Polar A300, a new activity monitor, too similar to the M400


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Polar wanted to take advantage of the appointment not only to present new updates for your current rangeIt is not an M400 with a coloured strap (although it looks like it), it is a similar product, but not the same.

The A300 is a Polar M400 which has basically had its GPS removed and instead has been warned by vibration (that which we miss so much in the M400). But there are some other differences. The straps can be easily replaced (in the style of TomTom Runner) and instead of having a micro USB female connector for charging and syncing, it has a USB male connector. Of course we can still do the syncing via Bluetooth Smart, and we will have the support of Polar Flow to show activity and exercise data.

In terms of what it will be able to do, it will measure your daily activity in steps, calculating distances and calories. We will be able to connect the Polar H7 pulse sensor for a more accurate calorie calculation, and unlike the M400, it will have analog support for the 5Khz band, so it will also be able to do the calorie calculation when you are swimming (it does not show metrics, only pulses).

The calorie calculation algorithm is the same as that found in higher-end Polar products, such as the V800Also, as in your GPS siblings, you will have different sport profiles, which helps to further adjust the calculation of calories, provided that we do the exercises with the pulse sensor connected.

Polar A300. Availability and price.

As you can see, the Polar A300 is too similar to the M400. So much so, that in the price it's just as similar. Too much. With a price of 119.90 euros, and with a performance almost similar to the M400 but without the GPS, it's in a somewhat complicated range.

You may find differentiating factors between the M400 and the A300, such as interchangeable belts or vibration, but at that price most people will probably choose to buy the M400.

In terms of availability, Polar announces that it will be available for purchase in the United States and Finland in February, with its departure for the rest of the world in June.

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