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Training week 15 to 21 December


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As the Christmas season arrives, training should be extended, and then the effects of company dinners, Christmas dinners and drinks take their toll not only on our performance, but also on our waistlines...

For my part, this week I have not increased the distance, but rather I have increased the pace, in addition to putting in a swimming session that I needed for the Garmin Fenix 2 and take advantage of a trail trip that ended up being a climbing trip (for this excursion, I will make a small article apart, so those of you who are from the area, or are going to come, can write it down among the obligatory visits).

Well, nothing, let's go to the nougat.

DayActivityDistancePace/SpeedClick on
MondaySwimming/Running1.25 km/5.01 km24:03/4:45 min/km-/164 ppm
WednesdayRunning15.01 km5:29 min/km161 ppm
SaturdayTrail14.05 km 15:34 min/km130 ppm

On Monday I started the morning in the pool. 30 minutes of training to cover a total of 1.250m. At night my legs were already a little tired, because I trained on Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the pool. I chose to make a short start, and although I should have been more conservative, I did it at a high pace (for me). I have the feeling that I could have done a little more distance at this pace, but I went through an area with a steep rise that was a high effort, from which I could not recover despite looking for a downhill afterwards. Because I remind you that I have a short term goal to go down of 50 minutes for the 10km, so I think I'm pretty close to achieve it.



On Wednesday I started training thinking about the XXV Malaga Half MarathonSo I have three months ahead of me to prepare. I have to see what goal I can set for the day of the race. The optimistic goal would be to do the race in a time of 1:50h. Do you think I can do it?

Buscador de chollos

17th December

Training of 15 kilometers in total In which the first four were a little slower, at a conversational pace. After that start I had to get into it, going down at a pace of 5:15-5:20 min/km for most of the training. As always, I end up climbing for one kilometer, which breaks me in half both physically and head first, which is very hard. In the end it was 1:22:24 for the total of 15 kilometers. A final average of 5:29 min/km. If I want to reach 1:50 in the half marathon I have to reach an average pace of 5:10 min/km, so I have to work with that goal.

On Thursday, it was the usual football match, where despite the Garmin 620 I was wearing that day telling me that my recovery had only been "acceptable", I felt better than ever, despite the 15 km the day before.

On Saturday I went to the peak of La Concha in Marbella, and despite only doing a total of 14 kilometres, it ended up being a really hard start, as at the end of the race it was only 50%. The rest was walking (lots of stones) and in the end it was almost climbing, with rhythms of 20-25 minutes per kilometre due to the difficulty of the terrain.

December 20th

As you can see, the rhythm was totally variable, except at the beginning and at the end. The final accumulated difference in level was 2,213 metres, and the worst part is that the descents were through complicated areas so you could not run, so you had to use your legs to slow down, with the consequent muscle fatigue.

But the views from the summit, especially on a clear day, are worth the effort.

Panoramic view of La Concha



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