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Amazon Prime Day 2019 across Europe


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And... that's it! All good things come to an end.



The second day of Amazon Prime Day is already here. The base offers are still the same as yesterday, but we still have to keep an eye on the flash offers. So be on the lookout because there may be some opportunities like the Polar Vantage V Titan that came out yesterday.

In addition, I have collected other interesting offers from all over Europe and I will explain you how to access them (for example, you can get the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus).

You can check out the offers that are coming out on the promotion overview pagebut the truth is that among so much rubbish it's difficult to find things of interest. You have to search a lot... and that's what I'm here for.

How Prime Day Works

By now I think you're all more than clear on that, but just in case...

The offers are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, so if you are not, you cannot benefit from them. How can you solve this? Sign up for free from here.


You have 30 days free of charge, so you can sign up for these days and if you are not interested in continuing, you can request to be removed at any time. It's that easy.


We can also buy from the Amazon in other countries, you just have to sign up for Prime in that country and then request to unsubscribe immediately so you don't get charged for renewal. You don't have to pay anything.

I had to make a few purchases yesterday and did so without any problem in France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Only in Italy did I have to provide a country's billing address (Garmin Italia in Milan ????).

Via Gallarate, 184, 20151 Milano MI, Italy

Here you have the links to the promos of each country.

Amazon Italy

Amazon UK

The best offers and opportunities on your mobile

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There are daily offers and flash offers, the former have more quantity in stock (which doesn't mean they won't be sold out), the latter are very limited in stock and can last 5 hours or 5 minutes.

When it comes to buying, I recommend that you be quick to act. Get in here, see if the offer on offer convinces you and make the purchase immediatelyOnce it's done, he comes back here and check the test of the device in questionIs that what you were looking for? Great. Doesn't it just fit? Don't worry, just cancel the order.

By the way, there's also another offer right now: 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only £0.99, another real chollazo.

And don't forget, buying through the links I provide (both for these products and any other from Amazon) you'll be helping to the page with a small commission, at no cost to you.



Garmin offers

Garmin Watch Specials

Offers at Garmin Edge

Garmin navigation offers

  • Garmin Oregon 700 - 224 in Germany, about 75-100 euros less than it costs in Spain.
  • Garmin eTrex 30x - The eTrex 30 is a handheld navigation unit for use in the mountains and includes maps for complete route tracking.



Polar Offers

Polar Watches Offers

  • Polar Vantage V - CHOLLAZO, with capital letters. From 499 to 309 euros... a huge drop in price. This is the latest from Polar, and the first watch capable of registering power in a race without any external accessories. Look at all he's able to offer on the test.
  • Polar Vantage M - It is somewhat more limited in performance than the Vantage V, but it can still be a very good option, and especially at this price.
  • Polar M430 - One of the best pulse sensors integrated into the watch (at least until the arrival of the Vantage), the M430 is a user-friendly watch that offers a lot for the money. Suitable for asphalt runners. Testing the Polar M430.
  • Polar M200 - For less than 70 euritos the M200 is a very competent watch, with a good quality optical sensor and all the customization possibilities of the rest of the range. If the low resolution of the screen is not a condition, it is a fantastic model for beginners and not so beginners. You can read the full test here.



Suunto offers

Suunto Watches Offers

  • Suunto 9 - First time Suunto 9 appears in Amazon offers. 299 Euro for the top of the range of the Finns, which stands out for its extended range.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Fantastic finishes and good navigation. But honestly... with Suunto 9's bid, the Spartan is totally overshadowed. Here you can see his proof.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR - And if you bring it from Italy, you save a lot of money, even if you have to pay the freight. To order it, in the section at the beginning where it says TRUCO.
  • Suunto Ambit 3 Peak HR - A classic. A super-reliable watch with extended range, altimeter, and proof against any adventure in the mountains. Another one that is at a minimum price. You can see all the details in their corresponding test.
  • Suunto Traverse - The Traverse is a watch oriented more to hiking than to the most intense practice (trail running, etc). It stands out for its quality of construction and its reliability, and it also has a barometric altimeter. It is a good option if you do not want to go to the most expensive options in Suunto, but only if you are a hiker. It is not the best option for running in the mountains.
  • Suunto Core - One of the quintessential mountain watches. With a barometric altimeter and compass, the Suunto Core is a reliable and very rugged watch for those who "live" in the mountains but do not need what a GPS provides.


Other offers in sport

  • Elite Direct Roller 2 - One of the best direct drive rollers, the Elite Direto 2.
  • Elite Shift Roller - And another direct drive roller option, although its accuracy is less than Direto 2. But it's also smart and compatible with Zwift.
  • Salomon Agile Hydration Vest - The discount is applied when the purchase is completed, the vest stays at 40
  • -25% on a lot of sports brands - Additional discount of 25% in brands like Salomon, Gore, X-Bionic...
  • Jabra Elite Sport Headset - Fully wireless headphones with an optical pulse sensor (with good results) that you can use to pair with your watch. Also includes charging box.
  • Jaybird Run - Other great sports headphones that hold up to sweat perfectly. Personally I am a fan of all Jaybird products.
  • Powertap P2 - Powertap pedal potentiometer, one of the most recognized, with 15% discount. It's not from Amazon, but Wiggle is doing deals these days too.


Other offers of interest

  • Cecotec Conga Vacuum Cleaner - Maybe I should put him in sport... The time you don't spend cleaning is time you can spend training, right?
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 - Xiaomi's top-of-the-range phone, also discounted.
  • Xiaomi My 9T - It is not as powerful as the Mi 9, but stands out for having a retractable camera to have a full screen totally free of any other discomfort. And it is cheaper than the Mi 9...
  • 30% discount on TV's from more than 50″ - If you have a big room and are tired of watching the Tour on a small screen, maybe it's a good time to get a good TV...
  • Sandisk MicroSD 128GB A1 - If you've got the GoPro 7, take advantage of the offers to complement it with this memory card, too.


Prime Day Best Sellers

These have been the best selling items on the first day of Prime Day.



Offers no longer available

Unfortunately... you're late! Although experience tells me that sometimes they come back, so keep an eye out.

  • GoPro Hero 7 Black - Not only is the price very good for GoPro's latest top-of-the-line model, but it also comes with an accessory kit.
  • Apple iPhone XS - I don't think I've ever seen him so cheap.
  • Xiaomi Pocophone F1 - Low-middle range phone price for a very good terminal.
  • Polar Vantage V Titan - The new finish Titan of the Vantage V at knockdown prices. Very limited units!
  • Garmin Fenix 5 Plus - 399. In Italy, I've explained before how you can buy it. It's going to last VERY LITTLE, I'm sure... -UPDATE- You can only get on the waiting list now. I leave you the complete test of the 5 Plus.
  • DJi Osmo - Around 300 euros in Germany from 9 p.m. The new DJi action camera is on a par with the GoPro Hero 7 Black, and its differentiating factor is the front screen that helps with framing for front shots.
  • Garmin Edge 820 - One-time offer for 188 euros. If you want advanced navigation features the Edge 820 is an option to choose, although personally I would prefer the new Edge 530 even though it's not on sale. You can see their differences in the 820 test.
  • iPad Pro 12.9″ 4G - 799€. Or rather 1TP10We could call it "iPadón". With iOS 13 it promises to be almost like a laptop, but with the portability of an iPad.
  • Huawei P30 - About 200 euros less than its usual price

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  1. Hi, Eduardo!
    Like every year, here I am again to buy on Amazon prime through your links.
    I'm hesitating between:
    Fenix 5, Suunto 9 or Polar V.
    I practice mainly mtb, running and swimming in open water, but I am looking for something as complete as possible.
    My Cyclocomputer is garmin 820, but I don't know if that should condition my purchase, because I see that the Fenix 5 has been on the market for a while now and yet the Suunto and Polar models are much newer and are all for the same price.
    Thanks in advance for everything.

    1. Hi, Javier,

      Well, thank you very much for doing that!

      If you're already on the Garmin platform the way to the Fenix 5 is pretty clear. If you don't use an external application it's honestly the most comfortable way to have everything consolidated. You're right that the Fenix 5 has been on the market for a while, but if the new features of the Fenix 5 Plus don't appeal to you (maps for navigation, music playback, Garmin Pay) they both offer the same.

      As for the other two, the main drawback of Suunto 9 is that it's not the Baro, but it's a watch that I like very much for the quality of its display and the amount of information it can show clearly. In that respect it's the best on the market. It would be my choice, but only if you're going to make use of the advanced range possibilities, which is its main advantage over other models.

      Finally the Vantage V. Its weak point is route navigation, if you are going to do it with the watch forget about the Polar. Otherwise it would be my choice if you are going to train following all its training metrics, because in that sense it is the best of the three. But if you follow a trainer guided training then you won't give it much more use than you can have with Garmin performance metrics.

      The Garmin has the advantage that you are already on the platform and, in terms of performance, it is the one that offers the most. But the other two are also a good option if you are looking for something of what they offer specifically.

  2. Hi Eduardo, I get the polar vantage M and the garmin 735xt in prime at practically the same price. I only use them for running, and I don't go very fast either... currently I use a garmin forerunner of the first ones... let's see if I make the jump to other qualities... thanks for your help!

    1. The Polar has all the metrics to track your workouts, which are going really well, and is waiting for new updates to incorporate sleep analysis.

      If you are going to use these features, go to the Polar. If not, for convenience continue on the Garmin

  3. I wanted to take advantage of the Prime's offers to buy a specific running watch, but I'm not sure why I should choose. I'm a newcomer in running and I use an Amazfit Pace, and I usually use it with music. For a novice jogger, it's worth buying a specific watch. Do you think it will help me to advance? In that case, which one do you recommend? Sometimes I think that the best thing in my case is to keep running, and in a few months I'll go for a watch with the clearest things. The FR 245m calls me a lot and it's not on sale, the new Ignite also calls me because of its guided/adapted training.

    1. The Amazfit Pace is certainly not known for its reliability and sports performance, so whatever you change you'll notice an improvement. Another thing is how important the data is to you. If you simply use it as a reference for your workouts, without comparing it too much, you won't notice much difference between the Pace and any other. But if you want to go a little further the Amazfit will soon run out of time.

      The FR245 Music doesn't fit into this type of offer because it's too new, and I doubt it will fit into the next Black Friday either, so you'll have to pay full price. The Ignite I think can be adapted very well to what you're looking for, but you'd lose the music playback. Halfway between all of them you have the Vivoactive 3 Music, it can be a good compromise.

  4. Hi, I am looking for a watch and I can't make up my mind. I am a trail runner but also complement with bike(mountain and road) and running on asphalt although my main activity is the trail as I signed up for many races throughout the year. Now I have a polar m400. I have it for several years and I'm happy but now I want to prepare an ultra and with the autonomy that has this watch did not reach. I need at least 10h of autonomy. I also use a lot the download of tracks and follow them with the mobile. It would be good poder to follow it with the watch although this condition is not exclusive of any watch because at a bad one I would follow it with the mobile application. I had looked at the Garmin 5s O polar but I do not rule out any watch. Thanks

    1. The Vantage V is a good choice because it covers pretty well everything you're looking for and isn't excessively large (unlike the Suunto 9 or Fenix 5). The downside is that the route navigation is very simple and doesn't offer many possibilities.

      The Fenix 5S is another good option, but in this case it is the screen resolution that weighs you down, which is somewhat poor compared to the normal Fenix 5. However, the navigation offers many more possibilities than the Garmin. And both have a barometric altimeter.

      If route navigation isn't the most important thing, I think the best option for you is Vantage V, because you'll still be on the same platform where all your training is synchronised.

  5. Hi, I've been thinking about getting my first watch specifically for training, and it seems that with the first day comes the day. My main use is running, I usually train 3 times a week and some popular race. I would like to have a watch in the power to mount my training, and that tells me for example when to start a series, or when I do not go as planned, ... things like that.
    From this point of view, I am hesitating (according to prices) between two ranges, I explain myself:
    In relation to the one I want, I don't know which one would be better if the Forerruner 735XT or the Vanatge M, since the price difference is only 10 euros. On the other hand, if I choose the high range, I don't know if I should choose the Fenix 5 or the Vantage V, since the difference is also 10 euros.
    Garmin are older, but garmin have many more features, don't they?

    In short, what would you advise me? And because of the price differences between ranges, would it be worth paying a little more and having a better watch?

    Thank you very much Eduardo, a greeting!

    1. Both Garmin and Polar do what you want in terms of training, and when the zone lock update comes to the Vantage it will be another option that I find very interesting.

      As far as the medium or high range is concerned, if this is your first watch I think it would be more reasonable to stay in the medium range and move forward once you know a little more about what is on offer and what you may need. Right now and with your profile I don't think you will get much more performance by spending almost twice as much.

      As for the 735 or Vantage M, don't think there are so many differences in favor of Garmin. Connect IQ and navigation applications, but Polar's platform is very good and the Training Load function can do very well.

      1. Thanks a lot. I'll take your advice, and I'll stay in the mid-range. Once there, because the 735 has been on the market longer, do you think it's a good option or would you opt for the Vantage M? On the other hand, would you put the forerunner 45? at that level, since the price is similar. In principle I'd also like to wear the watch every day, but mainly I want it for training purposes.

        Thanks for your help, a greeting!

        1. The FR45 is a step down. The lower ranges are getting closer to what used to be the middle range. But you don't have navigation or Connect IQ applications, for example.

          Both are very similar, you should already assess if you prefer the route navigation possibilities (735XT) or the whole training tracking metrics display (Polar).

          1. Okay, and on the subject of performance and metrics, do you both need a chest pulse sensor? I don't really like wearing it, plus it's an extra expense.
            Basically I would like to get as much performance as possible out of the optical sensor, because if they are similar I would go for the garmin, because of the
            Connect IQ applications, or if the difference is big in favor of the polar one, since I also like the Training Load idea. I'm having a hard time deciding as you can see haha

            Greetings, thank you!

          2. For running and without very abrupt changes of intensity with the sensor of the clock is enough. For series it fails some time and in cycling it is necessary sensor of chest yes or yes.

  6. Hi Eduardo, I have the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR, would you buy the Suunto 9 with the Prime?

    Thank you very much!

    1. On a whim? I certainly like Suunto 9 better aesthetically and by construction.
      Autonomy? This is undoubtedly Suunto 9's greatest asset with its ability to change settings, and FusedTrack is a great way to do it.

      But if neither appeals to you, then you're stuck with "more of the same".

      1. I basically use it for swimming, walking and in the gym, fitness and so on, apart from being a watch... but when I saw the offer I was wondering if it was worth buying it.

        1. No, in that kind of use you won't notice any difference beyond the aesthetic change.

          1. Well, I have jumped in the pool and I just bought it for your link, I guess the one I have I can sell and for 150/200, I have a new watch!
            Thank you very much Eduardo!

          2. Well, between Suunto 9 and the Garmin Fenix 5S Plus, which one would you take?

          3. Except for range, the Fenix 5S Plus has several things that make it superior, especially the maps for route navigation.

          4. One last question, is the 9 Baro larger than the normal 9 in size in terms of the bezel or the case itself?

  7. Hi, Eduardo,

    In the previous Black Friday I bought a Fenix 5 that I finally returned (after changing it twice) because of the battery problems and the unreliability of the GPS. Will those problems have been solved or if I decide to buy it now I will find more of the same?
    I love the watch and the features it has are amazing, but the battery performance and GPS really let me down...
    Thank you for your opinion.

    1. I've used the Fenix 5 and especially the 935 a lot (practically the same) and the truth is that I never had problems with either one.

  8. Hi, Eduardo,
    I want to buy my first sports watch and I want it especially for open water. I'm between the Garmin 735 XT and the Polar Vantage M, although I've read better reviews about the Garmin in the swimming and especially in the open water. Which one would you choose? Any other model in that price range?

    Thank you!

    1. Personally for open water I have had better results with the 735XT than with the Vantage M, always taking into account the difficulty and assuming that the data will have some margin of error, but I find the Polar tracks more erratic.

  9. Hi, Eduardo. First I wanted to thank you for your work.
    I'm looking for my first watch to go running. I'm not demanding in terms of routes, nor great precision of GPS or that it has a huge variety of features. I would like it to have its own storage or streaming so I can listen to music without carrying my mobile. Considering that my budget is tight (no more than 150 euros), what would you recommend?
    Thank you very much.

    1. With that budget you have the Amazfit StratosIt'll fit you for smart performance and music playback, especially if you're not too picky about sports features.

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