 33 kilometers will start as soon as I press the post button in this entry.

Strava link to the activity

I'll tell you in a week how it went. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hello, I am interested in buying the Stryd, I have several questions
    1. in your experience and opinion it is worth buying. Stryd
    2. if so, there is some kind of test to remove the training areas in watts.

    3. between the polar pulse meters v800, suntoo 3 and garmin 920 xt, which would be the best to use the Stryd.

    a greeting.

    1. Hi, Peter.

      I haven't had much time to get to the bottom of Stryd, just to check his performance and see what he's doing, how he's affecting the technique and how tired the watts are. Even different terrains.

      Stryd has developed a couple of tests to obtain a figure similar to what would be the FTP in cycling, and from there you can calculate training zones. You can see all the details in their forum at http://club.stryd.com

      Both the V800 and Ambit3 are perfectly compatible (the Ambit3 is what I use for all the tests I'm doing with Stryd). 920xt is currently only compatible in the cycling profile, but when the new version of Connect IQ arrives (around February) Stryd will be able to create data fields that can also save the power data.

      1. Eduardo thanks for your explanation, in the end I will get it. The concept of training by power convinces me more than the heart rate, but I am also aware that Stryd has a lot to improve, especially in establishing a test to remove the training areas and the issue of wind I hope they solve it soon.

        a greeting.

        1. Hola Eduardo al final decidí esperar a ve que conclusión sacabas sobre el funcionamiento del Stryd. ha día de hoy y después de probarlo que crees que es necesario hacer la inversión y adquirirlo para entrenar. gracias.

          a greeting.

          1. De momento no he tenido tiempo de probarlo con «ojos de análisis». Si, lo he usado regularmente, pero como un dato más sin fijar objetivos con respecto a la potencia. Creo que la clave estará en hacer una carrera usando la potencia como referencia, pero para eso antes tengo que planear los entrenamientos usando potencia, y no ritmo.

            Necessary is not at all, but I think it can have a few uses, although it is still something that is much greener than the use of power in cycling.

          2. as a conclusion better to wait for them to tune it up a bit more.

            a greeting and thank you.

          3. It's in tune, or so it seems (I don't have anything against which to check if the values are valid either). But I haven't yet trained exclusively by looking at the power (as I do in cycling). It's very curious, though, to see how a simple change in posture when running has quite an impact on the amount of watts consumed.

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