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How to properly tie a running shoe


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The slippers always have one last hole The brands have never included information about how to tie the knot, and many shop assistants are unaware of its use.

This lacing method is very useful when running, since Tying the laces in this way offers the best lateral stability of the shoeIt also prevents the tongue from moving and eliminates pain in the instep by being too tight.

That last hole serves a purpose; to tie the shoes properly

When you buy a running shoe, usually the laces are already placed in an interlocking way. The laces always reach the end of the line, but there is always one more hole where the lace does not go through, and it always remains unused. In these pictures of my K-Swiss Blade-Max Stable you can see which is that hole that always remains unused (click on the image to see it bigger).

How to tie a running shoe
How to tie a running shoe


The procedure is simple. All you have to do is push the cord back in, creating a pair of "ears".

How to tie a running shoe
How to tie a running shoe


Then you have to cross the line on the other side of the shoe, but this time putting them inside these "ears" that we have made.

How to tie a running shoe
How to tie a running shoe


All we have left is adjust the laces correctly as we normally do, pull from the bottom to the top to have the desired adjustment, and make our corresponding loop.

How to tie a running shoe
How to tie a running shoe

With this lace, as I have already mentioned, you will get the shoe to fit completely to your foot, preventing the instep from moving and all this without over-tightening the upper. We can adjust the pressure on the ankle, without this influencing the adjustment of the rest of the lace on the foot.


One last piece of advice

When you go for a run or a workout, it's best not to tighten your laces too much. When you run, your feet swell upAnd if we overdo it with force, it is likely that in a short time the discomfort will begin.

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