Entre Umbrales draw for the Camelbak hydration vest. Here is the winner.


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Yesterday was the deadline to participate in the Camelbak hydration vest sweepstakes. Therefore, the only thing that remains to be decided is the winner of the draw.

I take a moment of pause while I'm preparing all the content that will arrive next week (it's coming loaded) and proceed to put all the numbers into the hype.

As you may know, the giveaway was organized through Instagram. I have been adding all the valid participations in a table (follow us on Jose, to Camelbak and to meand tag one or more friends in the publication), which has left me with a total of 117 lines.

And with that I went to the website as an innocent hand and, taking into account that line 1 corresponds to the description in the table, this is the ball drawn.

Instagram Sweepstakes

For the first comment! So you can see that being an early bird always has its positive side. In the table that comment corresponds to....

Instagram Sweepstakes

Congratulations Lu! Now it's your turn to choose a prize.

And to the rest, thank you very much for participating and I wish you luck for next time.


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