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Training week 2 to 8 February

This week I come with bad feelings. I haven't performed as much as I would like to, and I don't think I've done as much as I'm capable of, so let's analyze what I've done.

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I didn't get to practice on Monday. I didn't sleep much the night before because I watched the Super Bowl, where my Seattle Seahawks lost the game in the last 20 seconds, giving the ball to the opposing team 1 yard away from scoring the victory. It was a very exciting game, and I'm sure if there are any football fans, they will agree with me. So it was time to move the practice to Tuesday.

A very bad day. A lot of wind during the whole training, cold environment and bad feelings in general. I went out with the intention of doing 12 kilometers, but it was all in 10.5. Given the weather conditions, I just chose to train looking at the pulse, because training by rhythm with so much wind was impossible.

Training February 3

The next day I had to do a little more speed. The conditions were a little better, a little less windy but still cold. The intention was to do 10 kilometers at a pace below 5 min/km, trying to go around 4:50. But I felt heavy, as soon as I tried to lower the pace a few seconds I could not find the breathing according. Shortly after reaching kilometer 6 I tripped and fell, without consequences. But soon after I began to notice discomfort in one knee, which added to the physical tiredness I was carrying made me stop as a precaution.

Checking the heart rate I wasn't squeezing at all. But I was missing legs, that's why the bad sensations accumulated.

Buscador de chollos


On Thursday, however, I didn't have any problems or bad feelings. I thought the bump was over, so I had to rest until Sunday's long run.

It started out cold and rainy, but fortunately it wasn't very windy, so after the relevant preparations in the morning I left optimistic. The goal was to do 18 km, looking for an average pace of about 5:10 min/km. The training was going well, but when I got to 13 km I started to deflate. From that moment on the pace I was doing was 5:25 min/km. In the end I finished with an average pace of 5:20 min/km.


Bad sensations, because with that rhythm and sensations I will not only achieve the "optimistic" objective of 1:45h for the half-marathon, but also the real objective of going under 1:50h. I really thought that 1:50h was more than achieved, and that I should fight to reach that 1:45h. But I end the week with doubts.

I hope that the very short performance I had this week was due to the cold and tiredness and I recover sensations for what is left until the half marathon.


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