Major Alpha update for Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix 2 (coming to Forerunner) - Important news


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Garmin has released a new Alpha version for its Fenix 7 and Epix 2, with version 10.33. If you are interested in any of what I am talking about here 1TP7You can download it from the corresponding section for the models listed in the Garmin forum.

Remember that this is an alpha update that, unlike beta updates, will not be installed directly on your device even if you are signed up for the beta program. You have to install it manually. And as alpha version that is you know what you can find... crashes or errors in the usual operation of the clock.

But back to the update, these are the new features you will find in it. I haven't included the bug fixes or generic improvements so as not to make it too long...

  • New profiles for anchoring, sailing and competition sailing.
  • *Automatic detection of breaks for Ultra Run
  • Snowboard touring profile added.
  • Disc golf profile
  • Golf score configuration menu.
  • *Grade Adjusted Pace data field.
  • New haptic vibration responses, including scrolling lists.
  • *Morning report added.
  • Nautical unit options were added for boating, sailing and sail racing activities.
  • *The Next Fork data field was added.
  • Cue point added as a hotkey option.
  • Support for Armenian characters.
  • Support for external heart rate sensor in Yoga/Respiration/Instant Health.
  • Added tide view.
  • **Running power estimation directly from the wrist

I have marked with an asterisk which are the important new features. The first are new features introduced with the Garmin Enduro 2 and will now be coming to other models as usual. Things like automatic rest break detection for Ultra Run, slope-adjusted pace data field, morning report and Next Fork data field.

In the video I give you a quick explanation of what each of them is. However, the most important new feature is the power estimation directly from the wrist.

They have left the most important part for last. One of the most important new features that will arrive is the estimation of running power directly from the wrist.

What does this mean? It means that it will no longer be necessary to use an external sensor to have power data on the watch. The current situation is that if you want to have power, you must wear one of the compatible sensors (HRM-Run, HRM-Tri, HRM-Pro or RD-Pod). The change is that, poder dispense with any type of sensor.

This is not the only change. The situation with Stryd is still similar, because you will still need to use its data field or application to have the power data from the Stryd sensor. However now there is a new menu in which poder choose the source from which to get the power (Garmin sensor or directly from the clock), and also poder disable it completely.

With this change 1TP7You can disable the power of Garmin, even if you use your pulse sensor, and that at the end of the training you do not have both power data with the problem of sending to other platforms the predefined data, which were to be the power data of Garmin.

So, if you disable the power of Garmin and take the data field of Stryd, not pod You can use the power data natively (for example for training), but at the end of the activity only the power data of Stryd will appear and those will be the ones that pass to TrainingPeaks, Strava and other third-party applications; thus solving a problem that many of you had already told me.


In addition, this new selection menu also opens the door to the possibility that in the short term Garmin will already allow the use of Stryd as a data source, because there is already a point where poder select which data source we want to use. By the time it is possible to use a potentiometer in the stroke profile, the problem should already be solved.

In any case, take a look at the quick video I have prepared where I explain everything in more detail and you know, if you have any additional questions, below you have the comments to solve any of them.

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