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Update - Available again on Garmin Varia Radarand after applying the 20% discount it stays at just over 130


There are only a few days left to take advantage of the Amazon promotion with which you can save a 20% additional discount on many cycling productsAnd the truth is that there are very, very good opportunities that you shouldn't let go. Not only what I detail below, you should also take a look at the entire section because I'm sure there are some things you need that you can take advantage of now to get at an even cheaper price.

In fact, I bought a power unit I needed, a Zipp Service Course SL for about 18 Euros (!!!). Be sure to "comb" the list of offers.

Remember that at the prices listed below you must deduct a 20% from the promotionAnd to take advantage of it, you'll have to include the CYCLING20 before completing the payment on Amazon.

Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ Roller

Don't confuse this Elite with the other more economical Qubo Digital Smart. The Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ is a roller with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity and has the FE-C control protocol. Therefore you can control the resistance of the roller from a compatible unit (Edge 520 or Edge 1000) as well as use it with simulation programs such as Zwift or training software such as TrainerRoad, and let them regulate the resistance of the roller.

Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ - Cycle Roller (121028)
Price: --
0new   0Second hand
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Tacx Vortex Smart Roller

It is in the same range as the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+. Very similar characteristics, but in a different flavour (Dutch, instead of Italian). Just as good as the previous one.

 Technische Industrie Tacx T-2180 - Cycle Roller
Price: --
1newfrom 534,90 €   1Second handfrom 576,00 €
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Tacx Bushido Smart Roller

The main advantage of the Bushido Smart over the Vortex you just saw is that the Bushido doesn't need to be connected to the mains, as it is powered by your own energy generated when you pedal. It can be an interesting option if you use the roller to warm up before the races (in which case you can train with resistance by carrying the roller in the car boot).

In terms of power and slope simulation there is also a difference: up to 15% and 1400W in the Bushido and 7% and 950W in the Vortex (which for the vast majority is more than enough, at least for my kind of training).

 Technische Industrie Tacx T-2780 - Cycle Roller
Price: --
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Bkool Smart Pro Roller

Another interesting option is the Bkool Smart Pro, which also includes a subscription to the Bkool simulation software, although personally I find some of the above more appealing.


Bkool Pro - Indoor cycling roller + Simulator
Price: --
0new   0Second hand
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Garmin Varia Radar

This is a strange case. Right now it doesn't appear with Amazon as a seller, but it is listed within the promotion. Don't lose sight of it, because with the discount applied it was left at around 130 euros and it is possible that it will appear again in the next few days before the end of the promotion. You can see the full test here.

Garmin magnet-free speed and cadence sensor

The main advantage of this sensor is that it works with accelerometers and therefore there are no complications in placing magnets on either the wheel or the crank. A sensor is placed at each of these points, paired with your device and rolled.

Garmin magnet-free cadence sensor

If you don't need a speed sensor and only want the cadence sensor, you have this other option, so if you only care about your cadence and with the GPS speed you have more than enough, that saves you.

Garmin 010-12102-00 - Cadence sensor, black
Price: --
0new   0Second hand
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Remember that these are just some examples of what is on offer. Comb the web because there can be very good hidden bargains. And as you know, buying through the links besides saving an outrage, you will be helping the web. Benefit for everyone.

Happy shopping!


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