Next full analysis: MIO Link, chest strap-free pulse sensor


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Here is the next device to be tested, the MIO Link wristband. For the most clueless, it is a pulse meter, and its main differentiating element is that it is not a chest strap as we are used to. The MIO Link measures pulses through a technology, pulse detection with optical sensors. Thanks to an LED (green) light is projected onto the skin, and the optical sensor is able to measure blood flow.

Now begins a stage of tests of the most varied kind, comparing its operation and accuracy with the usual measurement methods and assessing its usefulness for runners.

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The complete analysis is already finished. So if you are interested in knowing all the details of this pulse sensor, I recommend you to read the review of the Mio LINK.

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MIO Link, official website

MIO Link

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  1. Good morning, I've been reading your analysis for a couple of days and I find them very useful and exhaustive, my congratulations for them. I have owned for years a Suunto T6 and the truth is that it is sufficient for my needs, mainly heart rate monitor, but when I do electro stimulation sessions with the vest, I can not use the chest strap, so I have no pulse data. I had considered the option of changing to a watch with optical measurement, but when I saw my link, I wondered about the compatibility with my Suunto T6, as it is already a few years old. Could you tell me if they are compatible. If not, taking into account that I mainly do indoor training and exercise circuits, in addition to EMS sessions, which heart rate monitor would you recommend? Thank you very much.

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