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Recopilación y análisis de todas las ofertas de Cyber Monday. Hay un montón de ofertas muy, muy interesantes este Cyber Monday. Un Garmin Forerunner 945 por 275€The Garmin Forerunner 745 por sólo€ 212€ or the Garmin Forerunner 245 Music rebajado hasta 179€.

¡No te pierdas estos chollos y ayuda a la web!

Updated: July 14, 18:01.

Last added: Added Garmin Vivoactive HR, TomTom Runner, Suunto Ambit3 Vertical


If you thought that the sales were only to save a 10% on a two year old t-shirt, you were very wrong. There are also many bargains on the net, so I will take this article to detail all the ones I see these days: GPS watches, computers, sensors... that is, all kinds of items that I usually deal with here, which are the ones that interest you.


We start with the Wiggle sales. almost 5,000 items at a reduced price, including the following. In addition, if you are a new customer and spend a minimum of 100 euros, you can get an additional 10 euros discount when you subscribe to the newsletter (tip: if you were already a customer, register a new account with other data).


Amazon will hold a Prime Day, with a concept similar to Black Friday. It will be on July 12 and, during 24 hours, there will be a selection of products at very reduced prices in flash offers.

The offers will be exclusive for premium customers (the subscription to have free shipping on all your Amazon orders), so if you are not you can get one month free simply by clicking here There is no obligation to continue, so confirm your registration now and you will be able to unsubscribe after finishing the promotion at no cost to you (but having access to all offers and no shipping costs, buy what you buy).

In addition to the 12 July offers, the 7 days before (5-11 July) there will be a selection of various smaller offers. You can also win £5,000 simply by uploading a photo to your Amazon Drive account (free with the premium account, so you can also enter without a purchase). All this information about Prime Day and the draw, you can check it out here.

All these Amazon offers will be flash, which means that there are only a limited number of units and for only a few hours. The fastest way to find out about all of them is to follow me on Facebook and in Twitterwhere I will be launching all the new offers as they come in.


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