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Polar Ignite 3 Titanium - Improved materials and two new features


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Polar today announces a new version for its Ignite 3, the fitness and multisport watch that Polar launched late last year. The Polar Ignite 3 Titanium, as the name suggests, offers a titanium bezel to complement a high-quality package along with the AMOLED display of the steel-bezel model.

The new finish brings a couple of new software features: temperature measurement at night and recovery guidance during training. These new features will also be available in the Polar Ignite 3 original, which feature the latest version of Polar's optical pulse sensor.

Polar Ignite 3 Titanium, features and news

The basic features of this new model are the same as those found in the Polar Ignite 3 that was announced a few months ago. I will detail them below for your reference, along with the specific new features of this new version.

  • New - Titanium bezel
  • 1.28″ AMOLED touchscreen with "always on" function
  • Curved lens with Gorilla Glass protection against scratches
  • 43mm in diameter which, together with the almost 1.3″ screen, makes for a fairly small bezel for what Polar is used to.
  • 35 grams weight (same weight as the version with steel bezel)
  • Faster processor for better clock performance and improved animations
  • Dual band GNSS chipset
  • Latest version of Polar Precision Prime optical pulse sensor (same as Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro)
  • Autonomy: up to 5 days in clock mode, up to 30 hours of GPS use and up to 100 hours in power saving mode
  • Different clock face options with customizable widgets
  • New - Overnight temperature monitoring
  • New - Recovery time guide for strength or high intensity workouts
  • SleepWise, a new sleep analysis function with indication of the most important moments of the day according to how the rest has been
  • Voice guidance of workouts through the Polar Flow app, either through the speakerphone or through headphones connected to the phone
  • Fitness, Walking and Running Tests
  • Interchangeable 20mm standard type strap
  • Price:369€ (silicone strap) - 399€ (leather strap + silicone). The steel version is priced at 329€.

The Polar Ignite 3 continues to stand out in the Polar product range for its generous AMOLED display and for being the brand's first watch to use multi-band satellite reception technology (although the performance could be improved as I found out in the watch review.).

Polar Ignite 3 Titanium

New features for all Ignite 3 Polars

Beyond the new titanium bezel finish, there are two new features announced today with the Ignite 3 Titanium. The first is focused on health and the second on training.

Nighttime skin temperature

The Ignite 3 will automatically measure your skin temperature at 5-minute intervals during the night. With this data and for 28 days it will average your usual body temperature, and every morning it will give us a comparison of the temperature of the night together with the average of the last month.Polar Ignite 3 Titanium

What does this tell you? Obviously an indication of possible illness if you are starting to get a fever. Or simply that something is not right with your body, especially if you put it together with other health metrics such as the heart rate variability or differences in respiration.

It is also an important piece of information for women in helping to track the menstrual cycle, as the basal body temperature usually decreases one or two days before the cycle begins.

Training and recovery guide

Polar debuts a new algorithm that helps define when it is the right time to start a new training block. Perfect for strength training or high intensity intervals.


This algorithm analyzes your heart rate during the training and rest phases in order to make a personalized guide and notify you when recovery has been sufficient and you should start the next repetition.

Polar Ignite 3 Titanium - Recovery Training Guide

In this case Polar recommends using an external pulse sensor to ensure a good performance of the algorithm. Not because the watch's pulse sensor is more or less accurate, but because it has some delay in the pulse estimation, which can distort the function, which obviously must measure "to the second" to be effective.

Polar Ignite 3 Titanium, availability and pricing

The Polar Ignite 3 Titanium can now be purchased directly from the Polar website and other stores, joining the other Polar Ignite 3 models that were available until now.

And the truth is that the price hardly increases, since from the 329 € that costs the original goes to 369 € in the version with the titanium bezel, and an additional 30 € to have the brown leather strap (399 €).

Find the best offer

Polar Ignite 3

Review Polar Ignite 3 Titanium

The Polar Ignite 3 was a nice turn of the wheel for what we were used to from Polar. A good AMOLED display with a fairly small screen border (especially considering what is usual for Polar), multiband satellite reception for the first time in the brand and all this in only 35 grams of weight. And all things considered, with a quite reasonable battery life!

Today Polar adds the version with titanium bezel and optionally with leather strap, for those looking for "something more". And a couple of new features are added in the software section, which will also reach the Ignite 3 in steel.

Is it enough for the segment in which it operates? Probably, since it is a watch intended to be used in fitness and health where the aesthetics of the watch and quality of the screen take precedence over other things like pure features or outstanding GNSS performance.

But I am somewhat concerned with Polar, as they seem to have slowed down their machinery noticeably. Their last "major" announcement, at least in the performance sport segment (which has been paramount for Polar so far) was over a year ago with the unveiling of the Polar Pacer Pro and Polar Pacer. They came with new hardware but hardly anything new in software... and no movement to this day.

The Polar Grit X was introduced over three years ago (with the Grit X Pro at the end of 2021), the Vantage V2 is also going to be three years on the market... and the only new thing we've had from Polar this year is the watch at hand and the announcement of a Casio Powered by Polar in which Polar licenses the use of its algorithms to a third-party manufacturer.

I'm still waiting for some major announcement from Polar this 2023, something that brings something fresh to the market. Perhaps a watch with AMOLED display, of course with multiband and new science based training features, which is what best defines Polar. Possibly a replacement for the Grit X Pro for the high end.

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  1. interesting but for me it is still a "handicap" that polar flow still does not use for its calculations, the activities outside garmin.
    does not use them for estimation, etc..
    in my case that I use a garmin edge for cycling... if I want to have everything unified, I would have to go to a garmin watch.

    1. You can use some software to synchronize between platforms, for example RunGap on iOS. If the file has heart rate data then Polar Flow will take it into account and it will appear in the platform without problem. It is true that poder would be appreciated to import workouts in a simpler way, as other platforms do allow.

      1. I have tried some of them and if you see the activity in polar flow but it does not estimate it, it does not use it to calculate anything.
        I have also tried to manually load the activity and I have not been able to do it either.
        I don't know if I'm doing something wrong.
        I have used some and the last test with syncerfitness.

  2. And have you taken them into account for loading, fatigue, etc.?
    Certainly not with syncerfitness.
    I wish if I could get it, I would trade my vantage M2 for the best polar fleece in their catalog.
    I'm going to tinker a little , what is the alternative in android of rungap? Do you know it?

      1. Well, I'm going to try something similar because I don't have Apple.
        But if I get it I ask you for advice and link to the best polar ...
        Thank you

        1. at the time I tried another one but now I just did it with synmytracks, I see the activity in the calendar, with fc, etc but for example in the option reports/cardiovascular load there is nothing for that day and even less nothing at all in the clock.
          maybe it is possible, but with rungap...
          thanks for the help
          I think I will switch to garmin soon

  3. Undoubtedly this is a blow on the table by POlar, with this release they have wiped Garmin, Coros and Suunto off the face of the earth. This is the way

    1. Indeed, this beast is going to mark a before and after. I have been using polar for 13 years and although I had to buy a Garmin Explorer because my ultra sophisticated m460 does not allow me routes I have very clear that polar is going to achieve its final goal ....... disappear.

  4. hello
    a question in case I give it another chance, to replace my vantage m2 , what model do you recommend from Polar?
    and tb thinking that more or less can accept future updates, practically only use it to complement the edge of cycling, control hrv status data, etc ... and record walks.
    the v2 maybe?

    or do I go straight for a garmin?
    thanks in advance

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