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Polar Ignite 2 - Details and preliminary opinion


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Today Polar presents two new models. On the one hand, this Polar Ignite 2the update of the fitness watch with GPS. And on the other the Polar Vantage M2 of which you have the details in its own article.

Like the M2, this Ignite 2 is a small refresh of the original model with a more modern aesthetic, new optional straps with Swarovski crystals, updated optical pulse sensor and the incorporation of some functions that were previously only present in higher-end models such as FuelWise or battery saving settings, among others.

Let me tell you what is new in the Polar Ignite 2.

Polar Ignite 2, news

As it is logical and being the second version of a device, the right thing to do is to compare it with the original model and see what new features it presents in its update. Its new features are the same as those included in the Vantage M2 update:

  • Latest version of the Polar Precision Prime sensor, with 5 LEDs in red, 4 orange and 1 green.
  • Information about the energy source used during your training, which we can see at the end of the workout (carbs/proteins/fats)
  • Strava segments live (for premium users of the platform)
  • Music control from the phone from the watch (the player is the phone, the Ignite 2 does not have built-in music)
  • Possibility to share heart rate with external devices via Bluetooth (apps, treadmills, gym, etc.)
  • Weekly training summary visible both on watch and app
  • Current weather and weather forecast for the next two days
  • 20 hours autonomy in GPS 1 second mode (the original Polar Ignite offered 17), but now adds the possibility of power saving up to 100 hours of GPS by lowering GPS accuracy or disabling the optical sensor.
  • Depending on the battery options we have selected for a specific sport profile, before starting the workout we will have information about the maximum battery life for our activity.
  • Available in 4 different bezel and strap colours
  • Possibility to customize the watch face with different colors for the second hand.
  • Slight price increase to 229,90€.

Polar Ignite 2

Although it is also worth remembering what the difference is with other similar models, such as the new Vantage M2, which is also in a similar price range.

  • LCD display with higher quality and contrast than that of the Vantage M2, but does not stay on all the time
  • No open water swimming
  • No multisport profile
  • Does not allow the use of cycling or racing power through external accessories.
  • 10 hours less autonomy, 20 hours on the Ignite 2 for 30 hours on the Vantage M2
  • Smaller and lighter

And little else, everything else is the same in both models, including the training metrics and the manufacturer's own algorithms, which are the fundamental basis of the platform on which Polar builds all its products:

Training Load Pro
Cumulative measurement of training load over time.

Sleep Plus Stages
Analysis of the different sleep phases.

Nightly Recharge
Beyond the sleep phases, it tells us whether the rest has served to recharge energy.

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Recommended workouts for each day based on load values of previous days, our night rest and the general state of fatigue.

Again, as with the Vantage M2, the two most important aspects of the product update are the revamped Polar Precision Prime optical sensor and the inclusion of a part of FuelWise, the power supplies.

Renewed Polar Precision Prime Optical Sensor

Probably the main reason for launching the model update is to renew the optical pulse sensor with the new technologies used. This sensor update changes slightly from the original design.

While in the Polar Ignite version the sensor had 9 LEDs (5 green, 4 red), Polar now adds one more and has changed its color. Now we have 5 red, 4 orange and 1 green.

Does it make a significant change in optical sensor performance? In the tests I have done with the Polar Vantage V2 I have not found it to be so, offering very similar graphics and performance when compared to the original Polar Vantage M.

Energy Sources

Within the weekly summary it shows us, one of the novelties is that it now also gives information about the energy sources. This is part of the FuelWise function found in the Vantage M2, but in this case it has been shortened.

In this case there are no hydration and nutrition alerts during training, but it does show us the energy sources used during training and also in the weekly summary.

After finishing a workout the watch will show you the calories you have burned along with the source of that energy, broken down into carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The watch estimates the percentage of each, letting you know how the workout has affected you nutritionally and how you can plan your recovery.

This information can also be found in Polar Flow.

And of course also in the weekly summary along with the hours of training and the sports you have been practicing.

Major commitment to accessories

Polar has put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics of the new Polar Ignite 2, and as part of that bet are the straps that you can buy as accessories. When you buy the watch you can do so with textile or silicone straps, but you can expand the strap selection with other colors and even two versions that include Swarovski crystals.

Polar Ignite 2 - Straps

Polar Ignite 2, availability and pricing

The Polar Ignite 2 will take a few days to be available, you will have to wait until April to get your hands on one. First it will be podrá purchased on the Polar website and later it will be available in the rest of the usual stores.

Four colors are available at launch:

  • Black pearl (silicone strap)
  • Storm blue (silicone strap)
  • Champagne (silicone strap)
  • Pink (textile strap)

Polar Ignite 2 - available colors

If you look at the picture, the steel bezel has a different carving in the darker colors. The four models cost the same, 229€.

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Polar Ignite 2

Review Polar Ignite 2

As with the Vantage M2, the renewal of the Polar Ignite 2 is a minor update focused mainly on renewing the aesthetics of the watch, with a more careful and modern look. This update takes the opportunity to incorporate, as pod could not be otherwise, the new optical pulse sensor. And along with that, some new firmware feature.

The bad news is that this renewal also means an update of its price, which is increased by €30 compared to the RRP previously marked for the original Polar Ignite.

And remember that if the aesthetics of the new straps are to your liking, you can use them with your current Polar Ignite, as they are perfectly compatible.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. It looks like they didn't use new Polar Precision Prime sensor that was on Vantage V2 and went back to the one used before (on original Ignite).

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