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These weeks have been quiet in terms of new product announcements. Polar introduced the new Polar Grit X Pro and a couple of versions for the Polar Vantage V2. But there are a few things worth commenting on, because it doesn't mean that everyone has gone on vacation.

Polar Vantage V2 Upgrade

Today is the date that the Polar Vantage V2 was scheduled to be released. to receive all the latest news software that were presented with the Polar Grit X Pro a couple of weeks ago. Just to refresh your memory, this is everything coming to V2.

  • Route profile when we are using navigation
  • Possibility to load a new route without having to stop the activity
  • Trackback to retrace the route you have taken (back to start)
  • New widgets with altimetry profile information, compass and location coordinates directly in standby mode
  • Display of sunrise, sunset and twilight times
  • Heart rate sensor mode for HR sharing with external devices

So the most important are the new navigation options. But this list does not include the rest of the small changes that have come with some redesigned parts of the user interface.

Upgrade Polar Unite

While we're on the subject of Polar, Polar Unite also received an update late last month. These are the new features received:

  • Heart rate sensor mode for HR sharing with external devices
  • Weekly training summary
  • New spheres
  • FuelWise to see a summary of the energy sources used (but no calculation for the routes).
  • Customizable quick setup menu
  • Animation of activity target reached
  • Current distance and exercise time are displayed in pause mode.
  • Other minor updates and bug fixes

Confirmation of new features coming to Polar Grit X

Another of the things that were left pending in the presentation of the Polar Grit X Pro was to clarify exactly how many and which of the new model's new features were to come to the Grit X that was already on the market.

This update is not for now, like the Vantage V2 we have seen above, but is scheduled for the end of the year. It is firmware version 2.0 and this is all that will arrive:

  • Phone music playback control
  • Running performance test
  • Possibility to change route mid-training session
  • Heart rate sensor mode for HR sharing with external devices
  • Weekly training summary
  • Power-based training objectives
  • ZonePointer function for power and speed zones
  • Possibility of skipping a phase of a programmed training session
  • Current distance and exercise time are displayed in pause mode.
  • Customizable quick setup menu
  • Possibility to edit the last lap display from the training views
  • It will now be possible to leave the clock off
  • Menu to reset the clock to the default values directly from the clock.
  • Possibility to mute a call directly from the watch

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2 Upgrade

This is an update that has come to the new Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT in the middle of my ongoing testing of the latest Wahoo cycle computer (which I hope to poder post in the next few days).

Until now it was only possible to view the map with the predefined settings, but with the latest (or penultimate) update it is now possible to zoom and scroll the map to view data on the route and surroundings.

At the moment it is only available on the latest BOLT V2, but I assume it will soon arrive on the ELEMNT ROAM as well.

On the map screen there is now a new option for the left button marked "...".


Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2 navigation

Clicking on it displays the different scrolling and zooming options. Additionally there is also a direct access to the routes.

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT 2 navigation

The use is simple, just select one of the two options (scroll or zoom), and with the 1TP10 buttons you can move around the map or zoom in and out.

The purpose of this option is simply to poder see what surrounds you on a route, since there is no possibility to mark a point on the map to perform the navigation there. All of that still requires the use of the mobile app.

Update for COROS VERTIX 2 and COROS in general

Last week COROS announced the synchronization of Strava routes with its platform, in addition to a number of new features for its latest model, the VERTIX 2 CHORUS (which is finally arriving in Spain, although I am still waiting for a test unit).

Strava route syncing is what will matter most to most right now, because as I say at the moment it's been impossible to get the hang of a VERTIX 2.

One of the problems of the COROS platform is that they do not have a route planner in their application, and everything must be done through third-party applications. And passing a route in GPX, although possible, is not as comfortable or direct as we would all like.

With this update it will be possible to create a route in Strava and, by marking it as a favorite, podhen view it in the COROS application.

This update is at the application level, so it is compatible with any COROS watch that has navigation. That is, all with the exception of PACE.

As for COROS VERTIX 2 the new update brings a couple of new features:

  • New Multi-Pitch climbing mode
  • Customizable illumination button

The climbing mode is a new profile that perhaps for those of you who do climbing everything makes sense. For me, the closest I've been to climbing is on a cruise, the truth is that I don't understand anything. COROS has created an article with all the information on the subject. (in English).

As for the customization of the illumination button, that is much simpler to explain. We can choose a shortcut from a list of functions, which we will reach by holding down the illumination button.

At the moment these two functions are for the VERTIX 2, but it is possible that we will soon see them on the rest of the models in the range. And speaking of seeing features in the rest of the range, the arrival of navigation with maps on the COROS APEX and COROS APEX PRO continues to be scheduled for the end of the year.

Suunto Update

Yes, Suunto has also made a move with new features for its watches. The update (numbered 2.18.18) was announced at the end of September so it should be available for all watches by now.

These are the new features it brings:

  • Multimedia controls on the watch
  • SuuntoPlusTM Burner shows the amount of fats and carbohydrates burned during exercise
  • Sends predefined replies to incoming messages from the watch (Android only)
  • Two new watch faces (only one in the case of Suunto 9 Peak, the other was already available)
  • White background on the watch face
  • New ascent/descent algorithm for faster response (exclusive Suunto 9 Peak)
  • Faster synchronization speed with the application in the Suunto 9 Peak

The function of SuuntoPlus Burner is similar to that of FuelWise of Polar. It allows us to see the distribution of the origin of the energy in carbohydrates or fats. Very useful for calculating your nutritional needs.

However, do not forget that these are estimates based on your heart rate, so the actual data may differ from what the watch shows.

What's new on Strava

Strava also has some news to tell us about:

Personal activity maps on cell phones
It is now possible to view the heat map of our activities directly in the application. Until now it was only available in the web version (which we use less and less).

In the maps tab, you can select the "My activity map" layer to see which routes you have traveled, changing the intensity according to the number of times you have done that route.

For example my usual routes are clearly marked, while those that I have only traveled once have a much lighter tone.


Map surface type

Within the map options that podemos select to display the activity there is now a new one that will indicate the type of surface. So those who follow you 1TP10Will be able to see if you have passed through dirt, asphalt, etc.

Strava - surface type


Mute activity

At some point you may want to not display an activity publicly, but still compete in the segment or club leaderboards. Activities will still be available through your profile, but will not appear directly in your friends' feed.


Local Legends for Zwift segments

The Local Legends feature (recognition of the athlete who has run a segment the most times) makes the leap to the virtual world and will now also be available on the 20 most popular Zwift segments.

Good luck in getting it, because there are some more rivals there than in your neighborhood.

And that's all for today... thanks for reading!

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