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Training week 20 to 26 October


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For this week, the training started very well, and ended even better.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondayCareer10km05:29 min/km161 ppm
TuesdayActive rest---
WednesdayCareer10.16km05:52 min/km151 ppm
SundayMountain race10.65km08:57 min/km144 ppm

At the beginning of the month I started a new training plan, with a medium-term goal: under 55min in the 10km. The last race I had done over that distance I finished it with an average pace of 6:03 min/km, so it was necessary to scratch something more than 30 seconds to each kilometer run to be in the target. Well, on Monday I went out without a clear objective, apart from doing km. But after 2 km in which I was in a "fast" pace (for tractors like me), I thought about the goal I had in mind. What if I tried to go under 55 minutes for the 10km? I had always thought that the best time to try was on a race day, as the situation helps to be faster, but that day I was feeling good. I was running at a steady pace of around 5:30, sometimes slightly under and going up to 5:41 when it was time for a small hill.

The overall average pace for the race was controlled, and that's how I wanted it until the last km, where I arrived with an accumulated average pace of 5:31. If I wanted to go below 55 minutes, I had to do a good last km, so after starting km 9 I accelerated the pace a little to continue controlling the overall average pace. With 600m to go I was at 5:30 so I had to give it my all (for which I avoided the last hill on the way home and made a detour to continue on the flat). I managed to finish that last km at 5:08 and a final time of 54:53 minutes for the 10km. Goal achieved! So I already have a new medium term goal, and that is to do that same distance under 50 minutes, but I don?t know if I will be able to overcome it in such a short period of time (and I don?t pretend it either, the results have to come with time and not to force them).

Training October 20 Training October 20

After this session on Monday, for Tuesday it was time for some light recovery gym. Without much effort to recover from the effort and with the satisfaction of the goal achieved.

On Wednesday I scheduled another outing, which I had planned to be the long run of the week. Pace a little more relaxed than Monday, but with the idea of not going above 6:00 min/km. But I have to confess. After having started quite well and in spite of finding a lot of headwind (and an exaggerated heat, 25º at 11 pm on October 23rd. And my autumn?) as soon as I reached the coastline the headwind increased much more, and after 2 kilometers struggling to move forward (and climb to 6:08 pace) I got fed up of having a sail complex and decided to turn around. Running with so much headwind ended up sapping my morale and I gave up the idea of doing 14 or 15 kilometers that night. But I still managed to stay under an overall average pace of 6:00 min/km, which a month ago was already the maximum effort.

Training October 22

Training October 22

After the usual Thursday soccer game, Friday and Saturday were reserved for rest (well, Friday was shopping day, does that count as endurance training? some would say yes...), on Sunday I had been preparing for what would be my first mountain run. Something I had read a lot about, but had not yet found the opportunity to do it. And to that outing corresponds the highlighted photo of the entry. With some fear for the accumulated elevation gain (almost 500m for about 10km), on Sunday afternoon we went to attack it. This was the profile of the route, obtained thanks to VeloViewer.

Training October 26


And I have to say that I loved the experience. It's something completely different. You don't have to keep an eye on the pace of the race, 10 seconds faster or slower. It is something much more relaxed, and despite taking much longer to walk the trail (in the steepest areas I had to walk up, with 20% and 25% ramps), the feeling is that the time flies by.

Here ended the hardest climb of just over 2 km in length, going up the path on the left side of the image.

Training October 26



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