Suunto App upgrade to create turn-warning routes without external applications


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Let's go with a quick Thursday article. Suunto has just updated their app (beta only for now) to poder create navigation routes with turn warning, directly in the app and without relying on external apps.

If you recall, one of the updates that recently arrived to both Suunto 5 / Suunto 9 as well as to the Suunto 7 was the possibility of creating navigation routes with turn-by-turn directions. But for this we depended on an external application (Komoot), which was the one that added the points of interest with directions.

One of the things I raised at the time was that, although the integration with Komoot is frankly good (everything is instantaneous and Komoot also has its advantages), I did not understand that the way it was implemented, Suunto did not do it directly.

Turn-by-turn navigation in the case of Suunto is done through points of interest. These were already available in the past, and could be used to mark a spring, river crossing, shelter, etc. A name was given and the point appeared on the route.

This same system is the one that has been used to set the turn warning. Komoot creates a POI with a specific name according to the situation of the turn (right turn, take the second exit of the traffic circle, etc.).

What I didn't understand is why Suunto hadn't done the same thing, other than for development possibilities... well, a few weeks later they have already launched it and if you create a navigation route from the Suunto App also 1TP10After adding turn warnings.

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Turn warnings with the Suunto App

The first thing you should note is that this update is only in the beta version, not in the version you can find in the app store. You can download it from these links:

Once you have the latest version installed (2.4.0 on iOS), when we go to create a route we have to do it in the usual way, adding points to select the route you want to travel. The difference is that we now have a button at the top called "Turn by Turn", which when activated will show all the points of interest that are created.

If you click on any of these points you can see that the application has automatically detected whether it is a turn, a traffic circle or whatever. And as such, it adds the name automatically (at the moment in English, as it is a beta).

You don't like the name he has given it, or in some cases you want it to be more descriptive? No problem, you can edit it.


If you feel that the automatic management is not enough, you can add any POI manually (both for turns and for anything else).

It's that easy. You save the route and synchronize it to the watch, and after doing so you will find it when you start an activity.

In the watch everything works exactly the same as if the route was from Komoot. We will have the route or the map with all the points of interest created for each turn.

Suunto - Turn signal

And when we reach a turn, a warning will appear on the screen whether we are in the navigation screen or in a data screen.

Suunto - Turn signal

That's all. After that, open your Suunto application, create a route and start navigating. Thanks for reading!

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    1. It's only half right. You will have turn warning, but since the Spartan does not support names for POIs, it will not indicate whether to take a left, right, etc. turn.

  1. Muy buenas! Lo primero: muchísimas gracias por el post.

    Lo que no hace, y en un momento dado sería super interesante, es darte instrucciones por voz tal y como pueden hacer apps como Komoot, Strava o Nike Running; no?

    No sea que si que lo haga y no lo esté utilizando bien. Muchas gracias!

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