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Training week December 29 to January 4


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Welcome to 2015! The truth is that the training summary of the week is coming a little late. These first days I have been absorbed by the news that Garmin has presented at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas (Garmin Fenix 3, Garmin Vívoactive and Garmin EpixI'm a little late for my appointment, but as always, I arrive and put it on.

I guess something similar happens to you guys. On complicated dates you train as much as you can. Within the situation of the holidays, I haven't done so badly. Three trainings (even a long outing!) and a gym day for a week with family dinners, days off (January 1st, obligatory) and so on.

So this week there has been nothing big, no interval training or sessions, no speed or anything. Pure and simple shooting.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondayRunning11.74 km 5:17 min/km157 ppm
WednesdayRunning18.07 km 5:24 min/km155 ppm
SundayRunning11.24 km 5:16 min/km159 ppm

I started the week with an uncomfortable start. Cold and a lot of side wind (so uncomfortable to go and back). I couldn't take off my gloves during the whole training, and look that running with gloves bothers me a lot... Even so I managed to do almost 6 km until I turned a corner and I got a cold slap that made me say "this is it" and back home. In the end it was 11.74 km at a pace of 5:17 min/km.

Buscador de chollos


On Tuesday I did a short gym session, and on Wednesday, New Year's Eve, I was able to make a break during the afternoon. And as I had a little margin, I opted for a long run (and so made room for dinner and drinks ...). Good feelings and a constant pace of training around 5:20 min / km. I am quite optimistic about my goal of Malaga Half Marathon below 1:50 (although I will try to reach 1:45).

31st December

Finally, on Sunday I was able to make a break, for which I found a different route and quite uncomfortable in terms of climbs and descents. They are those exits that more than help in rhythm, they do it when assuming complicated situations in the race. At least they help me to learn to suffer.


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