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Suunto updates its previous models with some of the new features of Vertical


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Suunto starts today the release of its new update for most of its previous watches (the same that have received significant discounts just over a week ago.). As of today, the Suunto 9 (normal, Baro, Peak and Peak Pro) will start to arrive. The Suunto 5 Peak still has some rough edges to be ironed out, although it should not take long to receive the improvements.

Let's see what each one receives

Suunto 9 / Suunto 9 Baro / Suunto 9 Peak

  • Live Strava segments
  • Slight changes to the user interface to improve visibility with some color changes
  • Screen illumination with more intensity
  • SuuntoPlus remembers the last application used and will be selected by default.
  • Ability to select or change SuuntoPlus application during training
  • New SuuntoPlus applications: Running economy, Shoe Tester, Surfer and Disc Golf

On the other hand, the Suunto 9 Peak Pro The new product line is almost the same as the one presented with the Suunto Vertical. Obviously not the maps because that depends on an internal memory that the Suunto 9 Peak Pro does not have, but other things like the flashlight function, the weather functions in widget or in SuuntoPlus application or voice feedback.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro

  • Live Strava segments
  • SuuntoPlus remembers the last application used and will be selected by default.
  • Two SuuntoPlus applications simultaneously, or one SuuntoPlus and one SuuntoPT Guide
  • Ability to select or change SuuntoPlus application during training
  • Voice feedback, via cell phone, with lap and HR zone information
  • Flashlight function, activating the display illumination at 100%. Turns off after 10 minutes on
  • Weather widget with data from Openweather
  • New SuuntoPlus applications: Weather forecast, Emergency Info, Running economy, Shoe Tester, Surfer, and Disc Golf.

In general for all watches the most important changes are related to SuuntoPlus. It is now possible to select two applications to use simultaneously. But perhaps more importantly, it is now possible to add or switch to another during the activity.

Something that was not possible to do before and was really uncomfortable, because if you forgot to add it, you had to stop the activity or hold on without it for the whole session.

And also very important, you can now have a Suunto Guide (e.g. a structured training) together with any other SuuntoPlus application.

New SuuntoPlus applications

With respect to the new SuuntoPlus, I will briefly tell you what each of them is and what they offer.

SuuntoPlus WeatherSuuntoPlus Weather Forecast

This SuuntoPlus adds a screen with the same weather information that we have in the widget itself, so you can check the weather information that you previously have to have synchronized with the phone.


Obviously if you are going to do a 45 minute workout it is not much use, but for long rides of 5 or 6 hours it can be interesting.

Only for Suunto 9 Peak Pro and Suunto Vertical


SuuntoPlus EmergencySuuntoPlus Emergency Info (ICE)

It is possible to add an additional screen with important health data, such as blood type, allergies or medical conditions, emergency contact... So if you fall off the cliff, 1TP7You can display this data to the emergency services that will rescue you.

The information on the display will appear automatically while sounding an alarm if the watch detects that you are not covering more distance for some time, interpreting that if you are not moving it is due to an accident.

This SuuntoPlus also introduces the possibility of entering application data via the phone. This is how you fill in all the data that will later be displayed.

Only for Suunto 9 Peak Pro and Suunto Vertical

Suunto updates its previous models with some of the new features of Vertical 1SuuntoPlus Shoe Tester

Basically it is an algorithm that tries to represent the difference that running with different types of shoes can make. The objective is to analyze the physiological demands at a given pace.

What is the metric you compare? The number of heart beats with respect to the distance traveled.

The protocol proposed by Suunto is, after warming up for 15 minutes, 1TP7After pressing the lap button to start the first test, out of a total of four.

Each of these tests will last 5 minutes, and the data displayed will be that of the last 3 minutes. You can go to the next test by pressing the back button.

Obviously the idea is to perform the test on the same surface, preferably a running track so that there are no changes in surface or slope and the only variable that changes is the shoes.

SuuntoPlus Shoe TesterSuuntoPlus Running Economy

Very similar to the previous SuuntoPlus, but in this case the algorithm changes. Here what is compared is the heart rate with respect to the rate adjusted to the slope.

But here there is no testing but rather a continuous operation mode, although it will not take into account the first 15 minutes of training to eliminate possible initial errors of the pulse sensor.

The application records the data, so it will be possible to analyze and compare between different training sessions.

SuuntoPlus SurferSuuntoPlus Surfer

An application for surfers, which allows you to count how many waves you catch, total distance traveled and maximum wave distance.

The operation is automatic and each wave is separated from the others with an automatic lap. The detection is by speed of travel, so when you are at the top of the wave the watch will record, and when you are stopping or swimming it will be on "pause".

SuuntoPlus Disc GolfSuuntoPlus Disc Golf

The latest SuuntoPlus may be the hit of the summer, helping you keep score and measure distances when playing frisbee.

You can add points to the marker by pressing the top button (or subtract by holding it down). And it is also possible to measure how far you have thrown the frisbee by pressing the bottom button to mark the throw point and then scrolling to where the disc has landed.

And if you want to use it for shot put or javelin... well, that's fine too!

And here are the updates that start arriving today. An important detail is that Suunto is one of those manufacturers that, as long as the devices support it, try to bring the new features to previous models. And this is what happens in this case with the Suunto 9 or Suunto 5 Peak (which today still will not have an update, but will end up arriving later). COROS is also habitual in bringing all the new features to its older models.

Something that is certainly to be appreciated and worth mentioning, as it is an important factor as a deference to the customer.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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