Suunto Spartan: Current situation and future prospects


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The complete analysis is already finished, so if you are interested in knowing all the details of Suunto Spartan, I recommend you to read the complete review by clicking here.


It's been a little over two months since I started testing the Suunto Spartan Ultra. In that time I've been using the watch quite regularly, but I haven't published the full test yet. It's not the usual procedure, as tests are published in a much shorter time frame. But this is a special situation. It's the Ultra of the model I have, but the situation with the Spartan Sport is similar.

This article is not going to be a complete test of the clock, it will still take some time. The reason is simple: the clock is still in development, despite having been on sale for a little over three months. It is absurd to publish a complete test today, with all the work that goes into it, so that more than half of the things I write will lose their validity in three months. All the work that goes into doing a complete test would be useless. But I cannot continue to ignore the elephant in the room either.

This is one of those articles that I don't like to write, because it is to talk about the failure of a launch, as something that could be a very good option, at the moment it is not because they have not known how to mark the times and have forced its release.

No me gusta, no por Suunto como compañía (de quien no recibo remuneración de ningún tipo por escribir artículos), sino por todos los trabajadores que sé que están poniendo todo el esfuerzo de su parte para solventar esta situación a la que han llegado por una nefasta decisión estratégica: un lanzamiento demasiado prematuro. Ellos se están comiendo un «marrón» del que no tienen ninguna culpa.

Suunto Spartan problems: expectations

Son varios los problemas que aquejan al Suunto Spartan, tanto al Ultra como al Sport. Pero el principal y más importante es un problema de «expectativa». No hay graves problemas de GPS, o alteración de datos registrados ni sufre de problemas de hardware que no tengan solución. Eso sería mucho más grave.

What Suunto Spartan does, it does well. The thing is, right now, it does very little.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

That problem of expectation comes when the user expects a certain number of functions in a watch that costs a whopping 700 euros in the most economical version of the Ultra model. And when someone spends that amount of money on a watch, he or she expects a higher level of functions than the model he or she is replacing, or at least that it is capable of the same as the model it is replacing (in this case the Ambit3 Peak).


And here we come to the first problem of the Spartan Ultra, which is far from offering what a Suunto Ambit3 Peak (and which at this time costs less than halfThe buyer therefore finds that after spending a fortune on its new equipment, it turns out that it cannot even do the same thing as it did on the model it replaces.

El problema de «expectativas» continúa cuando Suunto publica un update schedule So the purchaser of the watch, frustrated by the lack of functions, is further frustrated because the established calendar does not match the reality, and in some cases has to delay the update and not define a date.

For example, the possibility of changing the configuration of data screens has already been delayed twice, and for the third attempt there is still no date set (sometime before the end of the year).

Because that's right, the Spartan doesn't allow you to modify the predefined training modes, you and I must use the same training screens. Such a basic feature, present in all watches since several years (even in Suunto), is still not possible in Suunto Spartan. Right now if you want to configure the sports in the Spartan this is the screen you will find.

Suunto Spartan - Sports settings

When we go to the configuration of any other model (for example the Ambit3), we can choose how to configure each of these screens.

Suunto Spartan - Sports settings

It's something basic and that he needs to be there for yesterdayNo watch that wants to be serious can afford not to let the user configure its data displays, even less so if it is at the top of the manufacturer's range.

Android support is another recurring problem. Recently an update was announced that should allow synchronization and notifications. I know of users who have not had problems, but in my case it has been impossible. I have only managed to pair the clock once, but without managing to synchronize. And I have tried it on different models and with different versions of Android. Since then I have not succeeded in any other time. It is true that it is not something simple due to the existing fragmentation in Android, but other manufacturers have managed to solve it for quite some time.

There is no denying that the appearance of the watch is impressive. Both the appearance and the quality of manufacture are beyond doubt. But the use is somewhat erratic. Not only because of its touch screen, which doesn't always behave as it should, but also because sometimes moving through its menu is a bit slow. At least, not as expected from a watch considered premium (back to expectations).

Suunto Spartan Ultra

And as I said before, there will still be some time to receive updates as basic as the possibility of creating interval trainings to follow with the clock, navigation to a point of interest (right now it only allows to navigate routes), or storm warnings. All this is already present in the model it replaces and appears in the update calendar, but it has yet to become a reality.

It also doesn't help that Suunto made their applications that allowed users to interact with their watch disappear. Suunto was the first manufacturer to offer this possibility, which allows the user to greatly extend the range of use of a device. Then came Garmin with Connect IQ.

Pues Suunto, en la época del Apple Watch, de los relojes Android Wear como el Polar M600 y en definitiva, de las «apps» en general, deciden eliminarlo totalmente de su último modelo. Es totalmente incomprensible.

Or that you can only add one sensor of each type, having to perform a sensor search if you change bicycle or pulse sensor.

In short, the problem with the Spartan Ultra is that it doesn't offer what you expect from it for many reasons.

It's not all bad. A few rays of sunshine are looming on the horizon

We also have to be honest, not everything is bad and the future is not so black. If it were, this would be my final analysis and I would simply tell you that Suunto Spartan is a model that does not exist and I would turn the page. I do not do this because I am convinced that Suunto Spartan in the medium term can be a great device, because the base that the Finns have created is VERY Good. The foundation's been laid, but now they have to know how to build on it.

No one will deny that the watch is aesthetically very nice. And not only that, but the construction quality is very high, at the same standards that Suunto has accustomed us to. The screen is very high quality, with a very high resolution. It is capable of displaying 320×300 pixels, when for example a Fenix 3 stays at 218×218. In fact, except for smart watches and their LCD screens (which devour batteries), it is probably the best screen so far. And I say this even when it is obvious that the actual contrast of the watch is not as it may seem with the images that Suunto offers on the web. But it is common to all marketing material of any manufacturer.

That high resolution could allow up to 7 data simultaneously, along with a graph around the sphere representing time, distance, calories or any other target. But of course, for that it is necessary to be able to configure it to your liking, because right now you have to adapt to what Suunto thinks is right.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

Or include charts of upcoming heart rate zones in a future update.

The automatic or manual lap screen is also great: instead of just showing a screen with data from the last lap, you will have a summary of the last few laps so you can see lap records perfectly for interval or trend training throughout your workout. The same screen will be shown in the final summary of the activity, where you can scroll through them all much faster than if you had to do them one by one.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

Despite the inaccuracy of the screen, we still have the buttons available for control, so it offers us the best of both worlds; a touch screen to make certain selections and three buttons to better control all our actions. Finally, a manufacturer gives us both options.

And the navigation screen, although simple and so far without many options, is quite clear in its conception. The use of different colours and layouts is very helpful, making it very easy to follow any route. Although obviously you need to receive more functions, such as navigating to points of interest or a warning to be out of route.

La renovación de Movescount no sólo afecta al Suunto Spartan, pues las ventajas son también para el resto de la gama de Suunto. Pero aquí se está haciendo un trabajo realmente bueno al aprovechar todo el «big data» del que disponen. Por ejemplo el mapa de calor para encontrar nuevas rutas, tanto en tu zona de entrenamiento como cuando vas de viaje a algún lugar y no sabes dónde podrás entrenar.

This is just the beginning, in the next days new updates for the online platform are scheduled with comparisons with athletes of the same age group, personal or club records or training improvement ideas. Movescount is becoming a platform with useful options, from which the Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport will undoubtedly benefit. At least, Movescount is the best part of the Suunto Spartan


What has happened with Suunto should appear in the management books in the chapter on how not to face the launch of a new product. And not only is it a new product, but in the case of Suunto (and its limited product range) it is the basis on which they must build their immediate future. Starting with the models with an integrated optical pulse sensor that Suunto announced for the end of the year (Spartan Sport and a more economical model, Spartan Trainer). But honestly, I do not know how this situation will affect the launch of those models that, at least, will have a quality sensor (Valencell, the same one found in the Scosche RHYTHM+)

Suunto's client has always been very loyal, usually in the mountain terrain (which is helped by the fact that Amer Sports, Suunto's parent company, also owns brands such as Salomon and Arc'teryx). Suunto has certainly not stood out for the amount of performance offered, it is not something that your typical client overestimates or pursues.

But what that loyal Suunto customer has always been used to is flawless operation, high reliability in any situation. The Suunto user knows that he or she will not find 50 options on the watch (often dispensable), but that whatever he or she finds, he or she can use it safely.

With this launch, Suunto not only fails to catch up with the performance competition, but it also fails to offer its loyal customers the reliability they are used to. Undoubtedly, Suunto's image will be quite degraded after this incident, both for those who would like to enter the Suunto family for the first time and for those who would like to make the leap to a new model in the Suunto range.

I think it's a typical case of lack of communication between departments. Or that your right hand doesn't know what your left hand is doing. I can't understand that if the marketing team knew what state the Spartan was in, they would still try to get it on the market. It's a device that shouldn't have been released in August, that shouldn't be on sale today and probably shouldn't be released until the first quarter of 2017.

There is still a lot of development work to be done, and Suunto must invest much more in software developers. The problem is that no matter how much they invest today, it won't pay off for a few months, nor can they outsource development, at least not right now with a product in mid-gestation.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

But I don't want to be too hard on Suunto either. They know perfectly well in the hole they're in and don't need anyone to tell them.

Al final conseguirán salir del pozo, porque todos lo han hecho. No han sido ni los primeros ni los últimos en «cagarla» de esta manera con un lanzamiento. Ahí está Polar, que lanzo el V800 to the market without any support for open water swimming. A triathlon watch! It has still been receiving basic functions throughout this 2016, getting a very competent watch after numerous updates. Its problem is that it will drag that premature launch throughout its commercial life.

Don't think that Garmin is also exempt from similar mistakes, it has also had its moments... Remember the bracelet launch fiasco Vivosmart HR hace escasamente un año, a la que también tuve que darle «cera» en su análisis. Necesitaron varios meses para poner todo en orden tras hacer el lanzamiento justo para llegar a la campaña navideña. Por no hablar del Garmin Epix, del que prefieren no comentar nada en absoluto.

It's not just a question of resources. If we go to other markets, there you have the Formula 1 and the budgets that go with it. Still, the Mclaren - Honda team has been crawling around the circuits for two years, and not just because of a lack of money, resources or engineers.

Right now the only thing left is to wait until Suunto can get on with their work, reorganize their work and learn the lesson for the next time (in the short term, their optical pulse sensor models). They have made a tremendous mistake. They know it (and so do the media), the users know it and the media know it. But it could be worse, it could be unsolvable design flaws.

Insisto en creer que la base del reloj es buena y que se podrán conseguir grandes cosas, sobre todo apoyándose en el buen trabajo que están realizando con Movescount. Hay un dicho que no puede ser más cierto: «el tiempo pone a cada uno en su lugar». Si en Suunto no son capaces de revertir la situación saben cuál puede ser su futuro inmediato. Sólo ellos pueden recuperar la confianza de sus clientes.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. I want to buy one for Christmas, but the truth is that seeing all this is making me want to. I like Suunto a lot, but the truth is that I don't know what to do.
    It even makes me hesitate and think about buying the Phenix3, but the design of the watch isn't as accomplished, it lacks design at Garmin.
    I don't know if you can recommend me anything else... if I should wait for Christmas or if I should go straight to the Phoenix 3 sapphire HR.
    Can you help me make a decision?

    1. My recommendation is to wait, and the moment you are willing to buy, to assess what is on offer at that moment. If it is what you are looking for and the features you need, go ahead. But buy only with the features on offer at that moment in mind, not based on future promises.

    2. Don't buy it! It's a scam! I bought the Spartan Sport a month and a week ago, guided by their misleading advertising. I'm a user of other watches and I feel ashamed of how they are treating us from their point of view, who don't even respond to our complaints.
      What's the point of advertising that I can train on bike power if I can only link one potentiometer (in my case I have two bikes), and I have no possibility to calibrate it... this makes it useless.
      The band fails, loses signal every two by three, in the pistol you eat 100m on average every 2000m of swimming.
      Nothing can be set on the clock, no displays, nothing.
      It tells me the steps and calories that I consume but at the end of the day I lose the data, since it is not saved reflected anywhere, neither clock nor web.
      Do you think this is serious? To me a joke. And to my complaints and questions there is no answer from suunto through their product support section of the web or from suunto Spain through their email or twitter or anything!
      DON'T BUY IT!

  2. I totally agree with you! You hit the nail on the head.
    I'm new to Suunto and the Spartan Sport is my first device of this brand and I have to say that I'm totally disappointed, counting the days to launch the update that allows me to modify the data screens and record laps (which to this day does not leave me .... amazing) to be able to use it.
    Congratulations on the article!
    A greeting from Valencia.

  3. Una mala elección, compré un spartan ulta all black hace dos semanas, sin haberlo golpeado ya se esta saltando la pintura negra del bisel TITANIO GRADO 5 AEROESPACIAL, el software es muy «básico», ni siquiera tiene un cronómetro cuenta atrás, no lo recomiendo, ni por calidad ni por funcionalidad.
    Suunto answer: In this regard, we can tell you that the black paint on the bezel may jump out due to normal wear and tear of the watch.

  4. Hello
    I read somewhere that the Spartan Ultra's band can be used in swimming (although you don't see the data at the moment but it records and then synchronizes), is it true? Can it be done with any other device that can be synchronized with the Suunto band? (I don't remember the name now)
    Thank you

  5. Hi, I was hesitating between the Gamin Phoenix 3 and the Suunto spartan sport. In the end I decided on the Suunto because of its aesthetics and I am more and more sorry. I have problems with the last update, which improved the interval training and I can program the training. The Suuntolink program that is responsible for updating the software gives me an error and I have several complaints without being solved. I give you the reason why such an expensive watch offers so little compared to the competition.

  6. Hello,
    I bought on November 1st a suunto spartan ultra black titanium and in view of the data it gives and how slow the updates are, I have decided to park it and I have bought a garmin phoenix 5x with which I am delighted, both for its operation and for the amount of data and configuration possibilities that the clock gives.

  7. One question, I am interested in the issue of navigation with the clocks. To the clocks of the brand suunto you can only download the routes from movescount? or also from more platforms like wikiloc? because for the sports of mountaineering, climbing or climbing there is very little information in movescount. And they are the sports that I practice more. Maybe I am getting confused about the type of clock that I am looking for and you can orient me a little
    Mucas gracias

    1. Movescount allows you to upload routes to the web, so there is no problem using those of other platforms.

      I'm already finalizing the test of Spartan Ultra and Sport. So stay tuned for the next few weeks. Everything has changed quite a bit since this article.

  8. I just received it and when I configured it I was disappointed... You can't install Apps that if you allow me Suunto Traverse, and I can't even configure how I want to see the info on screen. They failed in the most basic. Sad, very sad.

    1. Good morning, dear teachers, I just want to tell you that what matters most to me is the precision gps, that I run half a marathon and only a mistake of 60 to 100 mtros of more, I have an ambit 3 peak, which actually meets the parameters I cite here, but I am interested in these clocks, so I ask you, today have a good accuracy gps as the above ... depending on this question I would buy one. a cordial greeting

  9. buenas tardes, estoy interesado en un suunto spartan ultra, pero veo que todavía esta a medio camino por las actualizaciones, mi pregunta es la siguiente tengo un suunto ambit 3 peak me va de fabula. lo que pido a un reloj de este tipo es la precisión gps, que haga una media maratón y me marque 80 0 150 metros de mas, o un maraton 200 de mas, con el peak, habido carreras que me las ha cuadrado y es muy difícil, como sabéis , si el suunto spartan ultra me da esa precisión que el peak, lo compro mañana mismo, para mi es lo mas importante la precisión, un cordial saludo a todos y feliz año

    1. The first thing you should keep in mind is that there is no GPS clock that has the accuracy you ask for. Anyone can have a margin of error of 1-2%. They are not a precision instrument and also we are not always on the right track, so many times we blame the clock for our mistakes.

      As for the accuracy of the new Spartans, it is probably slightly lower because they don't have the external antenna of the Ambit3 (except the Spartan Trainer). That said, I have never had a major problem using the different Spartans, nor do I consider that they have bad GPS performance.

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