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Polar OH1 +, a "new" sensor from Polar that now has ANT+.

And other Polar sensors that receive ANT+ support


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Today is a good day for Polar users in general, and for owners of some of the latest sensors in particular, Polar has finally added ANT+ support to its products.

But before I talk about the upgrade of the existing sensors, I will tell you about the Polar OH1+, which is the "Polar OH1+".new"Polar sensor. And I say that in quotes because it is exactly the same Polar OH1 that you already knew but with the upgrade already included, and a new swimming accessory.

Polar OH1 +

As I was saying, the Polar OH1+ is exactly the same as Polar OH1 which has been on the market for just over a year and which offers such good results. The new model only offers two small differences:

1.- The software already includes the update that enables ANT+ connectivity. Well, and includes a small ANT+ logo on the back.

2.- A new support is included to use the sensor in swimming, placing it in the rubber of the glasses so that the frequency data is registered in the temple.

Polar OH1 + glasses clip

That's all. The Polar OH1 didn't really need much more as it was a fantastic device, as you could see from its test.

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Polar OH1+, a "new" sensor from Polar that now has ANT+ 9

If you already own a Polar OH1 you don't need to run out and find a new sensor, Polar will soon offer a firmware update for the original model (and also for the Polar H10).


In short, with the OH1 + (or with the updated Polar OH1) Polar achieves one of the best optical pulse sensors on the market, for measurement quality, compatibility and functions (don't forget that it can work independently by saving the data in its memory, without the need for any other device).


ANT+ upgrade for Polar OH1 and Polar H10

Along with the announcement of the new model, Polar has announced that the benefits of ANT+ connectivity are now available for its two latest sensors: the Polar H10 and the Polar OH1. This is a significant change in Polar's policy that, until now, had repeatedly reneged on ANT+ and was focused on offering a unique Bluetooth connection.

I have argued on numerous occasions that it was a mistake on the part of Polar, both in terms of commercial positioning and customer interest (which in the end is what should prevail). Polar closed the door on ANT+ perhaps at the most critical moment, when it was not usual to find dual ANT+/Bluetooth sensors, and this is something that undoubtedly damaged its market especially in the cycling segment.

Better late than never and although they will no longer be able to correct the errors of the past and correct the damage done (especially in the number of possible unsold units), at least they now have a good staff in the sensor section.

So at this point, in addition to the OH1+ they introduced today, Polar is expanding the number of ANT+ compatible sensors through a software update that both the H10 and the original OH1 will receive "in the next few days" and that 1TP10After the H10 and the original OH1 will receive "in the next few days". from here.

This makes both sensors one of the best for all the features they offer. Polar H10 now offers up to 4 connections ways to transmit:

  • Bluetooth Smart, channel 1.
  • Bluetooth Smart, channel 2. To connect to another device other than the first
  • ANT+ slave, connecting to any ANT+ compatible device (one or more)
  • 5kHz analog transmission, for underwater heart rate transmission and connection to gym machines
  • It also has an internal memory that we can use to record an exercise without needing any other device to store it.

Polar Vantage V - Orthostatic Test

And the same goes for the Polar OH1This makes it one of the most interesting offers in terms of optical pulse sensors in terms of quality and performance

  • Bluetooth Smart, channel 1
  • ANT+ transmission for any compatible device
  • Memory for recording activities independently, simply by pressing the button provided (in the case of the H10 the recording has to be started from the mobile application)

Polar OH1 - Size

Moving on...

However, there is one elephant left in the room that no one has talked about: the Polar Vantage. At no time has Polar referred to their new watches, which would be an important novelty especially in view of their use in cycling, where we will find more exclusive ANT+ sensors.

That doesn't mean that just as they announced today that they're updating the sensors to use ANT+, tomorrow they won't do the same for Vantages. It's perfectly possible, because the transmission chip they use, which is in all Vantages, is capable of transmitting via Bluetooth and ANT+ simultaneously. It would simply have to be enabled via a firmware update (and pay the corresponding fee).

My impression is that it will end up happening, but they still don't want to announce anything until they have it properly tied up. Although the chip is there, the work they have to do is very different. In the case of sensors, it is a matter of adding the slave connection, the sensor simply transmits in a standard way and other devices access the signal.

But the case of the master devices is different and involves a lot more programming, not in terms of signal processing, because it is obviously a standard and all that is already created, but it has to be added to the clocks, it has to be included in the sensor cluster, it has to interpret how to perform the sensor search and how to process it afterwards, what information to display, etc.

And it's clear that the pressure to adopt ANT+ in your watches is not the same as two or three years ago, when the vast majority of sensors available, especially in cycling, used ANT+ exclusively. Today it's totally common for sensors to be dual, so it's no longer in demand. But that doesn't mean it's not desired.

And with that... thanks for reading!


Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. One question, using a Garmin Edge 1030 and this sensor, would the garmin VO2Max estimation still work or is heart variability necessary for this estimation? Thanks for the test.

  2. Hello, Eduardo.

    In the review of the previous version you indicated that you could not load the data of a swimming session with the record of the activity of a Phoenix.

    I don't know if the limitation was due to the communication protocols, so with the new version it would be possible. If it was, I would fit perfectly to record the swimming sessions with Garmin and the pulse of Polar, because the HRM-Swim band doesn't convince me (there are many criticisms and it is quite more expensive).

    Thank you!

    1. No, this is not possible. Although the OH1 has memory, it is not compatible with the Garmin watch data download function, which is an additional protocol to the ANT+.

  3. Hi, Eduardo.
    The H10 includes dual channel BT, but does the OH1+ share connections?
    Your Amazon link allows to buy the "old" OH1 and the OH1+ (this one adds support for swimming goggles), but once the software is updated. al are identical in functions and connectivity?
    Thank you

    1. No, the OH1 has only one simultaneous Bluetooth connection, the only Polar model that has dual connection is the H10.

      Indeed, the only difference between OH1 and OH1+ is that the latter includes the goggle holder, otherwise they are exactly the same. And now that you mention it, I'll take the opportunity to update the links to the new model, thanks for reminding me!

      1. Thank you, Eduardo.
        Speaking of Straps, the ones from Aliexpress are cheap but very volatile, they can be used for 90m reading data perfectly and then they cut off and mark 0, and it will ruin the whole session, even when they have just been used, and it always happens to me in the miuro 40 approx.
        Which Strap do you consider the best for comfort and reading? I think the Polar 10 Pro has been highlighted in a review.
        Will it be compatible (distance anchors) with HRM-Dual and Wahoo TICKR?
        Already waiting for the review of the new Tickr X

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