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Week 20 to 26 April


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These entries not only include a summary of my weekly training sessions, but also what has happened on the web during the week and updates from the sports technology sector (so you can always be up to date), as well as interesting links that I have found throughout the week on the Internet.

If you find something interesting that you think is worth appearing in this section, you can contact me by Twitter or by Facebook From time to time I also share or retweet information or interesting links, so don't forget to follow me on social networks if you want to know them all.

So let's go with the highlights of this week.


This week's news

Unpacked video and first impressions of Garmin Vivoactive - The test of the Garmin Vivoactive has begun, and for the moment I leave you with the video of the unpacking and the first impressions of use.

Updated list of recommended GPS watches - The last list was from the end of last year. In these months some positions have changed, either because of the new prices at which some gadgets can be found, or because of new models on the market. If you are thinking of renewing, take a look.

Update for Garmin Fenix 3 - To tell you the truth, it would have been the week before, but I didn't include it in the article back then. That's okay, just go into this week's and get it sorted out. The Garmin Fenix 3 is updated to version 3.20 with bug fixes, hotkey configuration and straight-line back to home option.

Garmin Vivoactive Update - Garmin also upgraded the Vivoactive to version 2.70, addressing high battery consumption caused by Bluetooth connectivity and correcting the clock reset when the phone receives the current time.



Links of interest

A man runs 22 marathons in 24 days to celebrate his 72nd birthday Clearly there is no age for running a marathon. Nor is there any age for running 22...

Researchers against cancer - Marcos Argumosa runs 10 marathons in 10 days, selling every kilometer he runs for cancer research.

Kipchoge beats Kipsang and Kimetto in London Marathon - And with 2:04.42 he marks the best record of the year in the distance. The podium was taken by Kenyan athletes, but we have a Spanish athlete, Javi Guerraand a fantastic seventh place.



This week there has been a race, so training has been quite scarce. I have only done two, and one of them quite "light", so as not to arrive to the day of the race with crushed legs.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondayRunning7.07 km4:32 min/km162 ppm
ThursdayRunning 3x10008.57 km4:32 / 4:40 / 4:42 min/km158 / 162 / 165 ppm
SaturdayCareer10,15 k4:26 min/km168 ppm

On Monday I did the last serious training before the race. Objective: 7 kilometers at race pace (4:30 min/km).

The plan for the race was to try to get under 45 minutes, so you had to keep up the pace. The truth is that it was very hard to finish the training. The race factor counts a lot, especially when it comes to mental strength. That strength that when you're training the race pace makes your legs weigh a lot. Luckily the day of the race is different and the legs move by themselves. ent20abr

On Thursday I did one last rehearsal, simply jogging at a slow speed to release my legs and do three sets of 1,000 at a race pace at specific points (precisely to work on that mental strength).

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ent23abrWith this I concluded the specific training for the 10K race. The only thing left to do was to run the race and be confident that the preparation had been correct. From today begins the training for the main goal of the year, the Valencia Marathon. So to put kilometres in training gradually, because there is just over 6 months to be on the starting line.


Thanks for reading me, and I'll see you in the same section in a week!



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  1. I can't wait for you to finish the analysis of the Vivoactive. It's an alternative that I'm considering to replace my Garmin 305 which I can't put more than a "but" on, because it's pretty big and I can't wear it every day. I hope to read your review soon, and see if you get me out of it.
    Hugs champion

    1. I'm pulling hours from where there aren't any to try and get the test ready next week.

      But I tell you one thing, if it's for thinness there's nothing else to read. It's awfully thin.

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