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Suunto 5 | All details and information

The new model of the Suunto mid-range


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Today Suunto presents its new model, the Suunto 5The Finnish brand continues under the same name that it used after the Spartan family's bad reputation due to a too early market launch. Suunto 9 and the Suunto 3In the end, it was clear that everything that came next would be in between and would be an odd number (#Spoiler: one Suunto 7 would be missing...).


The full analysis of Suunto 5 is now published, this is just the presentation of the model, take a look at its test to know all the details and its real operation.

Suunto 5 Analysis 

Suunto 5, what is it?

With the change of name of Suunto it may not be too clear what it is or what it replaces each watch. In this case we can say that Suunto 5 is a Suunto Spartan Trainer 2In fact, in the past, it was already referenced that way in the documentation presented to the FCC.

So this is a watch with a smaller diameter than the usual Suunto models, with an external antenna located at the bottom of the watch and forming part of the strap, and with 5 buttons instead of 3, in the absence of a touch screen.

Suunto 5

Of course the rest of the features are the ones we already know. It keeps Valencell's optical heart rate monitor, it is a multisport watch with more than 80 sport profiles, it includes route navigation... that is, the same thing we had in the Spartan line. But not everything is old, Suunto takes advantage of the renovation to use the new Sony chipset (it has already become standard in all manufacturers) and borrows some features from Suunto 9 and Suunto 3.

That's Suunto 5 in a rough way, but I guess you're here because you want to know all the details, so let's go with that.

Suunto 5, news

Suunto 5 is an evolution of the Suunto Spartan Trainer from a couple of years ago, and it has been updated to incorporate some new features that have been added to the rest of the range.

New Sony chipset, the same one they used in Suunto 9 and are also using in Garmin and Polar. The main advantage it offers is its low power consumption that allows extended range without having to increase the size of the battery. And unlike the rest of the range, Suunto 5 keeps the antenna externally as it was present in the Ambit.


Suunto 5 | All details and information 1

Extended battery modes, something you inherit from Suunto 9. performance and an additional one, resistanceBy comparison, the Suunto 9 gets up to 25 and 50 hours in these modes (although it has a third one, the Ultra, which is not available in the Suunto 5).

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Suunto 5 - Battery modes

The battery modes can be chosen at the beginning of the training and also in the middle of it. It will be the clock itself that will recommend the change if the battery level is getting low.

Customized and adaptive training plans, such as those presented by the Suunto 3The interesting part of these trainings is that it is not a rigid workout to follow, but rather it adapts to what you have done in previous days. If you have trained more than what you originally did for the previous day, it will be taken into account in the next training session to reduce its intensity or duration.

Suunto 5 | All details and information 2

There are more sleep metrics, since to the sleep monitoring is added the possibility of knowing if the rest has been of quality and serves to recover you. It is an algorithm of Firstbeat who was already in Suunto 3 but is not present in Suunto 9.

Suunto 5 - Sleep Quality

This is not the only thing Firstbeat incorporates, it also includes 24h stress monitoring, available resources metrics and VO2Max estimation.

The available resource metrics are similar to what Garmin offers with the Body Battery, they both license this option from the same site, so they offer the same information but show it differently. Stress monitoring? VO2max estimation? The same, it all comes from the same site.

Suunto stress tracking

The Suunto 5 is only available with a metal bezel and looks quite similar to the Suunto 9. The glass is mineral, as in the Spartan Trainer Steel but improving the plastic lens of the base model.

Although the optical pulse sensor hardware is identical to that of the Spartan Trainer (and the rest of the Suunto range), it is foreseeable that Valencell has updated the algorithm over the years.

Suunto 5 - Valencell sensor

Suunto 5, availability and price

The Suunto 5 will be available starting June 4, two weeks from its launch date. Remember that only what we used to consider "premium" versions will be available, with higher quality aesthetics, leaving behind the plastic-only finishes that perhaps looked too cheap.

Initially there will be four colours available: Black, white, grey and copper/gold and red and copper/gold.

Suunto 5 | All details and information 3

As for the price, it is £329, which is not bad considering that it is a mini Suunto 9 and the price range in which the competition is moving.

Remember that if you buy it through the links on the page you will be leaving your grain of sand so that this can continue, and that will serve mainly to buy the device needed for these tests.


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Suunto 5's opinion

It's still too early to give an accurate opinion on the new Suunto model, but what I'm most looking forward to is how the classic Suunto external antenna fits into Sony's chipset.

As for the software, there is nothing new about it since everything in it has been seen before in different models of the range, both in Suunto 9 (drum modes) and Suunto 3 (Firstbeat algorithms).

I don't know if it will be accompanied by any new features for the online platform and the Suunto mobile application, which is what is receiving the most criticism in recent months because of all the delay that is taking the change from the Movescount platform to the new SportsTracker-based platform. In fact, Suunto 5 is only compatible with Suunto App and does not allow synchronization with Movescount, either in the mobile application or on the web.

I certainly wish Suunto had been much faster in doing all that work and I think they are playing too much with their users' patience.

The Suunto 5 will enter the mid-range of watches, taking on Garmin Forerunner 245 and Polar Vantage M. Although it is significantly more expensive than the Spartan Trainer it replaces, I think it is not badly positioned in relation to the competition. In terms of finish, appearance and design, it is above any of its two rivals, and in terms of performance it is not too bad, as it is basically a small Suunto 9 - almost everything the high-end model does is done by the Suunto 5.

Its route navigation capabilities seem to me better than Garmin's, which is more basic in its capabilities, and Polar doesn't even have that option. Both Finnish watches are multisport watches, including triathlon, which Garmin can't do, and they both allow you to pair them with potentiometers natively (both cycling and running), which again is not present in Garmin.

Although with regard to multisport Suunto still has the big problem that the triathlon profile cannot be configured (we cannot change data or screens) nor is there a possibility to create a duathlon or aquathlon profile, something that I still find incredible that it has not been solved.

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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    1. By price range it would be similar to Forerunner 245 or Instinct. By multisport possibilities to the already almost classic 735XT.

  1. Thank you Eduardo for this note, is it because of this release that the prices of Suunto Spartan Trainer WR HR are getting cheaper?
    At least in Mexico, they've been down to a 40%.

    1. In Spain, the price has been fluctuating for several weeks now, considerably cheaper than its launch price. I don't know how Suunto works in Mexico to set prices, but it's probably simply because of occasional reductions by the manufacturer.

  2. Thank you very much, Eduardo, for your input. Is it known if Suunto 5 has a barometric altimeter? Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you very much for the contribution Eduardo. Is it known if Suunto is going to bring out another new model to replace the Ambit 3 peak or is this model the one that replaces it?
    Thank you very much.

    1. The natural replacements for the Ambit3 Peak are first the Spartan Ultra, and now the Suunto 9. Both models offer the longest battery life, which is what made the Peak different.

  4. Hello Eduardo, some time ago (2 years) I bought the SUUNTO SPARTAN SPORT WRIST HR, I'm quite happy and more since the last updates, however, at my age (47) I find it increasingly difficult to see the numbers, and I notice that despite the high resolution, the contrast is not the best and more with the dark background. You know if the latest models released (Suunto 9, Suunto 5), improve the vision of the screen. I have the impression that the latest Garmin models at the level of contrast and color, the screen could beat suunto, at least for those who have problems with presbyopia.
    I understand athletes who need a lot of data on screen, but for people like me, I think we would need more readable screens and data with good contrasts since I have to separate the watch from my eyes a lot to poder read data while running.
    Thank you and a greeting

    1. Personally, I think the Suunto screen is the best quality screen of all. It's also the biggest. Well, as you say, maybe the Garmin screens have a little more contrast.

      But I think if you use a three-data screen, with a white background, in the case of Suunto it looks VERY good, and I don't think you'll see it better in Garmin. Of course, everyone's eyes are everyone's eyes, and it's hard to put myself in your shoes...

      Suunto 9's screen is the same as your Spartan Sport's, and Suunto 5's will be too small for you.

  5. Hi Eduardo, first of all thanks for your reviews, they help us a lot... There goes my doubt, I have the Garmin 235 but I already want to retire it and I was thinking about the 245 but it seems small...just like the 645...what do you advise?
    My profile is an asphalt marathon runner. Thank you.

    1. It is true that both FR645 and FR245 can become small on the wrist if you are used to big watches. It happens to me. I'll also tell you that aside from the "aesthetics", the screen size and the information it displays is the same as the FR935 and FR945. The Suunto 5 shares many components with the Spartan Trainer, and to my taste the screen is slightly small although the overall size of the watch seems perfect to me.

      Anyway Suunto 5 should receive it in 7-10 days to start with the test. It's best to have a little patience so I can tell you about both after using and testing them for the right amount of time.

      1. OK then I wait for you to tell me something when you compare...the only thing that SUUNTO 5 doesn't have stroke metric as Garmin has right?( vertical oscillation ,ground contact time etcc ya se con cinturón him si...)THANKS

  6. Hi, Eduardo,
    On the subject of route navigation, what about this Suunto 5 in purchase with the Garmin Fenix 5S.
    A salute,

    1. Considering that neither of them stands out because of its screen (in both the resolution is 218×218 and small), the navigation of the Suunto seems to me more complete and intuitive.

  7. Hello, first of all thank you for your hard work. As soon as the watch is available I will not hesitate to buy it through the links on your site. I would like that in the analysis of the Suunto 5 you tell us about the attachment of the watch body with the mail, since there are many cases in which in the predecessor it broke very easy. Thank you.

    1. Okay Antonio, I will try to see if anything has changed with respect to the Spartan Trainer, although given the number of problems with the first model it is to be assumed that Suunto has improved the design and materials.

  8. Hello, Eduardo
    For more use on running / trail routes and some mountain biking I would like your opinion on the main differences in route navigation between the new Suunto 5 and the Spartan Ultra as with offers from the latter they are now in the same price range.
    Do both have full route navigation with milestone notification / change of address etc?
    What other differences would you highlight between the two models?
    Thank you

    1. The navigation is the same, the difference you'll find is in the screen size, which in the Spartan Ultra is larger. It also has a barometric altimeter.

    1. The best option is to use the chest pulse sensor. Although the watch allows the use of the optical sensor, the result is quite variable even in the same training session.

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