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Are you bored and Zwift is down? RGT premium is now free

The response to the pandemic reaches virtual cycling as well


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The virtual cycling simulator RGT (Road Grand Tour) has announced that as a response and aid to the COVID-19 pandemic, it begins to offer all its Premium services free of charge.

After launching the application in beta version where we could register for free to test it, they moved to a 14-day trial mode (and without access to all features), something very similar to what we can see with Zwift.

RGT Premium

As you can see, the concept is very similar to what is offered at Zwift, although RGT is trying to offer the most realistic experience possible. To do this, in addition to virtual worlds they also offer 8 real roads that 1TP10We can ride from the "comfort" of our roller. We can ride the Stelvio pass, the Italian Tuscany, the Cap de Formentor in Majorca...

To access all RGT features free of charge, you'll need to sign up for the app with an email. Then, to enable Premium features, you'll need to send an empty email from that same email account to [email protected].

About RGT Cycling

As I said earlier, the concept is very similar to Zwift; although logically the level of detail, operation and above all number of users is very different. Although at RGT we are going to find other cyclists with whom we will be able to ride or benefit from draft, it is not like the tens of thousands that are in Zwift right now.

In fact Zwift has already suffered some downtime in the last few days, due to the collapse that is taking place on its servers, so RGT is a good alternative in that case, or also when you're bored of spinning around in Watopia.

There are some differences in we have to do it. We need two apps, one that is the proper application that you will need to install on your phone, and the other that simply acts as a screen to show the virtual world. In this sense it is somewhat uncomfortable because we need two battery-powered devices at the same time.

It is in the mobile app where you must sync your trainer and other sensors that you have (power, heart rate, etc.) and from where you will manage everything to start an activity, set up a workout or chat with other cyclists. You can also sync with TrainingPeaks and Strava to send your workouts to these platforms automatically. The app is available for iOS and Android.

The screen app is just that, a screen. But it does not allow you to perform control of any kind, connect sensors or anything else besides showing the image. That app can be installed in Windows, Mac, iPad or Apple TV.


Before starting the entire registration process we need to install both apps. Once done you have to open the mobile app and start the registration.

The screen code is the one that tells us that screen app.

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RGT configuration

When both apps are already linked, we will have access on the phone to the full menu.

RGT configuration

We can slightly customize both the kit of our avatar and the bike we will ride, although the options are not very extensive.

Road Grand Tours Equipment

When choosing a road to travel (whether real or not) you can see the distance to travel, meters that we have to climb (with average slope) and the number of users that are at that time riding that road.


To test the app out I went for a walk around Mallorca to Cap de Formentor, starting at the port of Pollensa and reaching the lighthouse.

RGT Cap de Formentor

In the 1TP10 screen we can see all the data of our "departure". Also the remaining distance to reach the end of the course, which is a good detail to keep in mind to know when we will reach our destination. Once reached you can finish the training or simply turn around.

You also have a list of other cyclists, the distance that separate them from you and the power they are pushing (to see if you're going to be able to catch them or not).

I paired the app with the Tacx Neo trainer, without any other external sensor. The trainer itself is the one that sends data about power, cadence and speed, as well as being able to be controlled in terms of hardness by the app.

In case you have a non-intelligent trainer, you will need to have a potentiometer. Unlike Zwift it is not able to work only with cadence and speed sensor.

RGT Cycling - What is needed

The connection is made via the Bluetooth connection of the phone. Personally I think this is a problem and I would prefer it to go through the screen app, because the way it's currently done forces us not only to have the screen turned on but we can't exit the app at all.

If you do so, the data is stopped being transmitted and the trainer will no longer receive information to adjust it's hardness to the hill we are climbing.

As for slope adjustment the feeling I get is that it is not too fine and does not correspond to what we see on the screen. Sometimes the 3% seems very hard and sometimes a 7% we have to lower gears to adjust the pedaling cadence. But at least the experience is positive because from time to time it is nice to be "riding" a real road instead of lava fields or glass bridges.

There are two aspects where we will notice differences from Zwift. The first of them is with respect to graphics. Obviously, RGT is not at the same level and does not have the same capacity for investment in development as Zwift, so the feeling of the images is somewhat more rough.

The second differential aspect is the number of users on both platforms, although that was more worrying in the past and which, unfortunately, is not so important right now. In fact it is perhaps even relaxing that RGT does not have so many people, because right now Zwift is a fair with several thousand riders in any of the different worlds that are open.

As in Zwift, RGT also offers races, trainings and group rides.

Bottom line

It is a very good option to try during these days, because not everything is going to be Zwift. We can get tired of everything and "go outside" from time to time being able to do classic routes such as the Stelvio, Formentor, Mount Ventoux...

Right now RGT are at the same point as Zwift was a few years ago, at the development level and at the user level. Although the orientation is different. Zwift is focused more like a game, while RGT has looked more for the simulator aspect.

And considering that it's free right now and you're spending a lot of time on the trainer lately, why not try something new?

And with that... thanks for reading!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Thank you, Eduardo,
    I tried to connect this afternoon with my Bkool Pro 2 trainer and there is no way that my phone detects it as a smart trainer ... so my joy in a well, I have closed everything and I have returned to ZWIFT. But you're absolutely right, ZWIFT is becoming more and more impossible with the amount of people that there are... today I had been in MEETUP and it's really difficult not to get lost among so many AVATAR.
    A major flaw on the part of RGT is that you can't connect to ANT+. The BT connection is good, but since it only accepts one address, it can cause a lot of confusion.
    What do you think of BKOOL and ROUVY?

    1. The problem with Bluetooth connections is that, unless the FTMS standard is used, it is a closed Bluetooth channel, but the manufacturer has to provide it to the developer and the developer has to implement it.

      The Bkool Pro 2 is now called the Zycle Smart Zpro, and it is if you check on their website RGT does not appear in the supported applications.

      Rouvy is similar to RGT, but aesthetically it is strange to place an avatar on top of a video that, depending on the speed at which we go, is more or less noticeable.

      I like Bkool a lot more and in recent years it has improved a lot. The truth is that it's been a while since I gave it a ride, so let's see if one of these days I give it a new ride.

      1. Hello I have connected without problems with the Bkool Pro2 Maybe it is a matter of having or not the latest version of the firm. In my case the 3.25

    2. If you can connect with ant+, you just need to have the usb adapter connected to the computer.

  2. what sensors do i have to connect to poder to put a normal roller a tacx 2500 booster blue, thanks

  3. Hello, my name is Juan and I would like to test your simulator, my trainer is a Bkool pro, I guess it will be compatible with your program.

  4. Without potentiometer does not work you should indicate this in the article.
    You need Potentiometer or smart roller, only with speed and cadence does not work.

    1. You are right Alvaro, in that sense it works differently than Zwift and other applications. If the roller is not smart, it pulls potentiometer. And look what they say on the web....

      I correct it, thanks for the note.

  5. Good evening I downloaded the application and everything works except the Avatar, my question I have a polar V650 connected to an ALATECH Bluetooth device, can I use it or what do I need please and thank you.

    1. You mean that the avatar does not move? In addition to a speed and cadence sensor with RGT you need potentiometer, because it does not estimate the power. But you can try other apps like Bkool, Zwift, etc.

  6. Thank you, Eduardo.
    I have downloaded it and I am in the configuration phase to test it.

    Jo lets me select the screen resolution and only lets me select low, is it because I am not premium?

    Having the mobile screen on is a mistake, you can't chat with other colleagues. If you enable background you can't either?

  7. Hello Eduardo, first of all congratulate you for the great articles you write.
    I have the typical three-roller roller. I have potentiometer, cadence&speed sensor and HR sensor. Normally, when I train on the roller, I connect all the sensors to my SUUNTO 9 VARO and I have all the data I want recorded on my watch. I sync the workouts in the SUUNTO app and thus update my data.
    I have downloaded the ZWIFT application and the truth is that I have podido connect the 4 sensors without any problem. It seems that everything is going well. What happens is that now my watch does not detect any sensors, since (I understand) they are connected to the device where I use ZWIFT. I have the option of logging the data on my watch, or using the ZWIFT, not both places at the same time (or so I think, I have not been able to use both at the same time). I don't know if you know if this "compatibility" exists. If not, is there any option for poder to upload the ZWIFT training data to the SUUNTO app, and upload it to the watch?
    With RGT, would you be in the same situation?
    I hope I made myself clear.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you Azuazu

      Indeed, what you indicate is the way Bluetooth works. It is a master-slave connection, so once the sensor is connected to a device and unless the sensor has several transmission channels (which is not usual), it will not podhen receive the information on another device. It's not a matter of the application you use, it's how Bluetooth works.

      As for uploading the activity to the Suunto application, you can upload it manually via but it will have to be in GPX file (no other file is supported).

  8. Hi, Eduardo.
    I discovered RGT thanks to this blog a few days ago and I am another newcomer with a smart trainer. After reading the comments, I see that there are more people with the same problem I encountered at the beginning: connecting the bkool roller (zycle smart zpro) with this simulator. I want to share how I solved it:

    1. Do not use the bluetooth connection of the phone. In fact, disconnect the bluetooth and even if RGT asks you for permission to activate it, you have to say no to it.
    2. The BKOOL and RGT roller are perfectly connected through ANT+ (the roller itself comes with an ANT+ usb in the box to connect to the laptop).
    3. Keep the laptop and the trainer as close as possible so that the signal reaches the trainer and does not fall during the training session.
    4. Once you are already inside the selected route with the RGT mobile app, the only mode to connect is the "trainer" mode and with the bluetooth off. As it is a smart trainer, through the "trainer" mode it already transmits the power, cadence and incline data and the trainer automatically regulates the intensity depending on the slope.
    5. If you also want to connect the heart rate monitor band, it has to communicate via ANT+ and it also connects without any problem (I use the Polar H10 band).

    I hope poder help with this to people who have problems to synchronize RGT Cycling with BKOOL rollers (now Zycle). I since I hit the key, I admit that I quite like this simulator, even though it has few real routes.

  9. Hello howdy, first congratulations for the publication. Second I have a query, a few days ago that I use perfectly RGT with my potentiometer (since I do not have a smart roller), but what I have not podido connect was my heart rate flag, I have a watch Garmin phoenix 3 with its respective band, but the simulator does not detect it. Can there be sociais to this?
    Thank you very much

  10. Good afternoon EDUARDO

    My tacx Satori roller can be used with RGT (I'm waiting for a cadence sensor to be delivered these days). (I am waiting for a cadence sensor to be delivered in the next few days).

    On the other hand another question as my roller, as you know, is intelligent but not interactive, how can I regulate the slopes according to programs like tacx, Zwift or rgt....
    Is there a table of equivalences or a way to get by?
    For now, and I've been using it for a few days now, I can get by with leaving the hardness at 5/6 Manual and play with the bike's settings...

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to your answers when you can....

    Greetings and take the best of the confinement...


    1. In principle it should be compatible because it transmits speed, cadence and power, which is what RGTCycling needs.

      Smart simply means that it transmits data, but regulation or some kind of advanced function it has nothing.

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