Where to watch Ironman Kona 2019

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This weekend is loaded for endurance sports enthusiasts. And I'm talking about a weekend because the Ironman will be over in the morning, but we can sum it all up by not meeting anyone on the 12th...

And what's next? Well, as soon as you've been watching the news or social networks you'll know. First we have Kipchoge's attempt to go under the 2 hour marathon distance, in the INEOS 1:59 Challenge.

>> Where to see the INEOS 1:59 Challenge

Soon after, the long-distance triathlon party begins: the 2019 Ironman World Championship in Kona.

Where to watch Ironman Kona 2019

After having breakfast watching Kipchoge go down from 2h in the marathon (I am convinced that this time it will be achieved) you will have some free time to train. Don't get excited and try to do the same as Kipchoge, because you won't be able to...

Don't take too long to get back, because at 18:25 Spanish time (6:25 local time in Hawaii) the race will start for the men's pros. Shortly after that the women will start, and after another few minutes it will be the turn of the age groups.

Where to watch Ironman Kona 2019

On the women's side it seems that everything is clear before it starts, with a Daniela Ryf who has been unbeatable in recent years and is looking to match triathlon legend Mark Allen by winning her fifth consecutive world title.

Last year he clearly won even after being stung by a jellyfish during the swim, and the final time he got was so brutal that he outdid many of his male teammates.

It seems that the fight will be over who will accompany her on the second podium, with the strongest candidate for second place being Lucy Charles-Barclay, who will again come out on top but will surely lose the lead midway through the cycling segment to the Swiss.

Where to watch Ironman Kona 2019


If the women's race is clear enough, the men's race is an absolute unknown. This year's conditions will be especially tough with lots of heat, high humidity and high chances of rain. The winner will be the one who manages to reach the finish line without bursting.

>> See the 2019 Ironman World Championship

Jan Frodeno returns to Kona after the injury that made him leave the championship last year. Frodo is always one of the favourites; but we must not discard Patrick Lange, winner the last two years and who is known for not doing anything remarkable during the year and arriving in Kona and leaving us all with our mouths open (he is the current holder of the record of the event last year, although with quite favourable conditions).

But the others are not one-armed. Lionel Sanders arrives after an injury that has kept him away from training for three months. With any other athlete it would be a problem, in Sanders' case it's a blessing. Used to always arriving over-trained because he gets beaten up too much during training, the injury helps him arrive fresher than ever. That's precisely why it's a question mark.

What about Alistair Brownlee, probably the greatest one-day triathlon runner of all time. The eldest of the Brownlee brothers takes no hostages and always bets on all or nothing. No matter if it's his first race on the island, he plans to go for it all from the starting gun.

Or Cameron Wurf, who will again set the pace on the bike and it will all depend on how long it takes to catch up with him during the marathon. I don't think Sebastian Kienle will miss the wheel too much this year, and he's a better runner. But there are many more names to look out for: Bart Aernouts, Ben Hoffman, David McNamee, Andy Potts, Tim O'Donnell... any of them could be a surprise.

Where to watch Ironman Kona 2019

The only thing I know for sure is that Josh Amberger will come out of the water first. From then on... everything will be a question mark.

As for our representatives, we will have representing Spain Guru Frades, qualified in the Ironman South Africa. On the men's side, the incombustible Eneko Llanos, winner of the Ironman of Vitoria but qualified in the Ironman of Arizona in 2018; and Clemente Alonso, who accompanied Eneko in the podium of Arizona and who is facing his fourth race in the Big Island.

When is the 2019 Kona Ironman

Remember, Saturday from 6:25 pm and you can follow him through the Ironman Now Facebook.


Dare you have a truncheon for the podium in Kona? Well, there's your comments...

And with that... thanks for reading!

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