Polar M460, a reissue of the M450 with Strava and power metrics


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If last week Polar "surprised" us with the Polar M43oYes, I say this a little sarcastically, because both the M430 and the M460 that we are dealing with today are not really new to the range.

I guess if you don't have anything to present, it's always a good excuse to refresh the range. If in the case of the M430 there are at least changes in the look of the hardware (especially because of the new optical pulse sensor) as well as some small touches in its software, in the case of the M460 the only new thing at device level is that it's now black. And that's it.

Although logically the Polar M460 is not only a black M450, there are new features in the software, but they could have been incorporated into the M450 that was already on sale (and that its users could enjoy). Instead you have to go to a new model to find those improvements.

News about the Polar M460

Well, let's talk about those new possibilities that its software offers. To start with and as the most notable addition, Polar now offers live Strava segments. It joins a long list of manufacturers that offer such compatibility to make your training and outings more competitive, trying to improve the times of your friends, or your own, in the segments that you mark as favorites.

Polar M460

In addition, the M450 increases its functionality when training with a power meter. Although they are still determined not to offer compatibility with ANT+ sensors, which makes it lose much of the interest of users of such devices. Because although it is already common to find potentiometers capable of sending data in dual mode via ANT + and Bluetooth, the Bluetooth standard for power remains quite disastrous.

Polar adds new metrics to the M460, such as IF (intensity factor), TSS (training stress score) or NP (power rating). These metrics are already familiar to those who are training by power or those who base their training on the platform Training Peakswhich is where this data comes from.

Polar M460

In addition to the Strava segments already mentioned, the Polar M460 includes Bluetooth connectivity for synchronization with your smartphone and, if you have it with you, displaying the notifications you receive.

And finally, the M460 is integrated into Polar Flow, allowing you to download workouts you prepare on the online platform so you can follow them on the device.


Polar M460

Some other specifications, already known by the M450, are as follows:

  • Weight of 50gr
  • 34.65×34.65mm square screen
  • GPS and barometric altimeter
  • 10 pages of personalized data, with up to 4 data on each page
  • Compatible with Bluetooth sensors
  • 16 hour autonomy connected to sensors and using GPS
  • Water resistance IPX7

In short, a small renewal at the software level, but that could have been applied on the Polar M450 for more enjoyment of their current users.

Buy Polar M460, availability and price

The Polar M460 will be available individually for £180, or with the new Polar H10 sensor for £230 and will be available in stores throughout this month.


Now available to buy (or book) in Spain. Want to help the site? Then buy your M460 through the Amazon links I provide. Not only will you get the best price with an unbeatable level of service, but you will be helping the site with a small commission.

Polar M460 - Cycle computer, colour black, size M
Price: 129,99 €Prime
5newfrom 129,99 €   0Second hand
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My opinion

Well, there is little more I can add to what was already indicated above... There are few new features in this new version. New color, new metrics and compatibility with live Strava segments. Of course, it is not a product that comes to excite or to raise passions, but to maintain a bit the dynamics of presentations of the brand. I guess it is better to present a rehash than to present nothing and fall into ostracism...

And with that... thanks for reading!

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      1. I'm waiting to buy a gps for my road bike and the truth is that I only have to read between Polar V650 and Garmin 520... I think it's enough for cycling tourism, and the screen is more like the Garmin 1000 (big)... I also have the M400 and I'm very happy with it... We'll see if I'm lucky and next week we'll have to update the V650!

  1. Eduardo, thank you for your work.
    I'm in a situation: I've always had Polar GPS, I started with the Rc3, three years ago I bought a V800 because I used to race and cycle. Nowadays I only cycle, mountain and road and I doubt very much that I'll ever run again, too much impact for the body (in the long run it pays off). The V800 is starting to do some strange things to me apart from synchronizing worse and worse every day. Yesterday for the first time it eliminated road cycling and trekking from the sports profiles, all after synchronizing with the iPhone.
    I don't know how the V650 is currently working.
    I just need to be able to load paths from Wikiloc or similar sites, I don't need to train on intervals (my time has passed).
    I'm sending you this message here in case you know of any new product from Polar Garmin 520 plus or in any case to advise me of any new product
    Thank you

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