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BETWEEN THRESHOLDS - Episode 3 | Training Periodization and Garmin News


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Welcome to another installment of our podcast BETWEEN THRESHOLDSIn this program, in which I, together with José Manuel Plaza, talk to you about training and technology news.

In our third episode José Manuel gives us a fantastic "master class" on how to podemos prepare our season depending on what our goals, sports and type of competition are. This topic has come in response to a request from a listener in the iVoox comments, so if you have any suggestions or want us to discuss a specific topic... take advantage of it!

The main ways in which poder approach a season:

  • Traditional or linear periodization
  • Periodization by blocks
  • Inverse periodization

These are the three main periodizations, or at least the most common. But there are three others that may also be interesting:

  • Undulating periodization
  • Periodization of contrasts
  • Periodization by objectives

Don't worry, because in the podcast José Manuel talks at length about each of them, indicating when they are more advisable and their advantages over the others in each case.

🔥 🤑 Los mejores precios todos los días

And what about on the technology side? For my part, I'll tell you about the new Garmin radars, both the RTL515 and the RVR315. What I do is to put into words what I have already commented in its corresponding test and in the presentation of the two new models. For me, one of the best devices on the market because it is something that simply works. I will never tire of recommending it.

I would also like to make special mention of the new possibilities of synchronization of Strava and Komoot routes that we have in Garmin. It is a very easy and simple way to bring our routes from the platform in question to our watch or Garmin cyclocomputer.

In this Episode 3 we have gone a little longer than in the first two, reaching up to an hour and twenty minutes of conversation. But I am sure you are going to appreciate it enormously, because José Manuel has left you with a piece of information VALUABLE. So do not miss it ....

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Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Great! What a great three chapters. Thanks to both of you for the great work you do.

    A salute.

  2. Morning.
    You are going to make us very lazy, now I can listen at any time to all the information that I used to have to read when I had a quiet moment. Great!

    Seeing that after three chapters, you are already attending to requests, I am going to ask and/or consult.

    I do middle distance, before 800, now 1500. It is impossible for me to get training, tips or ways to prepare for this type of tests, so I take this opportunity to ask you to give me some advice, tips, ways to plan or training to prepare for these tests. They are the great forgotten in all the pages or specialized programs.

    After the third program, I think that since these tests are continuous, almost every weekend, and also there are two big phases (indoor and outdoor), I will try to look for "Ondulante" type training, which listening to the characteristics I think will be the most suitable, am I right?

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Congratulations for taking the step to the Podcast, and keep it up.

    A salute.

      1. Hello

        Thank you very much for taking into account our requests (more specifically mine in particular), and even more for your very fast response.

        Very interesting what is exposed in the program, I take note and I will put it into practice. We'll see how it goes with this way of training.

        Thank you very much again.
        A salute.

        P.S.: You comment in the program that they are agonic tests, try to do a 1500 and then tell me what is worse, a few minutes of suffering or the hours of agony of a marathon. I have done some half marathons (never more distance) and I have it clear, ji, ji.

  3. Very good podcast. I train for MTB, running and dua.
    I use the traditional periodization, but for some time I have been reading about the inverse, and I was thinking of asking my coach about the possibility of changing that...
    With this talk, everything became a little clearer to me.
    Very good ????

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