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Training week 29th September to 5th October

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From this week begins a variation in training, if previously everything was simply focused on resistance, culminating in last Sunday's half-marathonFrom this week I will start to introduce interval training with the aim of improving my long run rhythms.

Medium-term objective? To go under 55 minutes in a 10km race. There is no time limit for this objective, mainly because I don't have any race of that distance in sight.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondayCycling29.07km19.43km/h134 ppm
WednesdayRunning8.84km6:47 min/km145 ppm
FridayRunning7.04km6:49 min/km147 ppm
SundayRunning12.8km6:42 min/km147 ppm

The week started with a night out on a bike, almost 30km that served to loosen up my legs after Sunday's half-marathon.

Training September 29th

After a break on Tuesday, the new training started on Wednesday. The composition of the intervals was as follows:

  • Heating 1.5km in zone 2-3
  • 5×1000 intervals in zone 4 with recovery of 500 in zone 1-2.
  • Cooling 1km in zone 1

Training October 1st

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The resulting rhythms in the 5×1000 intervals were 5:00-5:30 min/km. The last interval, performed with a slight climb, already cost quite a bit of effort. But it was quite a good workout.

On Friday, after a football match on Thursday, it was time for a new training session, this time with shorter intervals, although of greater intensity, and introducing some variable unevenness. Composition:

  • Heating 2km in zone 2-3
  • 5×400 intervals in zone 4-5 with recovery of 200 in zone 2
  • Cooling 1km in zone 2

Training October 3rd

The rhythm of the intervals was variable, mainly due to the variation in elevation, but in the last intervals it was approximately 4:20-4:30 min/km.

For the weekend I will always leave a long run reserved. This time, the intention had been to make a trip for a total of 15km, but the lack of "gas" forced me to leave it almost 13km.

Training October 5

I started my training well, in zone 3, and at a pace below 6:20 min/km. But from km six and a half onwards I got down and started chaining 7:00 min/km rhythms until the end. I think I can attribute this tremendous drop in performance to the poor dinner the day before and a rather short breakfast too. And obviously, without petrol it's difficult to make progress, something I'll have to bear in mind for next week, no doubt.

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