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How to display your name and phone number on your Garmin Edge

In order to recover it in case of loss


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An interesting thing you can do with your Garmin Edge right out of the box is to mark it, just like a cow. In case you didn't know, you can write a message that appears on the main screen when you turn on the device. This is not new either, as this possibility has been around for quite some time in the different Edge models.

It's not a secret or some black magic trick, because the file has been there for a long time and even contains instructions on how to set it up yourself. But of course, it probably never occurred to you to open it and check its contents.

To clarify, these are the models supported in this small manual:

  • Edge 510
  • Edge 520
  • Edge 800
  • Edge 810
  • Edge 1000
  • Edge Explore 1000
  • Touring
  • Touring Plus

Therefore, there are units that are left out, specifically the Edge 20, Edge 25, Edge 500 and Edge 705. The first ones because they are not really an Edge range device as such, they are more like a converted Forerunner, and the second ones because... well, because they are already grandfathers.

Setting the startup message in Garmin Edge

As I was saying, Garmin has never hidden this possibility. The file we have to modify is the startup.txtand this is its contents.

Garmin Edge Startup.txt file

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Finding the file is easy, just connect your Garmin Edge to your computer via USB and enter the newly created hard drive (like an external memory).

You will find two files and the folder GarminThis is the one that has our startup.txt file along with other more or less important files (like the gmapbmap.img that we'll talk about another day).

Garmin folder content

This file has to be modified in two key points. The first one with the time you want the message to be shown (in seconds. In the example, 12s.), and the second one with the message itself.


Garmin Edge Startup.txt file editedOnce modified, save and exit. If you have edited the file from the desktop, you must transfer it to the memory of the device.

From this moment on you can enjoy your personalized message every time you turn on the device. You and of course, your lost Edge.

Garmin 520 start message

Posting this message does not guarantee that if one day you lose your Edge, the finder will return it. But it certainly increases the chances more than if you do not include any information, so try not to lose it and you will not have to check the effectiveness of this method.



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  1. Hi Eduardo, thanks for the contribution, I have already put it into practice on my Edge 1000 and I have customized the home screen following your instructions. You know, if you have any more "tricks" do not hesitate to share them with us.
    Oh, and congratulations on your page, which I find very interesting.
    A salute.

  2. Hi, I bought the 520, but I don't know how to enter routes. I also don't know how to save a route I've done and do it again.
    Can someone help me?. Thank you.

    1. Connect the garmin to your computer and it will come out as an external memory. Go to the garmin folder and then to new files. This is where you have to copy the path. Disconnect the garmin safely. Turn off the garmin and you have it.

  3. Hello I have a blank startup.txt file on my garmin 1000 and this trick does not work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

      1. Okay. I thought I'd just edit out what I mentioned in terms of time and lines to add to the file, but that other stuff was already written. I'll try. Thanks.

  4. Hi Eduardo Do you know if you can edit the predefined answers when you reply to a WhatsApp? because the ones it brings are too crappy. Thanks

      1. Hi Eduardo, where? I have the 1030 and Garmi Connect (Android) and I can't find where poder edit the answers!!!! Thanks.

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