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Week 11 to 17 May


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These entries not only include a summary of my weekly training sessions, but also what has happened on the web during the week and updates from the sports technology sector (so you can always be up to date), as well as interesting links that I have found throughout the week on the Internet.

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So let's go with the highlights of this week.

This week's news

Garmin introduces its first watch with an optical pulse sensor - The new Garmin Forerunner 225 is an evolution of the current 220, with the addition of the optical sensor on the wrist (that of Mio), and activity monitor.

Brief analysis of Suunto Ambit3 Run - The specific version for runners. I have analyzed what the differences are between the Sport version and the new, cheaper version.

Polar updates its Flow app to version 2.2 - This update includes the updating of GPS cache data at every synchronization with the mobile phone (apparently, previously this data was only updated when connected to the computer). Speed and pace zone views are also added, as well as power charts and swimming metrics if you have a Polar V800.


Links of interest

RideAir, an air pump that will effortlessly inflate your tires - Hate pumping up your bike tires with your traditional pump? Me too. RideAir is a pump that you can recharge from a compressor and use when you need it. And although it doesn't look like it from the video, it will also work on non-fixie bikes.

Lily, the drone that chases you to get your best selfies - Another drone on the market, but this one will follow you like a lapdog to record you on all your sports outings, or any other activity you want to keep images and videos of.




I'm still having my cufflink touched by a broken fiber, so I've been training less this week (in fact, I've only been training for two days, and badly on both), but I've been writing more. You'll be happy to know that I have the Garmin Vivoactive test almost finished, and it will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday. So you know, stay tuned this week.

Now let's get on with the training, but as you'll see on the chart, there's not much to explain.

[table id=61 /]

I wanted to go out on Wednesday to try on and see how I was doing. It had been several days without any discomfort. After stretching well and warming up the calf, I started to run. It was a very good night, over 20ºC and everything seemed to be going great. The sensations were great and I had a tremendous desire to run.

I was already warm, I was thinking about my things when a little before finishing the first kilometer, I feel a slight pinch in my calf and I think "oops". Three more meters, and the pain increases. I stop the training immediately, it is clear that I had rushed and needed more recovery time. Now I've taken three steps back and I'm back to square one. But hey, I guess we all make mistakes, don't we?

I'm not in too much of a hurry either, and in a way I see it as a positive thing. I'm going to take it as an end to the season, a rest, and the start of a new one to face the Valencia marathon on November 15. I think the deadlines are going to be perfect to approach it as such. I had a race on the calendar at the end of the month, but it was one of those races you go to for fun, and not to look for a record.

On Sunday, I got up the courage to swim, but also badly, not because of any discomfort, but simply because I didn't feel well. I hadn't slept much, I was exhausted, and I felt without energy... I've always been told that, in the pool, the important thing is that the long ones count. And it was clear that what I was doing was splashing around. Without being able to find a rhythm, or to manage to do series of more than 50 meters, or even to try to get a long interval of 400 or 500 meters.

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Since what I was doing didn't count at all and I wasn't feeling well at all, I went out to the pool and the spa to relax. Better weeks will come.

And as always, thanks for reading me!

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