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Ready for back to school? I guess it depends on who you ask, but what I'm sure is that we parents are 100% ready. Let's get ready for back to school! :-). And what better way to do it than with some great deals so that you can your children you can be well equipped starting this September.

And for that today I bring you a discount code of 25% that podrás apply to a multitude of products that you will find on the web, both for products without discount and those that are discounted. That is, if you find a pair of sneakers or a t-shirt on sale, you can also get the additional discount code.

This promotion is for Nike Members, but remember that becoming a member is totally free and also allows you to have free shipping for your orders.

Becoming a Nike Member is simply log in to the website and register a userThere are no further complications.

The promotion starts today September 8, so if you're quick you'll still find plenty of products and sizes available. It will run until September 14 at 9:00, but more than the time the promotion lasts what you should be worried about is the stock of products and sizes available, which is what always runs out first.

The promotion procedure is very simple. You simply search for the item you are interested in, add it to the cart and before paying you enter the promotional code BTS21 in the corresponding box.

Here you have direct access to all the products included in the promotion.: sneakers, t-shirts, pants, casual wear... everything and for everyone.



Nike running shoes on sale

These are all Nike shoes on sale.


Let's go through a quick list of my favorites from this promotion:

If you are a bit lost with all these models, don't worry I will tell you something about each of them so you know if it is what you are looking for or not.


Nike Invincible RunNike ZoomX Invincible Run: 25% discount with the code BTS21

Among the models presented in 2021, the Nike Invincible Run will probably be the one that has surprised most users the most. Here is the analysis of this model in text, y if you want to see it in video, click here.

They stand out for their huge midsole with ZoomX foam. It is the same material that podemos find in the Vaporfly, Alphafly or Tempo NEXT%. Very soft, with a lot of energy return, very comfortable and despite not having a plate with sufficient stability.

See offer on Nike


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Nike Infinity Run 2Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2: 25% discount with the code BTS21

It is the new model, which I analyzed you here (y here in video). They have a redesigned upper with a better fit than the original model.

The rest is the same as the first Infinity Run that hit the market and that, in fact, are the shoes that I liked the most from 2020. The Nike Infinity Run are maximalist shoes, designed to train for miles and miles without any leg or foot discomfort.

They use React foam to offer a very cushioned, but also very stable shoe. It's probably the best Nike shoe to ride easy on those long weekend runs.

See offer on Nike


Nike Pegasus 38Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38: 25% discount with the code BTS21

The new Pegasus just arrived on the market a few months ago. You can see all the details in the text analysis and in video.

It is the training shoe by antonomasia within Nike's offer. In fact it is already 38 years of the model, so they must have something good... The new model focuses the changes in the upper, with a better fit.

Perfect for medium or slightly faster runs or long series work. Even for racing if you have a medium-high weight.

See offer on Nike


Nike Vomero 16Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16: 25% discount with the code BTS21

Like the Pegasus, the Vomero is already a classic within the Nike range, although many of the classic users of this model have migrated to the Infinity or Invincible that you have seen above.

It keeps the midsole with ZoomX in the heel, Zoom foam in the rest and a Zoom Air unit in the metatarsal area. It is a training shoe for relaxed mileage.

See offer on Nike


New Telegram channel

By the way, I have created a Telegram channel for podáis be up to date with news, notices of published analysis and of course ofertones like this. That way podréis see it at the time and so you do not find out when the stock is exhausted ...

Click here to access to the Telegram channel.


Nike Trail shoes on sale

It's time to go to the trail, where Nike has three totally different models depending on the use we are going to do or the terrain you want to run.


Nike Pegasus Trail 3Nike Pegasus Trail 3: 25% discount with the code BTS21

The Nike Pegasus Trail 3 is a "door to trail" type shoe. Multisurface, allowing you to run comfortably both on asphalt and on roads or trails of low or medium difficulty.

It is the ideal choice if you like to run in the countryside, but without getting into too many complications. At the same time you can run on asphalt without destroying your feet and without destroying the sole of the shoe, something that can happen with a pure trail shoe.

See offer on Nike


Nike Terra Kiger 7Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7: 25% discount with the code BTS21

The Nike Terra Kiger 7 is the fast and light option for trail running. With React foam and a Zoom Air inner tube for comfort and reactivity.

If you like to fly downhill or cross forests at breakneck speed, this is the shoe you are looking for.

See offer on Nike


Nike Wildhorse 7Nike Wildhorse 7: 25% discount with the code BTS21

Finally we have the Nike Wildhorse 7, designed for longer outings than the Terra Kiger 7. Also with React midsole but without the Zoom Air inner tube.

Also with protection plate, but in this case with a few millimeters more foam (35mm instead of 27mm in the Terra Kiger). They are designed for rougher and rougher terrain than the Terra Kiger.

See offer on Nike


Discounted Nike apparel

But we don't live by sneakers alone. We also need clothes and textiles. Pants, t-shirts, tracksuits, sweatshirts... If there's one good thing about Nike, it's that they make so many things in so many price ranges.


Free shipping and 60 days return

When you create your Nike account and become a Member you will have free shipping costs.

Not only that, if when you receive the order and for whatever reason it does not fit what you expected (size error, you do not find it comfortable or you have changed your mind) podrás request the return of the order for free, no questions asked and no objections. You prepare the package, request the return and that's it.

I won't keep you any longer and I'll let you shop in peace. Just remember that you have to add the products to the cart and apply the discount code BTS21You must be logged into your user account for the discount code to be applied.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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