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Week 23 to 29 March


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Before we move on to this week's training, I would like to take the opportunity to review what has been new this week. From now on, I will use these weekly entries as a summary of what may have happened during this week and, of course, tell you the details of my training.

This week's news

  • Update 1.5 Suunto Ambit3 - The Suunto Ambit 3 has received the update to version 1.5. Finally Suunto can boast of being able to prepare advanced training (series, intervals, fartleks) and controlled from the clock. This was something that had been pending for a long time. Yes, there are still things to correct, but it is an important jump. The new update brings under the arm an improved range in the entire Ambit3 range. In the case of the Ambit3 Sport it has meant an extra hour of battery life with GPS activated and 1s recording. Not bad at all! You can see all the details at the proof that I published just this Saturday.
  • Suunto Ambit 3 Sport Draw - If you haven't read the Suunto Ambit3 that I published on Saturday, I recommend you to do it. Why? Because Suunto is raffling an Ambit3 Sport among the comments written in all the blogs that are part of the "Ambit3 Multisport Chain". If you are already participating, good luck. If you are not already doing it, why not? Run to leave your comment at this link.
  • Polar delays updating for notifications and pedometer support - No. Polar delaying a promised update? When did we see that? As we are used to, Polar has delayed the update they had pending for this date. It was made up of two new features, firstly receiving notifications from your mobile phone on the watch screen (initially on the V800, it should also arrive on the M400), and secondly the Bluetooth pedometer support for the M400.

    When will it be available? In the case of the V800 notifications, we won't have to wait much longer, as Polar estimates that it will be available shortly after Easter. The M400 pedometer update is also scheduled for the same date, but I think there will be some more delay.

  • Garmin releases updates for the Fenix 3 - Not only one, but two updates, version 3.00 and 3.10. Minor improvements for Connect IQ and support for self-calibrated pedometers. The Fenix 3 has been receiving updates continuously since its release, I am already working on the test, soon you will have it available on the site.


Interesting links of the week

  • Robbery at the Madrid Half Marathon Runner's Fair - Sad news on Saturday. The half marathon runner's fair in Madrid suffered a robbery on the night of March 27-28. The thieves destroyed everything. Something very difficult to understand, given the security that is (supposed to) be in a fair of this type. A real shame and my support not only to the members of the fair, but to the runners who have not been able to enjoy another part of the race.Week 23 to 29 March 2



Let's move on now to this week's practice. It's the first after Malaga half-marathon and, really, I wasn't training with any goals in mind. Yes, I have some races planned in the near future, but nothing in terms of covering goals. In a way it's a release, I've been running without having to focus on anything in particular. Running for running's sake. And seeing rhythms hasn't gone badly at all.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
TuesdayRunning5km + 1.29km4:45 min/km - 6:00 min/km155 ppm - 145 ppm
ThursdayFootball4,60km-136 ppm
FridayRunning3.17km9:40 min/km121 ppm
SaturdayStrengthening + swimming- / 1.250m2:21 100m/min-
SundayRunning5km + 3km + 1.16km4:32 min/km - 4:39 min/km - 6:09 min/km160 ppm - 165ppm - 149ppm

Tuesday was the first day I went out to drop my legs after Sunday's race. What at first was going to be just that, in the end became 5km at a light pace. I was comfortable, there were sensations, so... why not? That's right, a short training session, not only to recover from Sunday's race, but also to increase the distance little by little after my knee injury. After those 5km, a little more than a kilometre of slope at a cooling down pace.


Buscador de chollos

On Thursday, after a long time, I put my football boots back on. It was so long ago that I ended up with a huge blister on one foot. I think it's time I checked the socks I wear, because the truth is that I ended up crushed, and it was clearly due to the sock.

I was jogging at a very different pace on Friday. I was just closing the Suunto Ambit3 Sport (if you haven't read it, don't delay, because there's a draw!) and taking the latest photos and videos.

The next day, visit to the gym. Lots of exercises to strengthen the leg (especially quadriceps, again thinking about the past injury), and finished with 1,250m of swimming. And this time focusing the training to the Garmin Fenix 3 test, which I am already preparing.


On Sunday I didn't make a long trip, between the time change and the family obligations there was simply no time to do it. So taking advantage of the good weather I went out to do a 5000+3000, with an uphill cool down. Pretty fast rhythms for what I am used to (yes, I am still pending of another goal, to go down 45 minutes in a 10.000m), so satisfied.



Do you want to know what happens when you don't wear the pulse sensor tightly and it starts to fall due to sweat? Well, take a look at the two graphs above. You can see perfectly how everything is going perfectly, and when I get to the end of the first 5000 it starts to fall. And in the next 3000 the result is even more remarkable. Reading errors, continuous peaks... Remember to adjust the sensor well before going out for a run if you don't want this to happen (and you spend 20 minutes trying to put the sensor back, without success).

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