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With the results of the vote for best device 2018 already countedAnd having awarded the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus, it's time to go to the winner of the draw. I'm sure more than one of you will care about ????. Some of you will have an extra gift for the Three Kings. Or at least it will make up for the huge amount of coal you will receive, so it might just be saving the date.

There were a total of 2844 entries to the drawing during the days that the election was in effect and the random choice of the "innocent hand" has been the number....

Winner Best Device 2018

And that 504 entry corresponds to...

Winner Best Device 2018

Congratulations, Nacho! You're the winner of the Camelbak Hydration Vest. I hope you put it to good use with a lot of miles on your back.

To all the others, thank you very much for your participation in the vote. You have already seen that thanks to your opinion a lot of data can be extracted for analysis that I hope the brands will be able to take advantage of. As for the Camelbak vest... well you'll have to buy it on your ownAnd well, if you do so, you will be collaborating with the website in any of your purchases.

You can also thank the people of Camelbak, thanks to them it has been possible to carry out this draw.

Have a great year, 2019!



P.S.: Don't go too far. CES 2019 is starting in a few days, so we'll have news just around the corner...

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