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Premiering podcast... BETWEEN THRESHOLDS - Episode 1

Co-presented with Jose Manuel Plaza


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After a couple of weeks of scheming, yesterday we made the pilot recording of our first episode of the podcast in which from now on you will find me podréis together with Jose Manuel Plaza.

And today, after some basic editing and fighting with a few platforms I can say that we are now live, at least in some of them. Right now 1TP10You can listen to this first episode from iVoox or Spotify. Apple's platform, Apple Podcasts, seems to be taking it a bit slower to approve new additions, and Google for its part works totally different from the others and we have to wait for them to find us (and not the other way around).

I leave you the first episode below, but I recommend (well, we'd be glad if you did :-)) that you subscribe directly to the platform of your choice. Here are the direct links to iVoox and Spotify (I will provide you with the Google and Apple ones when available).

So... what are you going to find in this first episode?

I'll tell you everything you need to know about the Polar Grit X. José Manuel will dictate how you should return to the sporting activity from day 2, date on which we will be "deconfined", or "de-escalated", or simply let loose.

All that in one episode, so much to hear! Just click on the play button below and start listening.

I am preparing a page with direct access so that you have all the details of the latest episodes as well as a much more direct access. Finding it won't be difficult, just add /podcast at the end of the page address. Right there I will also put the links to the different platforms where we publish, so when Apple and Google give us their approval, I will also leave it there.

Who is José Manuel Plaza

Technical specifications aside, the polite thing to do is to introduce yourself. So I'll tell you who José Manuel is, although 1TP10You can follow him at Instagram.


Jose Manuel Plaza

Among other things, he is a cycling and triathlon coach, in addition to being a level 2 biomechanic by the Spanish Federation. That is, one of those "individuals" who orders us to do 12 sets at full speed or who makes us carry the most bent back on the bike. Evidently in both cases to improve our performance, not for simple punishment (or so we want to believe...).

José Manuel and I met a few weeks ago when I did a biomechanics with him to finish adjusting and validating the new position on the bike. I think it looked pretty good.

Ironman VR at home

We were talking afterwards and he ended up suggesting that maybe pod we should prepare a podcast... so why not? So after a couple of weeks of decision making and preparing the different platforms here we are, with our first recorded episode.

Podcast Between Thresholds, what you will find

The idea from the beginning was to combine in the same podcast what each of us can contribute. José Manuel, who is a "studied" guy with criteria, will talk about training focused on running, triathlon, cycling and endurance sports in general. Guidelines, tips, recommendations, aerodynamics and biomechanics... but all from the science and knowledge that his years in the profession have given him.

And I'll tell you about my thing: sports technology of all kinds.

But both José Manuel and I love to play sports, so be prepared to know what our goals are and how we are progressing towards them in our training.

And in the future...

The future will be decided by you, who in the end are the ones who listen to it. We hope to receive your comments and that you tell us how to improve in this new adventure, telling us what you want to find in a podcast of this kind and knowing what you want. So listen to it and tell us what you want to hear in future episodes, what doubts you have and if you want us to approach the podcast in one way or another.

You can leave your comments through any of the platforms, or at the end of this article.

Naturally, if you like the podcast we ask you to give us a rating on the platform you choose to listen to us. According to the experts, the ratings you leave us are important for the visibility of the podcast, so your "Likes" are welcome!

As always... thanks for reading, and now for listening too!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Hello... My name is Diego Cancelo and I live in Las Ovejas, a small town of 2000 inhabitants in the north of the province of Neuquén, Argentina. I am an assiduous sportsman who trains 5/6 days a week and I enjoy technology, besides I am a Mountain Guide and Systems Analyst 😛.
    Your podcast is perfect for me, mecha training with technology, fantastic. I've been following the site for quite a while...
    I am not used to having the latest technology because in Argentina it is quite difficult to access it. The same thing happens with paid services, u$s 10/month for TP is not economical for us. I still like to read and be informed about new advances/products.
    I listen to the podcasts on Spotify, but I can't comment on them, so this section of the website is a good place for poder to make some comments and contributions.
    I think the hour, hour and a quarter, is good.
    And it would also be good, as they often do, to take the first few minutes to clear up doubts from the previous chapters, if they have the time and there are not too many of them.
    Well, I wanted to congratulate you for your work and dedication. I wanted to congratulate you for your work and dedication.
    Hugs from Patagonia Argentina.

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