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The long-awaited upgrade to the Polar Vantage comes


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Available now for all Polar Vantage M and Polar Vantage V, the 4.0 update is one of the most anticipated updates for Polar watches. For me, this new version 4 puts the Vantage (and especially the Vantage M) where it should have been from the start. It matches the V800 in performance and adds the new rest tracking features that were released with the Polar Ignite and how good a taste they left me.

The update can be done as usual, through the mobile app or by connecting it to the computer, but let's go through all the new features that are included.

Sleep Plus Stages, Nightly Recharge and Serene

The new jewel in the crown of Polar is finally coming to the Vantage, premiered a few months ago in the Ignite Polar.

Sleep Plus Stages is an advanced sleep log that gives you detailed information on how your sleep has been and separates it into different cycles, giving you an overview of how your sleep has been.

Nightly Recharge will give you a score of the recovery, being able to know when you have had a better rest and identifying the why of things.

Along with FitSpark were the main novelties that came with the Ignite Polar and, honestly, I think they work VERY well. I recommend you take a look at the Ignite test because I go right into each of them and give them a thorough going-over.

In addition to these two also comes SereneThe first is that the patient has a minor function and that they are simply guided breathing exercises.

Support for Galileo and improved GPS operation

The Vantage M I use for analysis and comparisons has always performed a little less well than its Garmin or Suunto counterparts.

Polar has improved the GPS operation (in theory, it is still to be tested), but more remarkably it has added the possibility of using Galileo satellites. Well, and QZSS, but I don't think many of you are reading this from China.

Until now the basic operation was GPS+GLONASS, and now you can choose to change that option to GPS+Galileo or GPS+QZSS.


Advanced training features

Several training functions are now added to the Vantage

Zone blocking

It allows you to set a block for the area you are currently training in. Let's say you are running in heart rate zone 4 and you don't want to get out of there either by overdoing it or by relaxing.

You can block the zone by simply pressing the Ok button. After doing so you will receive an alert if your heart rate goes up to zone 5 or down to zone 3.

Also, it is not something exclusive of the heart rate, we can also do the zone block for rhythm/speed or power.

Logically you have to set the zones first, but it is also necessary to add the complete rhythm and power data page, because that is where we have to activate each specific block.

Fitness test

This is simply a VO2max estimation test that can be done at rest. It can be done with a pulse sensor in the chest, but also with the optical sensor in the wrist.

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Manual footpod calibration
By default the Vantage made an automatic calibration of the pedometers, but now there is the possibility to alter it and enter the calibration data manually.

Screen illumination always on

It was hard, but we can finally leave the lighting on all the time for when we train at night. Yes, the battery consumption is higher, but it was about time that Polar let us choose ourselves.

Details of each lap in more detail

In the activity summary after the end of the training, you will find more data of the different laps we have done.

In addition to all this, in Vantage V a quick access menu has been added for flight mode, alarm and flight mode. To access it, simply slide your finger up and down. In Vantage M this is not available because it does not have a touch screen.

Finally, inactivity alerts have been included and other bugs have been corrected.

As I said, it is an important update, not only because it brings the watches up to the level of what was offered in the pre-Vantage models, but also because of the inclusion of rest metrics. Polar has come up with something that no one else is working on: rest analysis. Polar's proposal is not only the most complete, it is also the easiest to understand and follow the trend on the platform.

The 5.0 update scheduled for December is pending, which will include live Strava segments (exclusive to Vantage V), Race Pace and... surprise! FitSparksomething that wasn't supposed to reach the Vantages.

Any questions? Well, you know, ask.

Eduardo Mateos

Llevo más de 25 años rodeado de dispositivos electrónicos de todo tipo. Usándolos, probándolos, desmontándolos y diseccionándolos. Triatleta de larga distancia: nado, corro y pedaleo durante mucho tiempo. Quizá demasiado.

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  1. The inclusion of the FitSpark option also makes the Ignite Polar no longer make much sense in my opinion. The Vantage M and the Ignite are worth the same...

      1. I have an Ignite and I don't know what to do. I'm about to return it and get the Garmin 245 (I would go for the Vantage but I find it too big). I think the calorie count it does is very "optimistic" and I don't find it very reliable on the sleep issue after 20 days with it. Also the touchscreen is a bit of a turn off for me.

        The use I make is multisport indoors (gym) (weights, swimming, treadmill and spinning).

  2. Thanks a lot for this news! For me it is super important that a website, in this case you, pays attention to the important updates of our watches because many times we don't know well. Thank you.

    I would propose, I do not know if you have the opportunity and the time to make a "mini review" or "mini article" comparing the behavior of the watch the first time you used it and now, if it has improved GPS reception, pulsations ....

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Juan Luis.

      To make comparisons between before and after I would need several units of the same model updated and not updated, to be able to see the real differences.

  3. I hesitate between these three:
    - Polar Vantage V.
    - Suunto 9.
    - Garmin 935.

    I've read 40 comparisons and still have my doubts. I'm more attracted to the Polar but I've heard better about the Garmin. I'd have all 3 for the same price range.

    The use I want to give it is to improve my training, mainly running, cycling and swimming. I also do elliptical and series in the gym. The option of following routes attracts me a lot. I see Polar with more features while Garmin is more for everything.

    Which one would you choose as your teacher?

  4. Thank you very much for your answer.

    I think I'll take the Polar V, and my reasons are these:
    - Better screen than Garmin and Suunto.
    - The routes are not that important to me, with the Polar tracking option it's enough for me, as I don't usually do mountains.
    - The way of presenting the training information seems to me more "friendly", as more translated.
    - The pulse sensor is better.
    - I see the Polar as more multisport than the other two, also with the updates it has had and those remaining in December it will improve a lot.

  5. Don't you miss the fact that you can see the training data on the pause screen? I think it's a big mistake that you can only see the time you've been playing, nor distance, nor any other data beyond heart rate, time of day and connected sensors.

    1. I have always missed this in my different Polar that I have had, and there have been several ( m400-m430-v800 and now the Vantage V) ç.
      Do you know where you can make these kinds of suggestions to Polar?

  6. Hi Eduardo, I have a Polar Vantage M and I am really happy with it. As I work more indoors the gps issue is not so relevant to me, but really with the last updates it has improved a lot. What I have seen is that a new heart rate view during workouts was added at some point prior to this update: "% heart rate backup". Do you have any idea what it is and the difference with the traditional way of measurement?

    1. The heart rate reserve is the difference between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate. The percentage will guide you through the different training zones depending on the goal you want to have for that workout. It is simply another way of displaying the information.

  7. Very good Eduardo, I have doubts about buying the Polar Vantage M or the Garmin 735xt, I do runnin and swimming, I like the design of the Polar very much and it is newer than the Garmin, but I keep reading bad comments in reference to swimming, bad reading of distances, gps, failure to recognize the swimming style, etc... Could you help me with this, I don't know if it has been corrected in this last update either.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. I just updated the recommendation guideIn triathlon economy watch, the Vantage M has replaced the 735XT.

      In the pool I have not had any problems with distance or recognizing the swimming style. If the turns are done correctly there is no problem. I haven't tried open water since the update (the water is "a bit cold"), so I don't know if there have been any changes in that respect.

  8. Hi, how do you do the turns so I can tell you well? Do you have to touch or push the wall in any way? I've read that quite a few people get length measurement errors from the turns.

    1. If you make the turn in a clearly marked way (both open and turning), there is no problem.

      I've never had a bigger problem with the swimming record.

  9. Hi, I'm interested in the Vantage V but I wanted to know if you can configure complex training intervals like in Garmin (I have the 235 )

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