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The developers of MyFitnessPal have just launched a promotion with which 1TP10You can get the PRO version of the Runtastic app totally free, forever. But we must keep one thing in mind, and that is that this offer has two conditions:

  • Only valid for iOS. I.e. iPod, iPad and iPhone.
  • Offer exclusive to the United States, so we need an iTunes account with a US address.

Unfortunately, this offer is only available for download from the Apple Store. Other operating systems do not have this offer in force (for the moment, it is possible that in the future they will include it, you never know...).

If you already have a US iTunes account, skip to step 4. If you lack a valid US account, don't worry you can also get the app in a few simple steps.

Get an iTunes account for the United States

Step 1: Sign out of your iTunes account

Open iTunes and go to the Store. If you are logged in with your current account, you will need to log out of it. You will be left with the window like in this image, where 1TP10You should log in.

Runtastic PRO, step 1

Step 2: Download a free application

The first thing we have to do to get our account is to download a free application. And I'll explain why.

If we go directly to create a new account, we will be asked for credit card information in a mandatory step. This credit card must be domiciled in an account in the United States, and as the most normal thing is that you do not have that account, you will not be able to create a new account.

The trick is that if we download a free application, 1TP10We will be able to create our iTunes account without including the credit card. So we will download, for example, Runtastic in its free version.

Runtastic PRO free, step 2.1

Click on "Free". In the window that opens, do not enter your current account, click on "Create Apple ID".


Runtastic PRO free, step 2.2


Step 3: Create your US account

In the first screen that appears, you will have to fill in all the data, remember to use a different email address than the one you have been using so far!

Runtastic PRO free, step 3.1

And after clicking on continue, we get the screen to enter address and payment methods. Here is the good thing, that podemos select as payment method "None".

Runtastic PRO free, step 3.2

You don't have data for the billing address? You can borrow the ones from, for example, the New York City Marathon:

New York Road Runners
9 East 89th Street
New York, NY 10128

Step 4: Redeem Runtastic PRO Promotion

Congratulations! You already have a US iTunes account. So the next thing we need to do, is to head over to the offer address: Promotion sold out.

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And simply click on Redeem Now.

Runtastic PRO free, step 4.1

The iTunes window will open with the code entered and all you have to do is click on "Redeem".

Runtastic PRO free, step 4.2Congratulations! You already have Runtastic PRO purchased.

Runtastic PRO free, step 4.3


Step 5: download Runtastic PRO free on your device

Now we just need to go to the device and enter our new iTunes account. You can do this from the App Store, under Featured scrolling down, or Settings -> iTunes Store and App Store. Once you sign in with your new account, you can head to Updates -> Purchased and there you will find Runtastic PRO ready to download.

Let's train!


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