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Hoy se hace realidad una idea en la que llevo trabajando bastante tiempo. Y te la describo en una entrada que me ha costado mucho trabajo escribir porque no quiero que parezca lo que no es, a la vez que quiero mostrarte la importancia de recibir apoyo por parte de los lectores. Supongo que la forma más sencilla es ir al clásico «qué, cómo, cuándo y por qué», así que te animo a que leas toda la entrada y no te quedes con una idea genérica (y probablemente errónea).

I'll start with a summary : from today there is the possibility to become a VIP subscriber of the site. How? Paying to read Running a Marathon? No, it's not that, not at all. The first thing I want to make clear is Running a marathon and the tests I do here will still be freeNothing is going to change about that, and I'm glad I cleared that up before I finished the second paragraph, but now I offer another way to thank you for all the content I create in this blog.

You want the longer version? Keep reading.

A little history...

I have been creating content for this page for more than four years (how time passes). From the beginning one of the main premises has been avoid the Content MarketingThe media exposes the product and the brand pays for it.

Algo que hecho correctamente no tiene por qué ser necesariamente malo, pero en el lector siempre quedará la idea de: «¿me han contado este rollo porque es verdad, o porque le han pagado para que lo diga?». También está la cara B: ¿quién va a morder la mano que le da de comer? Lo cierto es que muy pocos estarían en situación de poder hacerlo. En mi caso la transparencia y honestidad ha sido lo más importante desde el primer día. Yo no me debo a las marcas, I owe it to the readers who support this page.

Of course there are the technicians like the server, but there are many other things that take money: licenses, CDN for more speed, external services, etc. We must add that to be able to make the tests I need to have other devices for the comparisons, which of course you have to buy, plus the devices I buy because they are not given by the manufacturers.

Recommendations for buying GPS watches and other sports technology - Summer 2016

The income comes from only two sources: Google ads and commissions from product sales (mainly Amazon). The first one is practically derisory, in fact I've been many months without showing such advertising since the truth... I didn't see any sense in it. Amazon's commissions had a good progression at the beginning and allowed to make the page self-sufficient as well as generating a surplus as a compensation for the work I do, but in the last months this has also fallen significantly.

Ya no compráis la misma cantidad de productos a través de los enlaces de la página (aunque las visitas no han bajado). ¿Motivos? Supongo que pueden ser varios, empezando por la proliferación de páginas y cuentas en redes sociales de ofertas. Así el usuario obtiene aquí la información pero termina «comprando» en otro sitio, lo cual no genera ninguna comisión.

Muchos habéis preguntado cómo podéis apoyar la página y la respuesta siempre ha sido la misma: «a través de las compras en Amazon». Pero no siempre resulta práctico por motivos variados -porque no vais a comprar un producto, no queréis hacerlo en Amazon o ya lo habéis comprado-. Creo que ofrecer esta posibilidad puede satisfacer a los que queréis apoyar la página, pero no queréis hacerlo mediante una compra en Amazon.


I want to get the money out of you

I didn't create running a marathon to make money. If the motivation was financial I certainly wouldn't have chosen this sector and would be into anything much more general. I would also do short publications full of affiliate links instead of 10,000 or 12,000 word analysis. I can think of dozens of ways to make my time more profitable than this.

Sería imposible vivir del blog a pesar de que la cantidad de horas de trabajo semanales bien lo asemejen a un trabajo real. Nadie se imagina la dedicación y cantidad de horas que conlleva este proyecto. Cada prueba que ves aquí puede suponer unas 10 horas sólo en redacción; a lo que hay que sumar las imágenes (hacer fotos y editarlas), las pruebas, estudio y comparativa de datos, respuesta a mensajes y cuestiones, comunicación con las marcas, etcétera. Si hubiese que «facturar horas» a cada una de las pruebas, estarían entre 16-18 horas de media por cada una de ellas.

And as I say it is not only time invested, there is also an economic investment. Many of the tests are done with watches given temporarily by the brands (they are not gifts, they are loans), but there are others in which I must buy the watch in order to offer you all the details. The most recent example is the Amazfit StratosIn addition to reversing those hours I refer to, the watch was bought by me for the test. Do you know how many watches have been sold through the test links? Zero.

Amazfit Stratos - Bluetooth Headset

Como ves hago muchas «inversiones absurdas», pero creo que siempre merece la pena porque entiendo que son cosas que queréis leer y de la que necesitáis información detallada. Y no me sorprende no haber tenido ninguna comisión de ese producto, sabía que iba a ser así desde un primer momento (porque el canal de venta principal de ese producto es el que he descrito anteriormente) pero entendía que era algo necesario.

All this is what made me think of this subscription option.

Will running a marathon change anything?

Nada. Todo seguirá exactamente igual que hasta ahora. Si no quieres suscribirte no tienes por qué hacerlo y no se va a recortar ni un ápice de lo que es y ha sido la página hasta ahora. No habrá entradas específicas para algunos usuarios, ni calendarios de publicaciones diferentes -todos veréis el contenido a la vez, no se retrasará para el «usuario gratuito»-.

I want to emphasize that your experience of use will not be reduced at all, for me that is the most important thing. Of course I will continue to answer the messages you leave in the comments of the articles (which at the time of writing these lines already total over 10,000), as I have done so far.

So, if everything stays the same... where's the change?

What I propose with Running a VIP Marathon

I don't want a subscription to be a limitation, I want it to be an extension, . to offer more to those who are more identified with the project, those people who want to help maintain my ability and freedom to express impressions of a product how and when I want toIt is for those who believe that the additional advantages I offer are worth it, and for those who have been reading the site for a long time and want to continue to have the possibility of reading it.

These will be your advantages if you decide to support the site through the VIP subscription:

  • First and foremost, you'll be supporting this site and all my workThat's the most important thing. You'll do it without having to depend on making purchases in a certain place. Not only does it lead to a higher or lower payment, but also greater independence when it comes to having units to test. For example, having units as soon as a model comes on the market, instead of having to wait for the brand to supply it (which I don't know why it's becoming more complicated...).
  • You'll have a dedicated chat channelFaster and much more complete answers than you can get in the comments of any entry, and of course in a private way.
  • A newsletter from exclusive mail where I can discuss things with you more intimately and personally.
  • Navigation unadvertisedOnce you have subscribed, all the banners on the page will disappear from your screen so that your user experience is as good as possible. You will gain in loading speed and above all you will avoid seeing that ad that has been chasing you for three days in a row.
  • Discounts and exclusive advantages which are reserved for VIP users only.

The price of all this is only 20 euros per yearOr what is the same, less than 2 euros a month. Or 5 cents a day. You can look at it in another way: if every time you read a test you are left with the desire of wanting to pay me a coffee to thank me, this is the way to do it.

Become a VIP member

¿Esto es todo lo que ofrece la suscripción? De momento sí. No quiero hacer promesas ni firmar cheques que luego no pueda pagar. No puedo prometer un sorteo mensual si a la hora de la verdad sólo hay cinco miembros suscritos. Asumo el mantra de «en Internet todo es gratis» y sé que esto no se va a convertir en 10.000 usuarios VIP. Dada la situación económica lo de pagar algo que hasta ahora ha sido gratis -y que va a seguir siéndolo- es harto complicado.

That's why I also tell you, what else could I offer you to make you consider this subscription to Running a VIP Marathon interesting? What do you think of this new possibility I propose to help the page? I expect all your comments, both positive and negative. Ideas, proposals, suggestions... because in the end this becomes what the reader - you - wants. So... comment!

Today more than ever I repeat it. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm in! Although I've bought through your links in the past I don't mind subscribing. As you say, I'd be willing to pay you a coffee a month for all the work you offer us? Of course! And I hope I'm not the only one to do it...

    1. Thank you very much Gustavo. I hope you like everything I have prepared for you, and have no doubt that I will continue working to give you something more.

  2. I join the group, I think it's only fair to acknowledge the work you do! I hope there are many of us...

    1. Luis, thank you very much for your support. The best part is knowing that you are satisfied with the work I do and that you are willing to support it with a subscription. That only reaffirms the work I do here.

  3. I'm not so specialized as to follow and pay for this page, but I'm interested in buying a watch with a pulsometer to improve my indoor treadmill and strength training, and honestly, I like your reviews very much and how you expose the data, so count on me to buy a watch during Black Friday through your links (put offers also of Polar watches, which are the ones that call me the most if you don't mind)

    1. Thank you very much, Alejandro.

      La suscripción no es más que una forma más de apoyo. Como bien dices e indico desde siempre la forma de monetización de la página ha sido las compras en Amazon. Lo que no quiero es que nadie «se sienta de menos» por no optar por la suscripción VIP, pues no es más que una opción más que os doy a los que queréis apoyar mi trabajo y no encontráis otra opción.

  4. En algún post has escrito que puedes tener comisión de cualquier compra de Amazon y yo he realizado alguna compra pinchando el enlace proporcionado, pero no tengo ni idea como hacer que te quede comisión de otro producto sin enlace. Ten en cuenta, que un producto deportivo dura muchos años y prácticamente se cambia por capricho, mientras que otros productos se compran más habitualmente. Respecto a suscribirme, lo haré, estoy harto del todo gratis a cambio de inflarte a publicidad. Tu trabajo se merece más de un café al mes.

    1. Cesar, thank you very much for all your support, both past and future. As for Amazon purchases (or any other, both on this page and others), as long as you click on the link it doesn't matter what product you end up buying in the store. That's how the system works; you can click on the link to buy a watch and end up buying that and 15 rolls of toilet paper and everything will be commissioned.

      En cuanto al sistema de suscripción, creo que es indudablemente hacia donde va dirigido el sector. La publicidad en Internet ya no deja apenas dinero, muy probablemente por los abusos que se han cometido y se siguen cometiendo por parte de muchos medios. Ya no hay quien entre en un periódico o página similar porque es un acoso constante de publicidad invasiva. No es la primera vez que les critico y siempre digo lo mismo, «hay un poco de artículo en su publicidad». Y al final terminamos pagando justos por pecadores.

  5. Wait....can you explain that shopping on amazon a little better? I mean, according to your answer to César, if I enter a link of yours from a watch but in the end I end up buying a printer, does that commission you? Let's see, I buy quite a lot on amazon, because with a prime subscription we buy 3 families (my sister, my parents and me - and some friends of mine -) and I wouldn't mind helping you monetize something...but explain it to me well, please.

    I don't think it's bad, I'm crazy about that policy, if I understand correctly.

    1. Yes, the only thing that has changed now is that the commission is much lower than it was before. Currently Amazon only pays its normal commission for the article that has been accessed directly through the link, and for anything else a very small part. Which obviously makes everything even more difficult for us...

  6. Hi, Eduardo.
    Como me gustan tanto tus análisis de productos ayer me hice VIP pero hoy todavía no puedo acceder a lo que ofreces como las consultas y la navegación sin anuncios. Tarda unos días en activarse?

      1. Ya puedo acceder a los contenidos VIP, un saludo y de nuevo agradecerte los análisis tan currados que haces.

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