And the winner of the Scosche RHYTHM+ sensor is...


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A couple of weeks later (and with over 1,000 participants in total) it's time to find a winner for Scosche's fantastic optical pulse sensor, the RHYTHM+. What, you don't remember what it's all about? Well here is the complete proof.

Mientras escribo estas líneas estoy haciendo el sorteo, así que creo que esto es lo que se llama un «directo diferido». Empezaré por sortear de dónde se elegirá el ganador final. Había tres formas de participar, que eran las siguientes:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Mailing list

Así que con esos tres números en mente, voy a elegir la «urna» de donde se extraerá el ganador. Para ello nada mejor que dirigirse al primer resultado de Google para la búsqueda «Random number«. Así que haciendo caso a la gente que trabaja en Google, que son todos bastante listos, me dirijo a who will act as an innocent hand for the occasion. And the lucky winner is participating through...

RHYTHM+ Scosche Draw

The mailing list! So if you didn't participate by subscribing to it, too bad! But you can subscribe now and you can participate in the next one.

Once I have the urn from which to draw the final winner, again generate a number at random from the data on the mailing list, which at the end of the draw are 821 subscribers.

Drum roll...

RHYTHM+ Scosche Draw

And the lucky one is subscriber number 276. Congratulations!

You mean... Who is it?


RHYTHM+ Scosche Draw

Congratulations Alfredo! My secretary will contact you to ask for all the shipping details (that is, I will send you an e-mail later...) and to send you your gift. Enjoy! And you will tell us on Twitter or Facebook how you are doing with your new optical pulse sensor.

For the thousand and one others who have not been lucky, do not worry because you are still lucky; and that is because the Scosche RHYTHM+ is on sale at Amazon and you can get it at a really good price (if I had bought the raffle unit now I would have saved a spike...)

And remember that by buying through the links on the web you will help support the web and, therefore, that it can carry out more draws and who knows if the next time you will be the winner.

Thank you for participating and helping to support the site. And better luck next time!

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