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Training week 22 to 28 December


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! As we haven't had a chance to congratulate ourselves, I'll take this opportunity to do so. And once the protocol is over, let's get down to business. How has your week been? Most likely it's been less training and eating (quite) more. On my side I've trained moderately well (about 34 kilometers this week) and eat, like everyone else. Too much...

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondayRunning10.01 km4:50 min/km165 ppm
WednesdayRunning15.02 km5:15 min/km156 ppm
SaturdayRunning6 km--
SundayCareer2.93 km4:24 min/km172 ppm

As I was saying the other dayOn Monday, I set off to look for a time of 10 km. I had set a goal to go under 50 minutes for the 10 km, and what better opportunity than to accomplish it before the end of 2014, so I can set a goal to go under 45 minutes in 2015.

Training December 22nd

On Wednesday, Christmas Eve, we had to make a long start, mainly to make room for dinner. 15 kilometres were made at a good pace, finishing in 1:18 and with very good feelings. To tell you the truth, I feel better with the time in this training than with the U-49 on Monday. Especially because, to be honest, I had set myself the goal of completing the 25th Malaga Half Marathon in a time of less than 1:50 and if I continue to train and improve, I think a more realistic goal to demand would be to go below 1:45h. Who would have told me 3 months ago that I was going to look to cut 30 minutes off my time in a race?

Buscador de chollos

Training December 24th

On Saturday I did a start of about 6 kilometers, but more than training it was a start destined to finish preparing the Garmin Forerunner 620, for which I needed the last photos and videos.

On Sunday, III Carrera del Kilo de San Pedro de Alcántara. It was a total of 3 kilometers (2.93 km actually) that I could complete (well, my liver, which arrived before me at the finish line) in 12:52 minutes. A race with many steep slopes and some headwind at the end but with good feelings and finishing among the first 30.

Training December 28th

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