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Have you participated in the 1st Marbella 2015 DX1C night race? Then look for yourself among the more than 800 photosI don't guarantee you'll look good, but I'm sure you'll give it your all in the photo. Galleries will be added as images become available.

I'm taking advantage of your being here to ask you a favor. I present the page for the Blog Awards, en la categoría «mejor blog de tecnología». I need your vote!

In this link I explain in detail how to voteor you can do it directly by clicking on the image below.

Vote Button Journals

You want a reason to vote? I'll give you two reasons to vote.

  • Let the runner have a little performance at the final gala
  • Let there be a Marbella page at that end

Would you like to know what this page is about?

I analyze all kinds of sports technology. If you're trying to decide what device you need, take a look at the evidence section. Seguro que encuentras la «review» que estabas buscando. No dejo ningún asunto por comentar, ni ningún detalle por fotografiar. ¿Quieres la opción más rápida? See the list of recommended devices (spring 2015).

Before clicking on the links in the galleries, make sure you have read the text above and send your voteIf I scratch your back, you scratch mine, right? smiley

Gallery 1   Gallery 2  Gallery 3  Gallery 4  Gallery 5

Gallery 6  Gallery 7   Gallery 8   Gallery 9   Gallery 10



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