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Training week 5 to 11 January


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Last "rare" week of special dates. I usually train on Monday nights, but given the influx of camels on the street that night (can you tell me which camels you are thinking of?), I had to eliminate it, especially since I had to get up early on the 6th. So this week has been limited to 2 outings and a soccer match.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondayRest ---
WednesdayRunning10.01 km5:07 min/km157 ppm
ThursdayFootball3.93 km-133 ppm
SundayRunning15.01 km5:08 min/km163ppm

Wednesday's outing was "free". No specific goal, just to go for a run to start the "cleaning" of all the polvorones from the holidays. I didn't want to push myself too hard, but I didn't want to go for a walk either. In the end it was 10km and an average heart rate of 157, just the kind of workout I was looking for.

Training January 7

On Sunday I like to leave it for the long start: 15 kilometres with an average rhythm of 5:08. At that rhythm I felt very comfortable. Without a doubt I think that the objective of going under 1:50 at the Half Marathon in Malaga will be fulfilled without much problem.

Training January 11

From tomorrow I will start my preparation more seriously. I want to do three races a week: a short and fast one for speed, the second one for medium distance at race pace and a third long one to accumulate kilometers.

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